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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Boulevard

....your successes, though pleasurable and welcome blessings indeed, do not indicate any great growth in your spiritual status, for they only confirm the growth you had previously attained.
                                                                                       Bill Attride

If you don't try something tougher than you already done, how you gonna learn?"    
                                                                              Norman Rockwell
                                                                                Shuffleton's  Barbershop

Challenges create the necessary energy for the flowering of consciousness.
                                                                      Eckhart Tolle

Many voices can be heard instructing us on the importance  of experiencing difficulties and discord in our lives.  And I know someone who actually LOVES the experience of TUMULT.  You know...disturbance,  disorder,  turbulence, turmoil.  "Yikes!" I exclaimed the first time I heard that comment.  Who wants to go there on purpose!

Fast forward my life through a series of "tumult"uous experiences.  Lots of emotion...not the happy kind.  The ragged, edgy kind.  The kind that MAKE you face a capitol C "Challenge"  in a totally new way...because the old way "just ain't working no more".

It's as if someone (The Divine Universe) has the perfect plan to inspire a reality check on our default reaction The clear and incontrovertible conclusion:  although the default has helped us manage (and survive) some tough moments, it's definitely time for an upgrade cause the old default is not going to help us step up to the next grandest, version of ourselves.

No...that's going to take the T word so we will have to keep both hands on the rope as this might get to be a wild "adventure".

And, it often does. 

But the fact is...there's no way we're going to change things in our life when they are working just fine for us...Naw, We're too busy enjoying the ride.  "So far, so good" seems to be our mantra. But, that's exactly where we end up if we don't step up.  Only, "So far".

And that doesn't seem to cover what is necessary to embrace the master lesson designed for earth school.

The Divine Universe (and our Higher Self) want more for us and they know we are capable of reaching it so when we choose  power, control, approval, adulation and all the other fun traps earth dwellers get caught up in, they know the growth process that is necessary to move us off dead center so they shake things up with an unsettling surprise.

And then we are left to find our way through the trials of earth school.  We go through agony and suffering...stages of "Why me?"and " What does this mean?" trying to escape the  agitation. To no avail.

The master lesson our soul is seeking ultimately kicks in when all else fails to being us peace and we look for the "something more" which has been eluding  us.

And that is when we discover that the exquisite heart feeling of true joy comes from the decision to make LOVE the author of all of our actions.

There is something so beautiful and gentle and soothing about Love.  It's not always easy to reach for...especially if our ego is kicking and screaming, attempting to run the show.  But when we
step up and step out of ourselves, it somehow becomes clear that

the best decision we can make is to honor everyone's journey as we also honor our own

for we are all traveling the same beautiful BOULEVARD...the path of LOVE...

and LOVE always delivers us to our destination: 
peace of mind...centeredness...joy...and a return to our magnificent Spirit Self.

image from uniformedcupid.wordpress.com

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