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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Website of Your Life

The wonderful Internet has bestowed upon us so many unanticipated opportunities. Recently, I have had the privilege and responsibility of helping design a website for my Mystic Marks bookmarks. I have worked diligently and excitedly with my web designer, Renee Bledsoe, of Fort Myers, Florida. Renee has a very poetic web name: She Who Weaves the Web. As I was first searching for a web designer a couple of years ago, I happened upon her website, read her philosophy, saw her web name and immediately fell into what I call Grace with her. A few weeks later I was visiting my sister who lives in Bonita Springs, Florida and went to Fort Myers to meet Renee. I knew immediately that this was the web designer for me. The moment was electric and inspiring and, at the same time, peaceful and gentle. Two years later I was ready to leap off the endgrain and share my thoughts with the larger arena of the world stage.

Renee and I worked on the website over the course of a few months. Several delays occurred. One because of a seven week illness I experienced this summer. Another came because I was asked to design bookmarks to meet a special need of several clients and everything stopped while I addressed that request. During this time, Renee intuitively knew that we needed to gently wait out the Divine messages that were coming into the picture and that they would, of course, enhance the website’s design.

When we were finally able to direct our energies full-force on the project, we were both delighted to find how beautifully our visions merged in this creation at every turn. We share the same spiritual view of life and this led us to amazing discoveries and inspirations that evolved as we talked and worked together. Renee is a masterful artist and teacher and she was determined to make sure that I would
LOVE the website design and every part of it. We took great care with each choice of color and font and design and, as we worked, new and wonderful ideas kept entering the scene.

When the website was completed, I discovered that this accomplishment was exerting great power in my life. I was intrigued by the dynamics of how this was happening. I found myself waking up in the morning calmed by some aspect of the website or one of the messages on it. It was teaching me, mentoring me, soothing me and, most important of all, it was
inspiring me.

One of these mornings I awoke with the words
Gentle Reminder singing in my heart. I wondered where they had come from. I thought about the beautiful, calm blue green of the website design and it made me feel gentle. I realized then that the website was working its magic. Next, I found myself applying these words to my life approach, and, in particular, to the times when I would berate or judge myself for not living up to my expectations. I am a deeply sensitive, intense person and whenever I am dealing with something, it tends to pop up in bold, technicolored hues. Now, the blue green of my website was showing the concept of gentle to me and I realized that at these times I only needed to whisper the words Gentle Reminder to myself and to tell myself that I only have to make some course corrections in my life. The sky was not, indeed, falling.

(Interestingly, my daughter Valerie told me that before she had seen the blue-green backdrop of the website design she had imagined what it would look like and it was the very same color Renee had chosen!)

Over time, I realized that this website which had been labored over with such care and love by both Renee and me represented my
Higher Self, the self I aspire to and that I was being treated to the joy of seeing that Higher Self in living color and design on the world-wide web! I discovered that when I needed to strongly connect with that special guidance I could go to the computer to tune in.

Which brings me to the title of this message:
The Website of Your Life. I am not assuming that everyone has the inclination nor the reason to produce a website for the Internet, but I do think that everyone could IMAGINE what the website of their life would look like… what colors it would have... what design... what message... what inspiration... and be able to use that vision to find the Divine Guidance we all need.

I want to close with this suggestion to you and, hopefully, it will ignite your emotions, your dreams and your aspirations which sometimes lay hidden… and bring them beautifully into the full vision of your imagination:
What would the website of your life look like?

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