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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Fatima's Laughter

I have this lovely group of friends… individuals that I used to work with… who like to get together a few times a year to celebrate our birthdays. It's always a convivial affair...we catch up with each everyone's latest escapades and adventures.  There is much merriment and lots of affectionate teasing (especially by the guys) which are enjoyed by all.  And, amid all of this friendly chatter, there is always one particular moment I so look forward to...the delight of  "hearing" one of my special friends arrive... and that is because I can recognize her glorious bursts of laughter before she even enters the room.

Truly, my friend Fatima cannot contain her JOY.  It pours out of her like liquid grace, SPARKLING with tiny diamonds of delight.  And I am filled with gratitude to catch the happy sparks as they flutter by.

Our delightful Fatima is completely taken with life...
so present...… 
so interested in what is going on around her. 
And not only interested, but CELEBRATORY!!! 

When I hear her laughter in  the offing, I cannot wait for Fatima to arrive.  It is so lovely and engaging to be around someone so radiantly interested in and appreciative of everything around her.  I think she must have been one of the first in the heavenly line to receive Curiosity and then must have promptly snuck eagerly into the aisles of Joyfulness and Delight

I am not sure why I have the good fortune to know this memorable character who graces my life.  But I do recognize her spirit as a special GIFT.  She is a reminder to me of the charismatic connection we can all enjoy with everything that crosses our path.  

There is ALWAYS something beautiful to behold...
to be fascinated with...
and to enjoy. 
Just by reason of its very existence...its availability.  

We live on a verdant, lush planet of infinite possibility. We are surrounded by fascinating individuals, each with his or her own preferences, experiences, values, feelings.  Everyone has a story to tell.

Fatima is listening...And seeing… And appreciating.  She is present.  And, best of all, she is ENJOYING the ride.

Fatima will not miss "the party".  Not with that glorious curiosity and boundless appreciation.  She IS "the party".

 Have you discovered YOUR invitation to this glorious event?

                                                                       Marie Helena

 Take as a gift whatever the day brings forth.


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