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Saturday, July 28, 2018

"Here's the Thing"

Have you ever had the experience of trying to convince someone to "do it your way" with less than spectacular results?

Have you ever wondered what influences were at work behind the scenes in this particular equation?

Well, for one thing...when we are trying to convince someone of our point of view, we are probably holding fast to OUR idea of how things should be and when someone "holds fast", he doesn't come across very approachable or friendly.

Secondly, in this case, we are obviously NOT convinced there IS a "better" way. We've done our homework...we've thought about the situation...and have found what feels like the BEST way to handle things. Therefore, we have assumed the role of determined INSTRUCTOR to the person we are trying to convert to the merits of OUR view.

Third, with this kind of mental positioning, the emotional environment can feel intimidating...something that is not conducive to promoting open mindedness nor

There...we have it...the scenario is stuck, mired in a difference in approach or view...and the atmosphere is getting clouded over with S T R O N G opinions and stubborn mind sets.


It doesn't have to be this way.

If we can dismount from that stallion we are riding so vigilantly and take a long look onto the horizon, we may be able to see that SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT is needed to achieve our enlightenment. Like a completely different approach...a one eighty.  So we might need to get R E A L L Y flexible and do some experimenting...and I am speaking of experimenting with the other guy's approach. Like trying it on for size even though it makes NO SENSE to us.

The part that does make powerful sense here is our willingness to consider this different (and possibly opposing) view closely...to try it on...to ask questions...to seek clarity...to attempt to understand it and the foundational thinking behind the position. 
THAT'S the key thing here...our willingness to genuinely understand another's view and preference.

Our flexibility and openness will not be lost on our compatriot. We may even inspire him to take a closer look at our position. Together, we may conceive of a concept that is greater than our individual offerings. And...who knows...maybe this fresh perspective will propel us into an even grander version of what we had previously felt so strongly about. And, for sure, it will keep our mind open to further expansion,

The willingness to step past our comfort zone into the experience of a radically different thought process may prove to be one of the great adventures of our life.

Happy exploring in the challenging AND exciting wilderness 

                                                              Marie Helena 

image from dreamstime.com

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