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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

We are Beginning

You can either choose to try and go against the reality of what other people in your life feel and experience (and have a very difficult time with it)...

Or you can take a moment to simply accept the situation as it is and CHOOSE what you want to do about it (which puts you back in a positive and grounded place of power in your life).

                       Christian Carter

We’ve been living with the Corona virus for many days. It has been exhausting in every way. And I wonder if we have now grown weary of witnessing and calling out the hateful behavior we see that 
has produced so much pain and suffering on our planet.

Are we ready as a nation to CHOOSE what we want to do about it?

It looks that way to me.   

As I watch the news reports of the many peaceful protests that are occurring simultaneously, I feel a new sense of hopefulness.  The choice of a peaceful protest as a course of action is a truly beautiful, heart-centered decision.  It leaps with great courage right past the prejudice, the injustice, the moral outrage because it understands where the true power is.  

That power, that promise of change resides in love and it is in LOVE that we will find the grace and generosity to begin to understand the problems and the pain of all individuals who inhabit the earth.

And there are layers upon layers of pain. Of misunderstanding. Of confusion.  Of retribution.

It is going to take a brave and  generous collective spirit to look deeply into our hearts to discern how we may have participated In perpetuating the problem and how we can help to heal the injustices that have ravaged so many.

Walking peacefully even in the face of the frightening pandemic, even sometimes in the face of possible assault and arrest signals the immense strength I am describing. We can see it.  It is here. We are beginning.

Marie Helena



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