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Monday, September 10, 2018

A Heart Connection

Ask questions from your heart and you will be answered from the heart.

- Omaha proverb

If your mind wants to know something, it will go after information as a lawyer does and seek answers to the 5 W’s:
the who. what, where, when and why of an occurrence or event.  You can almost feel the courtroom scene coming into view as these sharply clipped queries flood the metaphorical witness stand.

It’s as if the mind (disguised as a lawyer) has a theory regarding what has occurred and is out to find the corroborating evidence to make its case.  Whenever we, as the witness, sense the “lawyer” approaching us, it is no wonder we so easily withdraw or become defensive.

But no deep value comes from the crisp, pointed tactic of interrogation.  Rather,  the “defendant” moves away from the possibility of a resolution,  feeling threatened by the cold logic of stand alone facts being revealed. 

There is always so much more to the story than the  lawyer’s 5 W’s.  There is always the possibility of unresolved experiences, unhealed pain, misunderstandings and troubling emotions lining the landscape of the event which help explain what has occurred and which need to be considered in understanding how the event has unfolded and how it has impacted someone’s life.

It is not an inquiry from the mind which brings forth this important, sensitive, enlightening  information.  It is a gentle, compassionate invitation from the heart to try to hear the feelings that have been evoked in someone.  

It is the attentive and caring gaze that will help someone feel understood, affirmed and supported and that will help bring forth this information to the Light.  The soft, sweet music of a genuine, loving inquiry will elicit the possibility of an authentic and brave response.

Being understood and cared for can empower us to bravely see what is showing itself in our emotions for our attention and healing.

A loving sense of compassion for someone’s pain, a gentle, caring question about what this feels like and holding space for the answer to reveal itself are what invite the power to ultimately receive these so important messages from the heart.   

                                                                          Marie Helena

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