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Monday, November 2, 2020

The Business of Healing

In the last several months, a vast amount of our collective energy in the United States has been engaged in a battle of opposing value systems.  Each party is hoping to Introduce legislation to further its goals.  And, failing that and, as a back up plan, there is a bitter battle ensuing over the issue of  the majority rule in the final arbitration of the Supreme Court on pending cases and those which will reach this level of jurisdiction.

The premise behind these actions is the philosophy of Might Makes Right.  And it is true that the party in power can legislate laws to compel obedience upon threat of penalty.  This is theory X:  heightened supervision, external rewards and penalties.  As, for example,  theory X parents can be certain their children are following their rules As Long As they can control their children’s activities.  

Fear rules.  Order can theoretically be compelled.  But, ultimately,  the heart is the source which drives behavior and, ultimately, it prevails.  It may take quite a while for it to finally speak and be heard.  But it will be heard.  And it must be heard for all lasting change marches to this Divine drummer.

The changes that we are all trying to achieve through legislation will not endure.  Ultimately, they will only be sustained through the healing of hearts. 

Which brings me to the business of healing.  The human condition appears to be a journey we all undertake to “remember“ Who We Truly Are.  And, on this journey, we all undergo difficult and painful experiences which color our view of ourselves and the world...and each other.  Our work is to find our way back to alignment with the love from which we are sourced.  The brilliant, beautiful love.  The Divine intelligence.  And to do this we all need to heal.  Every one  of us.  In both political parties.  And, most especially, President Donald Trump because his actions affect so many.

How do we go about this healing especially in the midst of such turmoil and suffering?  I believe we begin by asking ourselves this question every time we feel inspired to act:  What Would Love Do?

Our first instinct may be to fight righteously for our cause.  And understandably so.  But the problems we face are so overwhelming at this time that we need to move beyond our usual reactions and step into a greater version of ourselves.  By moving into love.   By understanding that the actions we all take are sourced by our experiences.  And that we all need love and compassion to confront and accept our pain and to grow beyond it to create a world where that same love and compassion become the norm for our interactions.

When we incarnate, we do so with brilliance and purity and light.  With reverence and respect for all life.  With delight for everything we encounter.  It is only after we are shaped by the cares of the world that we are shifted off that path.  We encounter the travails of life on earth.  We become lost in confusion...tethered to uncertainty.

And we must all find our way back to the essence of pure love from which we made our entrance into the adventure of life on earth.

We begin with caring and concern.  For ourselves and others.  We pray for each other.  We feel compassion for others’ painful experiences.  Love then softens our hearts and makes our lives so much easier.  Love finds a way.  And, when it does, we experience the joy and peace of true alignment.  

We do not have to know the way to repair the troubles of the world.  We only need to know that love knows.  In this difficult and perilous time,  let us all engage with open minds and hearts in the so important business of healing.

                                     Marie Helena 

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Vanessa Saunders

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