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Friday, September 8, 2017

The Night Blooming Jasmine

Several months ago I was invited by Lillicat Publishers of San Diego, California to publish my writing because the editor felt that words of inspiration are so needed today as we are all living in so much turmoil.  I am so happy to hear that my messages are being received. 

Here are two comments I received in the last 24 hours:

    from a Florida resident evacuating her home because of the threat of hurricane: Irma:

    “Your book was one of my treasures I took along with me from Florida.”


    from a physician in Haryana, northwestern India: 
    “I got my copy and keep reading it again and again!  God bless you, dearest Marie!!!”

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart 
   ~how to flow your energy into a mindful embrace
             of the beautiful gifts of the Universe

The Night Blooming Jasmine is an exquisitely designed messenger with a lovely secret to share. It inspires us to align ourselves with the still, calm wisdom of the Universe, opening our hearts to nature's beautiful instruction and inspiration.
Mystically themed offerings, with lovely illustrations by various artists, encourage us to become even more glorious versions of ourselves. Join Ichabod the Sailor, Irish Taxi Drivers, and the fluttering Wings of assorted characters you already know for a moment of conscious contemplation.

Are you ready for the journey?

Marie Helena Pokora
 is an international spiritual blogger whose Mystic Marks Blog is read in over one hundred countries. She has been a college professor, a coordinator of peer and professional tutoring and peer counseling, a freelance writer, and a copywriter at an ad agency.  Marie has studied spirituality for over twenty years.


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