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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Musical Chairs


Do you remember the fun we all had as kids playing  MUSICAL CHAIRS?  

 Everyone  would parade around the room to a merry song and, when the music stopped, we would all scramble over each other to grab an available chair.

As I think about this game today I can envision a beautiful method to the  musical chair madness. 

What if we were to play musical chairs by choosing to occupy the metaphorical position of someone else (a family member, perhaps, or someone we are close to) for a day...and during that day we would really try to look at things from their perspective?

To do this we would have to vacate the position we all favor so much...the-world-as-it-looks-to-us

Instead, we would be directed to see what the picture looks like from another whole vantage point And, wow, can the situation look and feel different to us when we take into account the personality, conditioning, genetics, interests and experiences of another.  

The vantage points can be many.

The football fan will be thrilled to do Monday morning quarterbacking; the bookworm might be excited about his latest find at the bookstore; and the would-be chef might be rhapsodizing about the recipe he invented.  And, all the while, you could be biding your time...just waiting to break into the conversation with comments about the cool gadget you just bought.

But what if you put your "stuff" on hold and, in an effort to enter into someone else's "world", asked some questions about their interests and really listened to the answers?  

Even more importantly,  what if you made a really big effort to view events that are occurring  the same way they are impacting your "musical mirror"?  

Wouldn't this effort change YOUR picture of what is happening?

We co-create everything together...including the energy of EACH moment. 

That alone is a big enough reason to understand others, to tune in to their viewpoints, to see where common ground exists and to learn new things.

How open are
YOU to the priorities, interests, sensitivities and issues of others?  And does your level of openness and appreciation and understanding make you a compassionate person?

image from vote29.com

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