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Thursday, March 13, 2014

And the Oscar Goes to


       There are no accidents in a world 

              governed by Divine intelligence.
                 Pamela Hope DeLuca-Price

Try to imagine the most creative, awesome, inspiring adventure for the story of your life. 

Did you cast this year's Oscar winning actors and actresses in your production?  Hire the best costumers and sound crew?  The director of the year?  Do you have research gurus at your fingertips and an unlimited budget?

Use every ounce of your imagination and creativity and you still cannot come close to the unparalleled beauty of your endowment from the Divine Universe....in earth school terms...
the OSCAR of oscars!

The unfolding of THIS creation is beyond imagination for it finds the most powerful, most compelling, most perfect way to take you where your soul desires to go.  And the journey there is exciting, unpredictable, challenging and surprisingly satisfying BUT (and this is the important part) you cannot see the script even while you're living it.  It's a mystery...a puzzle...a conundrum.

Your life is filled with interconnecting communications and occurrences with countless others.  Each one mysteriously moves you closer to what your soul desires...and in the most compelling way...but this may not be obvious in the moments you are living it.

And because you are a SPIRITUAL being having an earthly experience you are a part of this DIVINE unfolding.  Your words, your actions, your thoughts, your intentions...vibrate out into the universe, affecting untold numbers of lives...most of whom you don't even know exist.

It is the beauty of your heart that blesses so many...and those hearts go on to bless others and on and on it goes into infinity.  You are writing the history of the universe and its inhabitants with every breath you take, every thought you think, every word you say.

The MOVIE of all movies!  What an exquisite space in which to be a part of a global healing!

Such a BEAUTIFUL plan.

Divine Intelligence is orchestrating the manifestation of your soul's desire as your life builds upon each experience to move you in the direction of that dream and, while it does this, it is beaming the vibrations of your heart out to the universe to bless others and share your joy.

There are no accidents...only your soul's desire coming fully into fruition through Divine Intelligence and your life efforts at Love expressing itself the best way it knows how touching (and often healing) lives.

What contribution will you make to the movie of YOUR life in this A MA ZING Universe?

                                                                                                  Marie Helena 

image from www.oscars.org

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