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Friday, May 13, 2016

Make Something Beautiful...

There are many profound philosophers in the world…thinkers of great thoughts, deep introspection, challenging suppositions...sharing their answers to life's great questions:  Why are we here?  How should we navigate this earthly journey?  What is truly significant?  

Many of these brilliant individuals have lived before us; some are with us now...all leaving us the treasure of their experience through their magnificent words, their art, their music.

Often we are inspired by the messages of these gifts…and, if they feel resonant to us, we choose to embrace what feels in concert with our souls.  

The lessons we learn instruct and guide us as we navigate our daily lives which are often replete with challenges and invitations to become more than we presently are.  The lessons often give us careful steps to follow regarding how to acknowledge, accept, embrace, experience and release the issues that are plaguing us, issues that may have followed us throughout our lives, painful remnants of days gone by, problems left unsolved and unsettled.

The serendipitous messages that flow from these artists and philosophers guide us through moments of chaos and cacophony, helping us come to resolution of difficult and embroiled issues.  This is a worthy goal.  A true achievement. 
As I formulate my own philosophy of guiding principles for my life and embrace the perceptions of the philosophers which sing to my soul, I feel a longing to do more...to take a step beyond achieving the "settling" of the issue at hand.   

I have come to imagine the delight of taking the resolution of a problem and Making Something Beautiful out of each puzzling Gordian knot, leaving my "Signature" in that moment as an artist would portray his original conception, embossing and inscribing each challenge with evidence of  Love and Beauty.  I aspire to transcending their boundaries, infusing them with a luminous outpouring of grace, imprinting each challenge which enters my life with beauty and light…and the glorious vibration of dazzling, radiant love.

This kind of endeavor is a completely personal one as each of our lives carries its own stories and stumbling blocks.  Like the artist, it is we who can choose to Make Something Beautiful out of the raw material of our lives.

This is a supremely creative act and a deeply satisfying one.  It is immensely empowering for no matter what enters our lives, we have a canvas waiting for us to find the “Beautiful” as we uniquely envision it, solving an issue of great discord with an open heart and a beautiful grace that engages and animates our souls.

                                                                                                   Marie Helena


image from pinterest

watercolor of a gardenia

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