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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Divine Flight: A True Gift

When I was a young girl, my mother taught me how to open a pair of scissors and use one of the blades to scrape along the side of a thin grosgrain ribbon to make it curl. This technique worked beautifully and by spending just a few minutes on this project I could produce a gift that was literally covered in a flurry of tumbling ribbons.

As I reminisce on these beautiful moments of nostalgia, a thought occurs to me about what those ribbons represent.  As delightful as they are with their curls resting lightly in waves of frivolity, those lovely ribbons may also be a reminder to us of the many layers of meaning...and even the strings...we perhaps attach subconsciously to the giving of our gifts.

Perhaps the "ribbons" we fasten so carefully to our packages are metaphorical scouts for us, meant to capture some information we are seeking:

Will the recipient be happy/comfortable to receive a gift from us?

Will he like our choice of gift?
       Have we chosen well?
       Do we understand his preferences?
       Have we been original/creative?

All of these questions (these "ribbons") may be attached to the gifts we are giving and, interestingly, they are all about US.

Are we also giving a gift to ourselves?  The gift of information...possibly of answers we are seeking?

We are often very anxious to learn how someone likes a gift we have given and, even more basically, if he has even received it.  Once we know the gift has been acquired, we are naturally eager to learn the details of the recipient's response.  

Interestingly, these details help shape the image we hold of ourselves and which we are continually refining.  We keep pretty busy trying to figure out how we are being perceived in the space of our relationships.

But what if we were to consider the gifts we give in an entirely different way? What if they had nothing to do with us… and everything to do with the recipient?

I wonder just what that would look like.

Perhaps we would be a holding a warm, affectionate feeling for someone we are close to.  And, from that beautiful place of caring, we would be inspired to give him an object or experience that would delight, inspire, celebrate or comfort him.  We would trust our intuitive sense of this possibility unfolding.  And we would also trust that the recipient would intuitively know how best to enjoy or utilize our inspiration.

Then, fully and sacredly grounded in that sense of knowing, we would RELEASE the gift and with it the need to have knowledge of its delivery and our attachment to being aware of how the gift was received.  We would consign our "inspiration" to the Divine workings of our beautiful Universe.

Now the gift becomes a beautiful impulse which we have brought into fruition and, with a loving thought, we have sent it on its way.

No need for it to "report back" to us with further information.  No assignment.  No conditions.  No strings.  Once we dispatch this jewel, we leave the playing field and let it take its own  Divine flight..

A true gift.  An exquisite place of unconditional love!  And, released from their assignment, our ribbons are now free to simply adorn the stirrings of the heart.

                                                                               Marie Helena

GIFT       Something given voluntarily without "payment" in return

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