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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Opening Act


Just be a witness to whatever thoughts come in and you will begin to realize the veil that cloaks the mind.

Kwai Chee Low


One of our preoccupations that we find so easy to do is focusing on the words and actions of others.  And why wouldn't we...as those words and actions play a part in our lives.  We listen and watch and try to discern their meaning.  We ask ourselves why someone has reacted in this particular way.  Sometimes we seem to sense emotions the other is carrying that he himself is not even aware of. 

It's all part of our journey, learning to navigate what is happening in our lives. 
And these skills of observation and discernment can also be used to perform a task of even greater significance:  witnessing the thoughts that pass through OUR minds.  Witnessing them as an observer would, a third party, an objective reporter.  Instead of becoming embroiled in the emotional twists, turns and loops of the thoughts that arise in us, we can choose to "take note" of them instead.

When we objectively observe the landscape of those fractals of energy racing through our mind, we are amazed to see the "VOICES"  being expressed there.
The sound of "voices" we have been exposed to all of our lives...voices of those in authority, our family, friends, politicians, educators, supervisors, rule makers, religions, society, culture.  Those voices represent the many individual paths that have unfolded for myriads of individuals and collectively for countless groups.   Paths that serve THEIR purposes.  Paths offered with the intention to guide and educate others regarding the pitfalls these individuals and groups have experienced...teaching the lessons they have learned.  It's all so confusing...like little children we hear these voices telling their stories...and those stories heard and assimilated over and over eventually become our beliefs.

But the critical point here is that we must see the influence all of this well intentioned "info"mation has on us...how it can COVER and CLOAK the authentic, pure impulses which emanate from our true, loving nature.  Our impulses which, when recognized, embraced and treasured, genuinely lead and direct the actions of our lives.  These experiences are OURS...they emanate directly from our hearts...they feel uplifting, beautiful, joyful.  And they are often very different from the clutter of the "voices" which may be emanating from lessons not learned, pain held within, unhealed hurts.  The lessons being presented to us by others may be their view of self protection.  Subconscious messages...be sure you have the last word...leave before you are left...Everyone is out for himself.

When we are objectively able to identify  the voices being played and replayed in our minds, we can choose to bypass their influence and tap in, instead, to the pure, gentle, loving wisdom of our hearts.

 The "Opening Act" is designed to get our attentionNotice the hoopla, the cymbals and drums, the jangle of converging perspectives.  See it as an INTERESTING PARADE of impressions and beliefs you have adopted along the way.  Then prepare yourself for the engaging joy and beauty and bliss of listening with complete devotion to the messages of your own heart.


We can get to the deep essence of each engagement by witnessing, recognizing and acknowledging our mind's chatter and, then, afterwards, in silence and honoring, discern what feels beautiful and right to us.

                                                               Marie Helena

 image from carolgearing.com

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