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Monday, June 11, 2012

The PASSION of Indiana Jones

Don't audit life.  
Show up and make the most of it.   
                                          Regina Brett

There is a very interesting choice often available to students in the college curriculum and that choice is to take the option of AUDITING a course.
When you audit a course, you get to sit in on classes as you desire and at your convenience and hear the instruction of the teacher but you are NOT required to complete any assignments or take any tests.  In other words, it's a laid back, easy-as-you-go arrangement.

And this option has its merits.  You can observe from the sidelines from a position which demands VERY LITTLE ENERGY from you.

And while this academic option can offer you a selective glimpse of some new information which is of interest to you in college, choosing this option as THE primary way  to navigate earth school may not be the wisest choice as a method of transit for the adventures of your life.

If you elect to audit LIFE watching from the sidelines you will sidestep the amazing opportunities available for your growth. 

No.  I'm thinking more  the PASSION of Indiana Jones...ready, alert and chomping at the bit to taste and see and feel what is out there...to fully experience what presents itself to you in the form of questions, challenges and obstacles to overcome.

There's no auditing here.  There's anticipation, desire,  excitement, energy.
Every moment is full...teeming with possibility and wonderful new skills to acquire, new lessons to learn.

FULLY engaging with Life takes strenuous energy.  It requires paying attention, taking notes, and testing yourself but it rewards you with a continuing evolution...creative reinvention with constant progression to the Next, Grandest Version of WHO YOU REALLY  ARE.

And the enormous payoff is this:   

You are making ALL the moments of your life count as you open your heart to every experience to see what it holds for you...to find the gift that is waiting.  

When you do this, you are not merely auditing...sort of paying attention...once in a while...when you are in the mood.  You are not splitting your focus.  You are NOT multi-tasking.

You are Present...Aware...Listening...Engaged...and  Responding...
Fully alive...noticing everything...experiencing everything...learning from everything.

Every day holds the promise AND reward of enlightenment...all because you chose to Indiana-Jones-it...show up, dig in and DEAL.

image from  guardian.co.uk

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  1. This entry reminded me of a poem I love by Davina Marcova, Reflection:

    I will not live an unlived life,
    I will not go in fear
    Of falling or catching fire.
    I choose to inhabit my days,
    To allow my living to open to me,
    To make me less afraid,
    More accessible,
    To loosen my heart
    Until it becomes a wing,
    A torch,
    A promise.
    I choose to risk my significance:
    To live,
    So that which came to me as a seed ,
    Goes to the next as blossom,
    And that which came to me as a blossom
    Goes on as a fruit.