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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Energy and the Bonsai


Nature is such a dazzling and divine teacher!
I was reminded of this important fact last Thursday
when I sat quietly waiting in a reception room, mindfully noticing the various elements of the area, including the furniture, pillows, artwork, lights and music.  After a while, my eyes wandered over to a recorder which sat nearby on a table which was also adorned with two bonsai trees sitting side-by-side.

My attention settled on the beauty of the bonsai foliage.
  At first, the two trees seemed to gently diffuse into the general ambiance of the room but as I stood and moved closer to them, I realized something enchanting about their stature.

The trunks of both trees emerged vertically from the bottom of the two planters, but a few inches up, the trunks began to veer unmistakably toward each other.

Were the trees whispering their dreams? 
Dancing together in their hearts?  
Were they having a solemn conversation?

My soul whispered this message to me:  Whatever had been transpiring between the two bonsai trees was obviously a powerful energy surge, enough to redirect their life force and clearly portray the intimacy between them.

The poetry of the moment felt palpable.

I wondered....

In the midst of our bustling days, do we often miss the beautiful reminders from nature of the Joy and Power of soul connection?
Have we really understood nature's fascinating inspirations possibly meant to engage and stir the human heart?   


                                                                                               Marie Helena

image from pinterest.com
Two abstract trees form heart

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