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Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Myg

When we develop an affection for someone or something we often find a sobriquet (pet name) to describe this special treasure

And, a night ago,  while I sleepily meandered between some intensely dramatic dreams, I awoke softly uttering the word "Myg" which I immediately recognized as a tender and heartfelt embracing of the scientific term amygdala

Science describes the amygdala as an almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the front part of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum that is part of the limbic system and is involved in the processing and expression of emotions, especially anger and fear.

Wow! That description sounds kind of scary and off-putting...and it has inspired me to consider the word with awe, reverence and proper respect.  

"Has" inspired...that is, because, fortunately,  the word amygdala doesn't feel so scary to me any more.   In fact, it feels like a friend whispering to my soul when I am brave enough to listen

And, lately, I HAVE been brave enough.  I am getting to know my amygdala...I am beginning to see what it has to offer me...hence, my dubbing of this gray matter (during the sleepy but insightful hours of the night ) as "The Myg".

EV-ER-Y-BOD-Y  gets the messages of The Myg.  

And these messages are not soft and gentle knocks  (May I come in?). 

Oh no, they are full-bodied emotional storms which descend on us with tornado-like ferocity.  

Energetically speaking, they are a violent outburst of emotion expressing pain...an unhealed hurt...that has been bottled up...corked up...by the sheer power of our will and now has had enough of holding back and wants out and it wants out NOW.

When the amygdala is properly triggered and makes its powerful appearance (approximately  one-tenth of a second), it is so easy to feel as if the emotion has washed right over us and, yes, through us, too, and has even hung us out to dry.

When this used to happen to me, I would feel overcome and helpless.  After several moments of suffering with it, I would make a valiant attempt to project myself into a higher vibration...for example, launch into a gratitude list. 

There was one essential problem with this approach, however, which I am now coming to realize.  I was trying to counter the storm with my remedy for "the problem".  What I was NOT doing was LISTENING to the amygdala to see what it had to tell me.

Lately, however,  I have been fascinated with the messages of the amygdala and have been experimenting with the process of exploring it.

And, oh yes, it IS talking to me.  It's been WAITING  to talk to me.  And it is generously and graciously telling me what I have (finally) been brave enough to hear.

It is revealing to me long-hidden feelings that have not been recognized and acknowledged.  And it cannot do this until it gets the green light...the consciously expressed go-ahead green light... so I am setting my dial for OPEN ENTRY.

Now, when I determinedly and curiously witness the feelings coming up (and I do not censor the words that form in my mind to describe the feelings), I am surprised by the ferocity of the moment.

But, once I INVITE myself to feel whatever comes up from the amygdala, I am able to see what is needed to deal with the issue presenting itself for my attention.  

First and foremost, I feel the need to give myself compassion.  Obviously, I have been carrying an experience of suffering.  Perhaps I may need to forgive myself or someone else.  Perhaps I am dealing with lessons still unlearned from long ago. 

Whatever the issue is, when I let myself see it and feel it,  the issue becomes a Gift.  It has come into the Light and now I can choose to experience the feeling, deal with it, release it and free myself from the burden I had been carrying for so long.

So, as things stand now in my life, The Myg and I have become friends.  It is no longer an unwelcome visitor. 

Even though I am challenged by the discomfort the messages bring, I am learning to embrace the feelings and listen closely to what they are telling me...freeing myself to receive another beautifully designed Divine gift for my life journey and leading me closer to wisdom and peace.

image from jond4u.jonathandickau.com.

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