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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Pathway

As we make our way through earth school we are all faced at times with encounters of pain we have not yet released in our livesEckhart Tolle, popular spiritual writer and author of The New Earth, calls this entity The Pain Body.  

We all have one.  And they all kick and scream when they are triggered.  As Tolle explains, "Any negative emotion that is not fully faced and seen for what it is in the moment it arises does not completely dissolve.  It leaves behind a remnant of pain."

Recognizing the  existence of this vexatious energy has given me a huge assist in learning how to deal with my own pain body and the pain bodies of my compatriots (that would be all earth dwellers). 

How often do you suppose we "swallow" our negative emotions?
Fairly frequently I would guess and for a myriad of reasons.  We may be uncomfortable expressing our emotions.  We may not feel safe speaking our truth or have trouble finding the words to expess it.  We may feel afraid of being vulnerable, especially if we are co-dependent and are affected by the opinions of others.

So there we have it...the PAIN BODY (negative emotion that has not been dispersed) pushed down somewhere in our psyche just waiting for a chance to be "heard".


And just what does happen when someone's pain body makes an appearanceDrama, for sure, and often significant chaos.  And, here's what creates the chaos.  When someone's pain body begins to carry on (with judgment, accusations, etc.) the outburst often compels someone else's pain body to join in and intensify the situation and before long we have a full fledged confrontation .

And so it goes.  One person accuses someone of causing a problem and that
individual counters with...

"Are you KIDDING me?  You say it's MY fault.  YOU started it."  
Sound familiar?  Have you ever heard these words expressed in the heat of the moment? Said them yourself?

In this moment in time...when a person has been triggered by a psychic connection to some unhealed hurt and, thereby, captured by his pain body, it is not easy for him to get any perspective
regarding what is going on:  to step back, B R E A T H E,  let himself really feel the emotion and eventually recognize his reaction is out of proportion to what has just occurred and is the remnant of an unhealed episode in his life. 

And if someone else's pain body joins into the battle, it's an even greater problem. 


But there IS a way to help someone who has been overcome by the pain body and that is to NOT REACT to what is being expressed.  And it takes a strong consciousness to recognize what is happening, step back, remain neutral and not join into the frenetic energy of that moment.

Right now calmness, centeredness and compassion are needed
and, when they are given, they are the perfect balm to help soothe the turbulent emotions being expressed.  This new energy of quiet, neutral awareness, recognition and acceptance of the show of suffering begins to defuse the chaos and the calmness begins to spread to everyone involved in the situation .


This is the power that consciousness brings to our lives.  Being able to see the soul view of what is happening introduces grace into that moment and grace expands exponentially when it appears.

It is utterly amazing to witness the effect
this beautiful, patient expression of compassion has in helping someone recognize, accept and express his pain. 

Being  a part of someone's healing moment also inspires us
to view our own pain body with perspective and encourages us to give that same beautiful compassion to ourselves.

Recognition, acceptance and expression of the The Pain Body is the physical and emotional PATHWAY we can take to clear our hearts and souls.  And we can be so very helpful to others when we recognize that something very painful is triggering their negative emotions.  What is needed most in that moment is the acceptance that flows from love.


                                                                                      Marie Helena


The Pathway Photograph by Ian David Soar - The Pathway Fine Art ...
image from fineartamerica.com
The Pathway Photograph - The Pathway Fine Art Print

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