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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Everything is a Miracle!


There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle. 
The other is as though 
                 Albert Einstein

The magnificent legacy of Albert Einstein is much greater than his famous theory of relativity.  

In my estimation, the most powerful contribution made by Einstein is his view of the Divine Universe as the Seat and Source of Miracles! 

And I feel that Einstein's perception of Life holds the key to everything that challenges, intrigues and causes us pain.  

Einstein says we must come to a conclusion regarding what we see in the universe.  

We must ask ourselves whether we are subject to random forces that act upon us, sometimes moving things in our favor, sometimes crashing them down upon us with no perceivable order...just the chaotic outpouring of events...

we must consider whether we live in a universe of Miracles...where a Divine Intelligence is the Source of all unfolding.

As I consider Einstein's invitation, 

a number of
PROFOUND EXAMPLES of life in this universe immediately come to mind.

The human body which has the mysterious, profound capability of harboring an embryo and nurturing it on a heavenly timetable so that a fully developed infant is born with all of the chemistry and growth patterns intact to help it become a mature adult.

The cycle of life which expresses itself through the seasons as our environment wakes from its wintry hiatus to produce new evidence of growth, nurtures it through to its flowering,  and, after its primal presence, withdraws energy from it so that the sleeping cycle can begin again.

The heart feeling of joy and peace which we feel when we choose to  be purely, authentically ourselves even through the pressure of opposing perceptions.

It seems to me there is an Intelligence that cannot be denied that is authoring this awesome process and that Intelligence seems completely filled with caring and compassion and LOVE...so much so and so fiercely so that I cannot help but draw the conclusion that LOVE is DIRECTING the voyage of our lives.  


LOVE is giving us the gifts of a magnificent planet filled with life sustaining resources. 

LOVE is guiding and supporting us on our journey as we set out to experience earth school and all that this encompasses. 

LOVE is providing us with the experiences we require to learn the lessons we have chosen.  

And that LOVE is ever unfolding.  

It is unfolding through our hardships and difficulties because they are leading us to find new strength.  

It is unfolding through our discomfort and pain because these conditions  express the blocks we are experiencing  on our journey and inspire us to find new and better ways of growing into ourselves and finally returning to the MAGNIFICENCE of our glorious, eternal Spirit.


And that is why our difficulties...our challenges...our pain...are Miracles.

They are the Miracles of our evolution which is being richly nurtured and guided so that we can achieve dimensions of growth we have perhaps not yet imagined for ourselves.

The Divine Universe knows us and loves us.  The Divine Universe knows what we are capable of and helps us grow through our sojourn on earth into our beautiful Spirit Self.

And that is why EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE!

image from nmsmith.deviantart.com


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