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Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Audience

Dance like no one is watching.

There is a quaint phrase we use when we talk about putting our best foot forward and donning our best manners:  Sunday Clothes.  It's like we scrub ourselves down, bring out our best attire and now are being very careful about what we say and do.  And this is because we feel everyone is watching.

If you've seen the movie Stepford Wives, you know that the characters here are performing in a way that is "expected" of them...actually, programmed INTO them so they will not deviate from the norm.  And the result of this oppressive exercise, watching people march through a prescribed routine, is not inspiring.  In fact, it is rather dull…even annoying.

And that is because we all crave authenticity, we crave the "luxury" of being completely ourselves.  What a pleasure to just BE what we feel like...to not feel compelled to impose someone else's expectations upon ourselves!  How relaxing and delightful to do and say precisely what is going on inside us!

Imagine what the world would be like
if every person felt that freedom!  Imagine what it would be like if no one felt they had to live up to others' expectations!  Things would be wild and crazy and also vibrant and surprising and unsettling and disconcerting.  but they would be authentic expressions of who we are.  No energy would be wasted in pretending.  Things would be joyful and exciting and often topsy turvy but we would truly know what others are feeling and we would ourselves enjoy the freedom of being transparent.

The picture I am describing would require an HONORING on everyone's part of the thoughts and ideas and feelings of others.  It would also require the UNDERSTANDING on everyone's part that what is said and done is ALWAYS only about the person himself and what HE is experiencing, remembering, processing, releasing.  No offense would be taken from anything that happens.  No one would make the mistake of owning another's reaction.  We would all be firmly grounded in our own self knowledge and assessment...not needing anyone's approval to feel OK.  We would all be flying free, enjoying the moment, expressing what is in our hearts.  And celebrating everyone's right to join in the vibrancy and revelations of the moment.

What a GRAND EXPERIMENT it would be to leave our Sunday Clothes behind and 

breathe  the beauty of having everyone freely "dance", watch others "dance" and ENJOY the show!

                                                                                                   Marie Helena

image from pinterest.com

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