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Friday, August 16, 2019

Leaping Off the Endgrain

Sell your CLEVERNESS and purchase BEWILDERMENT.

13th century Sufi mystic  

Cleverness is a process of the mind.

In cleverness we use our mental faculties to assess, analyze, plan and strategize.

We move things around so they will operate to our best advantage. We are concerned with how we will benefit from a situation...how we will be protected...what we will gain for our trouble.

Bewilderment comes from a connection with the heart.

We are struck by the innate beauty of something..deeply moving, transported to some mysterious and unknown place.  

We willingly give up control and let our hearts lead us through wonder to some new and fascinating destination.

We leap off the endgrain for the sheer joy of the exploration...to see what there is to see and learn what there is to discover.

We give up control of our experience and LET THE EXPERIENCE LEAD US.

CLEVERNESS keeps us tightly inside control center.

BEWILDERMENT connects us with joy and
 opens us to worlds of energy of which we are perhaps not even aware.

The world is now moving to this beautiful place of heart-centeredness but our instructions for this journey have been made clear by prophets for centuries.

We must release our distraction with maintaining control over the gifts of the universe and insteaddelight and revel in their wonder.

                                           Marie Helena

Image courtesy of people-clipart.com

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