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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Rites of Spring

I am feeling a beautiful surge of creative energy today and am wondering what has prompted this lovely animation of my spirit.  And, as I marvel at this wonderful gift. I realize it is the arrival of MY spring!  The melting and release of that which has been frosted and icebound in my subconscious but, paradoxically, still pulsing through my emotions as if addicted to a sad refrain.

The body speaks its truth and, if we but listen with curiosity and wondering, we will hear its messages.  The messages of many years ago perhaps or even the echoes of unhealed hurts from lives long past.

 These messages of unease or frustration or pain make themselves known repeatedly in our bodies until they are recognized by us and we name them with the clarity of mindfulness and embrace them with the generosity of self compassion.

They are like lost children, trying to find their way,  Their pleas need to be heard, recognized, understood and honored.

When we realize where our reactions come from and the pain that has birthed them, we can choose to respond instead to what is happening from THIS moment in time, from the place we are now, from the person we are consciously choosing to be.

And THAT is when we find ease and beautiful, life sustaining energy as we honor and release the unmet needs that have been driving our default reactions.
The act of loving ourselves empowers us to honestly own our patterns of behavior
and understand the reasons for their existence.  And the blessing of this mindful process is quite beautiful.

 Just that single step of awareness I took this morning in a moment of unrest and unease has softened and diffused my reaction, clearing the way for the consciousness of THIS moment and the choice of response I truly aspire to make, bringing spring not only to the welcoming trees and waiting birds but also deep into my eager heart.

                                                                                               Marie Helena

image from vector-eps.com

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