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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Invitation to the Dance

Simplicity is such a beautiful virtue.  It has a purity and clarity to it...and a certain ease which comes when we understand the basic principle upon which something is operating. 

Let's apply that to life in earth school which can seem so full of twists and turns, complications and complexities.

But maybe it really isn't what it appears to be. 

Our souls have chosen to have an earthly experience and have designed opportunities for us to learn the lessons we have selected for ourselves.  Those opportunities include the circumstances and events in our lives and the people with whom we come in contact.  Each of these plays a part in our earth school story representing an opportunity for us to be encouraged, affirmed or inspired by what we experience. Some of these vignettes are positive and delightful...some are challenging, frustrating and even painful.  All of them provide us with the impetus for growth and change if we so choose.

Viewed from this vantage point, life reveals itself to be a number of scenarios
which attract our attention and invite us to embrace each opportunity by stepping INTO the Present Moment, navigating our way through intense circumstances, acquiring new wisdom and stepping UP to a new and grander version of ourselves.

The protocol is simple AND profound.  We need not worry about what will happen to us next as IT'S ALL GOOD.  We only need decide IF and HOW we want to rock each opportunity.

We are the designers of our multi-faceted plan We have come here to experience, to learn.  Because of our agreement in the veil of forgetfulness we may be bewildered by the unfolding of these events but, on some level, our soul clearly knows the heights we can reach.

Are you dancing with this Divine Universe in the amazing story of YOUR life?

image from Thyme Graphics

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