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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Transmuting the Virus

EVERYTHING is energy.  Including you, including me,  including the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the homes we live in.  And, most significantly, including the Coronavirus.

EVERYTHING has a purpose,
a raison d’etre.  And there seems to be an immense and compelling energetic force animating the Coronavirus, purposing its existence.  The questions we must ask ourselves are:  Why does this astounding tsunami impulse exist?  Why is it so intractable and treacherous?  So seemingly impervious to alteration?

The answer is because it is reflecting us to ourselves.  And perhaps it is meant to continue to do that with increasing intensity until we fully recognize the devastation humanity has often caused with our commercialism, our me-first mentality, our prejudicial and supremacist attitudes and negative emotions.

We are riled with discord and unrest, with blatant and sometimes violent opposition to differing factions, with the sometimes unalterable need to prove ourselves right.  And nature is showing us how grievously  we have departed from our true selves as caring, loving, generous souls who understand that we are truly “in this” together.  And, because we have forgotten this, we are being provided with a reminder so powerful and so devastating it cannot be ignored.  Nature has forced us into recognizing that we are all our brothers’ keeper.  And, thankfully, in the midst of all this tumult, it is beautiful to behold elements of society coming to grips with the reality of the Mirror and stepping up to change the global template.

The negative behavior we have displayed has been spawned from fear.  The fear of not being good enough.  And, since there are really only two primal emotions… Love and fear… the more we love, the less we fear.

And Love is truly the reason for our existence.  We are creatures of
Love.  We are made from Love.  And, when we find our way back to that beautiful foundation, the world releases its unrest and upheaval.

This is a grand experiment in which we are all residing.  We have willingly taken it on.  Only the bravest souls have volunteered to experience what is happening to us right now.

By returning to our true source of Love, we can release the energy of this virus.  It will no longer be needed when we see ourselves and all of our fellow compatriots and, indeed, all that exists in the universe as Resources to share and support and love.  We are all exquisite facets of the same diamond that is humanity.

The resolution to the pandemic is only as far away as a global shift of the heart.  Can we each be an inspiration for others, igniting a massive wave of awakening into the peace of our true nature?

Let’s transmute the Coronavirus from a messenger gone rogue throughout the world in a frantic attempt to awaken us to the peace that will naturally flow from a Divine message that has been well received.

                              Marie Helena

image from Pinterest

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