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Saturday, May 7, 2016


The Japanese believe there is a mystical force inherent in language...that words have a special spiritual effect on the world. They call this concept Kotodama.
I love this concept because I am a lover of language, a wordsmith. The words I choose to use are very important to me because I sense and feel their power.

In his book The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz discusses what he calls
The Impeccability of

Put very simply, this means using your Word in the direction of love and truth.
It is so important to be authentic in our messages. This is the most efficient and direct path to clear communication.

To do this takes courage, a strong sense of self and the motivation and commitment to speak our truth. This is not always easy for we sometimes want to hide from transparency and avoid revealing our thoughts.

But those hidden thoughts do not stay under cover forever and will sneak out at a future time in a show of attitude or a statement possibly expressed in an unpleasant moment of tension or stress.

Much better to give a mindful, forthright message when we have taken the time and consideration to choose our words with loving and conscious intent.

One important question to ask ourselves is how can I speak my truth AND be sure to express it in a way that would enhance someone's life.

This is where the aspect of LOVE enters in. And here we can be of great assistance to each other.

If we experience anxiety about the word or words being used in a message we can take steps to address this situation.

By sharing the story of what a particular word or phrase means to us we can help someone understand what message is being received. This may not be the message that is being sent but if a particular word or phrase evokes for us a sense of unease and, if we have not yet been able to fully deal with this issue, the sharing of this context can help increase the caring and compassion transpiring between the two individuals.

The sender of the message can also explain the intention behind the words and thereby clarify its meaning from that point of view. Together, an understanding can be reached as to how to best "voice" the message.

In this way the current soul meaning of the "language" for both individuals can be understood and honored...a true gesture of love.

This kind of communication takes a special intent and effort on the part of both persons involved in the interaction but it has great power to accomplish two things:

To give a clear, authentic and meaningful message

To enhance the relationship between two individuals by honoring the souls'
point of evolution.

If we choose to embrace the practice of Kotodama as we interact with each other...we will most assuredly strengthen our relationships and, on a global level, we will all move forward into a more loving Universe.

                                                                                          Marie Helena

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