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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All Aboard!


"... imagine that everyone and everything you see or hear has something
       to teach you..."

                      Marie Herbert

According to Marie Herbert's suggestion, school doesn't end for us at 3:15 in the afternoon. Our education accompanies us wherever we go...BUT to really take advantage of this "free" schooling we've got to be watching, listening, tuned in 24/7.

And it's not as difficult as it looks...no hefty textbooks to wade through, no long essays to write. This on-going pageant is hiding in the people we meet and the events and occurrences of our day. All you need do is tune in to your life frequency and catch the messages coming your way and poof! It's clear that YOU are the Duke or Diva of this production.

It's all about you and for you. 

Whatever lesson you still need to learn will automatically pop into your life...and here's the fun part...it will be masquerading as someone else's personality trait in need of attention.  Don't be fooled...it's all part of the spectacular production that is your life telling YOU what you need to know about yourself (and what needs looking into).

Or, something in your environment (your car, your finances, your leaky roof) may need an upgrade or overhaul or, perhaps, to be completely replaced...a symbol, perhaps, for your attitude or modus operandi (the way you dance through life).

Whatever grabs your attention will, undoubtedly, have a metaphorical story for your consideration.

Look how loved you are! The steps necessary for your evolution are hiding in plain sight. You can learn while you uncover and discover the clues.

It's all pretty exciting and challenging. 

It can mean some serious contemplation with accompanying life changes but it can also be fun once you understand how the universe is inviting you to view yourself in the global symphony.

So...C'mon...get yourself up into this glorious morning, jump on the cosmic bus and discover the mysterious and enlightening surprises lovingly tucked into the magnificent drama of your day!

All aboard!

image from atisable.com.     




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  1. So well put Marie!! I love gaining your perspective :)