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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The French Have It!

"Vive la difference!" the French love to say when they celebrate the great variety in the way individuals look at life.  

This is not a problem to them...it's mysterious and glorious and life-enhancing.

And I believe they are right...this IS worth celebrating.


So even though men feel they just cannot understand women and women label men as clueless (at least to their way of thinking)...

even though friendships and work colleague relationships encounter all kinds of challenges between and even within the sexes...

even though all of this produces mountains of  misunderstandings we are left with a rich tapestry of individual interpretations of all manner of things.   

And these interpretations have  layers of emotions built on the life experiences of all parties involved.  

To put it succinctly - it's a CIRCUS...and it's wild and it's unpredictable and yes, it's FUN.

Just think what life would be like if we all felt exactly the same.

Stepford City?  We meet in a group; one person suggests a new idea; everyone immediately agrees; meeting is done.  What fun is that?

Give me the good old-fashioned, spirited dialogue when individuals have a very different take on what is happening.

Of course, it's pretty important to have an
Open Mind
and be able to let some new info slip into our brains (which have probably been pretty well conditioned based on the influences we have encountered in our lives and will need some flexibility to welcome a new, fresh viewpoint).

And if we HONOR each other's viewpoints, we will not only be expanding our base of knowledge we will be strengthening our relationships with others and sending the vibration of LOVE and caring out into the universe.


Sounds like a good deal to me.  I love running into someone who can teach me something new that becomes part of my repertoire and that I pass along to someone else in the perfect moment.


It's all part of the Divine Matrix and even if people haven't been literally exposed to this new thing, they will automatically sense the ENERGY of it.


So HURRAY for our dedication to hear and honor another's life view!

This new view may hold EXACTLY what we are looking for (on a conscious or subconscious level) and, once we have mastered it, our life might become the blueprint inspiration for others in our global village.

Let's all get in on the fun and keep our eyes and ears open.  

The key to one of life's mysteries might be waiting for us in the casual comment of another.

image from unc.edu

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