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Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Writing Team of our "Glee"

first published August 14, 2012


The highly acclaimed TV musical series Glee has proven so popular that it has generated a series spin-off called The Glee Project.  
On this show young performers who are talented singers, dancers and actors compete for the honor of being a guest star on several episodes of Glee. 
The talent and skill levels of the competitors are naturally of paramount importance but so is the question of whether or not Glee's writers feel inspired to write a story for the character that a performer represents.

The question which is asked each week by the writing team is:  Can we write for this character?  

Fortunately, in the stage of our life, we do not have to be concerned about whether our writing team can write for us.  
The Divine Universe is ALWAYS ready to write....to gift us with impulses, ideas, opportunities and experiences that help us manifest what it is that we DREAM about.

And when we dream (hold a conscious intention) and then release the dream to the Universe, we only need to be alert and watchful for the most amazing and beautiful impulses and opportunities to arise which move us with grace and ease toward the fulfillment of our dreams.

The  clues and synchronicities which appear may be subtle but if we harbor the curiosity and tenacity of the detective we WILL find them. and the more we experience them, the better we get at detecting their presence.

I received some beautiful encouragement for my desire to experience my life with simplicity and ease last evening as I attended a wedding on a beautiful cliff overlooking the shores of Lake Michigan. 

As a special gift to the guests the bride and groom had gathered small, flat stones from the shore and written a different inspirational word on each stone.
Every guest was invited to select a stone and take it home after the reception.  The stones were arranged as adornments on many different tables, nestled among beds of green leaves. 
The very first stone I picked up had this word written on it:  "easily".  

I knew the synchronicity of the appearance of this word was an offer of inspiration from the Divine Universe to encourage me in my intention.
I get these kinds of messages of encouragement daily...from something I read on the Internet, from a song I hear playing, from an offhand comment made by someone close to me or even a stranger.

And the more I relax and trust in this wonderfully Divine arrangement and don't attempt to "fix" things myself...the more I choose to float on the river of life, accepting its flow whatever that may be,  the easier and faster they manifest.  And lately they have been manifesting almost immediately.  The process is so easy, it is astounding..and so very joyful.

And in response to this amazing grace, I say, "Thank you and I'll have more!"

THIS is what we are designed to do on our earth journey.  
We are designed to hold conscious intentions, release them to the Divine Universe with no attachment regarding the journey by which they may arrive...and then stay alert for the surprises to come...and, when they do, receive them with a full and grateful heart and follow the direction in which they lead us.

We are truly Co-Creators with the Divine Universe and this glorious experience is meant to be joyous and full of delight.  The writers of our "GLEE" await our focused and conscious dreaming.  Are you ready?


                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from blingee.com

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