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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Up, Up and Away

Every thought you think sends out energy into the Universe.  

Positive, energetic thoughts will produce positive and energetic VIBRATIONS...and will lift your Spirit to where it belongs - Up!
              Ulrike Maria Wilson 
                                                                      One of the coolest things about being multi-dimensional is the fact that we can engage in quantum gymnastics and use our power of thought to affect our vibrational level.
It's fairly simple. 

If we think positive, uplifting, generous thoughts we move into a SPACE OF GRACE AND BEAUTY where LOVE abounds and reaches out and envelops our life.

If we concentrate on what's wrong or unsatisfying, we lower our vibration, attracting MORE of what's wrong and unsatisfying.

Now why would we ever consciously choose 
to do that to ourselves?                                                            
And yet we do.

It's one of our favorite places to hang out when things go wrong and chaos looms on the horizon.  Somehow it seems satisfying to feel that we have been victimized.

The trouble is that after we are done complaining (which could take quite a while) we still feel like a victim.  Nothing has gotten any better and, to complicate things even more, we may have begun to enjoy placing blame and judgment on others and now  have sunk even further (vibrationally speaking) and are totally embracing our misery.


And ALL of this is unnecessary. 

It's nothing more than the consequence of a choice we have made in our thinking.

But we can choose to go to a different place in our thoughts. 

We can recognize that the Divine Universe is not dealing us a blow but rather is GIFTING US with an opportunity to recognize something about ourselves...something that needs our attention and that is NOT serving us well.

It's a "knock, knock....look over here. You're missing something."


Once we get how loved and cared for and supported we are, we can begin to see how our "adventures" are pointing us in the direction of our spiritual evolution.  And there is something for us in EVERY single thing we encounter.


I totally love to see the creativity and power of this beautiful energy.  It NEVER fails to awe and amaze me.  When I embrace my experiences...uncomfortable though they may be...distressing though they may be, I am NEVER disappointed with the outcome for I always learn a better, happier, more satisfying way to be in the world.

When this awareness becomes a part of our vision, it becomes easier to choose a higher vibrational thought such as ...What is the gift for me here in this moment?

It's actually fun, too, to consider the circumstances of an event,  figure out the clues and find whatever lesson is waiting for us.  (And fun, by the way, is another one of those high vibrations.)


It’s all a BEAUTIFUL EQUATION gifted to us by the Divine Universe…the glorious opportunity to  direct what comes into our life..

We can navigate our altitude by the beliefs we hold in our heart and power our vibrational level upwards by bypassing the third dimensional, ego driven reaction-of-the-moment and choosing the SOUL VIEW of what is happening instead.


image from kidclipart.net.    

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  1. enjoyed reading your down to earth (or should I say... up in the sky) approach to quantum physics and the essential nature of the soul