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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We live in a  magnificent universe.  

A universe that we create with the consciousness given to us as a Divine gift.  

Every one of us is on a beautiful journey undertaken for the purpose of experiencing life in the earthly dimension and learning lessons for the edification of our souls. 

And we are not alone on this journey.  The same astounding
that moves within us is manifested in everything that exists.

This afternoon I took a very leisurely stroll (the Italians call it a  passeggiata, walking for the sheer joy of it) out in the lovely autumn air. 

I noticed that the earth is gradually being covered with falling leaves...leaves which have completed their cycle of vibrancy and have moved into a dormant state. 

It struck me that every leaf I was seeing...each and every falling leaf...has its own story!   

Every falling leaf contains energy and has already interacted  with all the elements surrounding it. 

It may have been the brightest, most colorful leaf on the tree...generously sharing its glorious hues...serving as a spirit lifter to every person passing by who noticed it.  

It may have been the grandfather leaf of a tree...the first leaf to appear and, perhaps, the first of that tree to descend to the earth.  

It may have been a leaf specially selected by a fourth grade student to bring to his classroom for a special art project.

The beauty and mystery and awesomeness of these leaf stories...and, indeed, the stories of every living thing... so present and so intertwined with each other...make up the landscape of our earthly environment.  (They serve as a reminder to us of the fascinating stories unfolding in our lives...stories we may not be fully aware of or appreciate.)

It is so easy to pass by the  beauty in nature and in our lives in our haste to keep moving...keep doing.  And, when we engage in the frenzied activity of our to-do lists, we pass by the fullness, richness, substance of what surrounds us.

BEING in each moment, as opposed to DOING in each moment, carries an astounding gift for us.  That gift is full of the Infinite Intelligence, Devotion, Caring and Love of the Divine Universe for us...each one of us...and for every falling leaf and all that each leaf represents.


Falling leaves are only the beginning of the story of this artistry and  bounty.  Perhaps we need to end our preoccupation with doing and, instead, just ENJOY what is already surrounding us. 

Breathe it in.

Feel it. 

Consciously connect our energy with it and, thereby, "know" in the deepest, most beautiful way, the manifestation  of the consciousness of the  Divine Universe which  has made all of the magnificence possible and shares it with every one of us. 

This gift so freely given by the Heart of  Our Creator is waiting to take up residence in OUR hearts .  With great gratitude and the deepest appreciation... let us accept the gift already waiting within us and just outside our door.

image from thesimplefrontporch.wordpress.com


  1. The gift of all the grandeur in our world is waiting within us-- "just outside our door." All we need do is be aware of all that is around us and accept what is already ours. Being "in the moment" gives us magnificence in every conscious moment we have. What a treasure!

  2. This attitude of observation and deep appreciation should help me keep my thoughts positive. Gratitude is so healing, I find.