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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our Agreement with LOVE

There is a crack in everything--
  that's how the light gets in.   

                        Leonard Cohen

Have you ever noticed the cracks in your pavement where little wisps of beautiful green grass peek perseveringly through, compellingly drawn by instinct to find their way into where the action is?  These tender, growing, green wisps are drawn to the Light and they are a beautiful example of the Life Force we all share.

Those random cracks in the pavement cannot hold back
the irresistible drive to see, to learn, to growAnd we, too, are drawn to feel, to experience.  This PRIMAL FORCE is lovingly evident in the curiosity of the child to peek under the pebbles, step into the puddling rain, chase after the toad hopping across his path.  Though life's challenges may weary us, the longing to grow remains as an earth school marker, a testimony to the journey we willingly embarked upon.

The Light comes in through the cracks (our adversities, our difficulties, our challenges, our limiting beliefs, our pain) because that is our DIVINE AGREEMENT.

We seek what is unknown to us and are guided through our earthly "adventures" by the
LoveLight that comes in through the cracks.


                                                                                                      Marie Helena                                                                                                

 image from vivian-institches.blogspot.com -
 vivian - in stitches: February 2008

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