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Monday, October 22, 2018

The Incomplete Response

Visualize the majestic and beautiful expression of ocean waves as they emerge in the tapestry of water, lengthening, intensifying in power, surging forward and, eventually, rolling free upon the shore, completely dissipated in quiet, calm, and peace.

Is this metaphor of waves moving completely (and exhaustively) through a powerful surge of energy a guide for us regarding how to deal with OUR life experiences?

How often is the genesis of OUR wave, the deep force of feeling evoked by overwhelming experience, redirected by us into a secret, “safe” chasm within the body, holding it hostage from completing its true expression?

And is this because we are uncomfortable with the expression of our emotion?  Is it also because we fail to recognize that our bodies need to express EVERY unresolved reaction that has been stored within the confines of our cell memory?  Is it because society tends to reward the stoic suppression of difficult moments?

Why have we learned to hold back the full, natural expression of our feelings?  Was it unwelcome in our childhood?  Have we never seen it modeled or celebrated or appreciated?  When did we begin to sense that it was unsafe to take this brave (and natural) journey? 

And, most vitally important, is this holding back from full expression of our emotions the source of ALL the disease we experience and suffering we undergo?

We have become so careful, so guarded, so afraid of this powerful, cleansing process and, in so doing, have brought upon ourselves this experience of suffering and pain.

And there is no need for it to be this way.

We are free to reconstruct society’s heritage.  We can choose to embrace the unfurling, the dissonance...the expression of how our bodies are reacting to a tumultuous moment.  There is freedom.  There is peace awaiting us.  But we must be brave and courageous and unafraid to feel whatever is showing itself to us.  In letting ourselves completely BE with these moments, we will then retain no wounds which later masquerade as illness and disease.  The body is designed to roll through every experience, every emotion.  If it is not prevented from doing this, we emerge free from trauma.

How many individuals do you know who completely embrace every emotional impulse and let themselves truly feel their revelation?  

The world needs a revolution.  It needs Way Showers.… individuals who will inspire others by fully embracing every message their body wishes to express. We can give birth to a new way of living.  It will take intention, time, dedication and re-orienting ourselves to being fully free to experience the healing power of the body when its beautiful channel of expression is not sabotaged.

There is a gentle way to be this brave.

The body is our ally.  It wants only to be heard.  We can do this by sitting or resting quietly and tracking our distress ...tracking the way it moves through the body.  With no judgment.  Only interest and curiosity.  An objective viewer observing the distress or pain.  Watching it on its journey.  Noticing how it changes.  Noticing how it gradually lessens and how it ultimately and always dissipates.  Message delivered; channel cleared.

It IS that simple.  And that profound.  The miraculous body is designed to register our deep emotions and pain AND to ultimately release them when their presence is acknowledged, felt and honored.   

Let us all recognize the exquisite wisdom of A Complete Response to what has wounded our hearts.  Let us all appreciate the relief of this courageous and gentle cleansing, signaling the release of old energies and the total freedom of the body to focus on what is now entering the field of play.

                                                                                                     Marie Helena

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