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Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Orchestra

In the great symphony of life, we all have important parts to play. While some people are best suited to be conductors or soloists, their contributions would be diminished considerably without the individual musicians that lend their artistry to the fullness of an orchestra.

                             Madisyn Taylor
                             Daily OM*

If you've ever attended the brilliant performance of a commanding and impassioned orchestra, you KNOW how important every instrument and every musician are to the authenticity of the presentation.   The convergence of the beauty of each instrument achieves an exquisite richness and tapestry of emotion.  One cannot help but be moved by such a moment!  It is all encompassing.  It is fullness.  It is transcension from the ordinary to the sublime.

And why is this so?  Because TOGETHER we create the collective consciousness And this consciousness becomes the Grandest Version of Ourselves when everyone brings an open heart and the gift of his own "music" to the performance.  And it is not only in the "bringing" of the beautiful hearts and the special "music" (which are, in themselves, courageous), it is also in the generous and courageous acceptance of ALL orchestra members for each other and in the welcoming and celebrating that the performance transcends ITSELF.

THIS is what we CAN BE.  

As earth dwellers, we have not yet come to this awesome orchestral MOMENT but, inspired by the dream of universal Love, we are moving steadily in that direction.

"Orchestra members" are "seeing" the soul signature they share with their compatriots.  They are working together to produce "exquisite melodies".

"Drums" keep us ready and alert.  "Horns" call forth our emotions.  "Violins" honor the vulnerability of our hearts.   The list goes on.  ALL are a part of the breathless symphony.

Together, we are so very beautiful!    

                                            Marie Helena

Image from Baroque Orchestra Painting Baroque orchestra (eubo)

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