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Monday, November 14, 2011

On Eagle's Wings

  We don't have to turn to TV programs or the movies to find the element of DRAMA  in our lives because we have all become very adept at producing it for  ourselves. 

We often  develop our stories of suffering  as a way of coping with the most difficult challenges that we encounter and, influenced by our genetics, conditioning and environment,  we sort out the dissonance by proclaiming ourselves the victim...and, like all good victims...we suffer.

We often find ourselves reliving the same story.
We are being taken advantage of.
We are the injured party
Our feelings are hurt because of the way someone talked to or treated us.

And, so, we feel justified in our suffering.  Someone "did us wrong".  OF COURSE, we are going to suffer.  And the more we replay these old feelings, the stronger they take hold of our emotions.

Don Miguel Ruiz has an interesting take on  this kind of behavior.  Ruiz says

"All of our drama and suffering is by practice.  We make an agreement with ourselves and we practice that agreement until it becomes a whole mastery."

That agreement, over time, becomes a habit...one that we repeat effortlessly without even being mindful of the signature reaction we have designed for ourselves and which shows up automatically whenever we have been triggered.

But  we can make a NEW agreement with ourselves. 

We can fly to the level of EAGLE...the level of  SPIRIT...and, instead of  feeling put upon we can recognize that we are being given the opportunity to LEARN SOMETHING about ourselves.  Whatever is appearing through the lives of others interacting with us and in the circumstances of our lives is there for us as a message for our personal growth.  

When we recognize this, we gain our power because there is something here for us to see about ourselves and also to accept, deal with and release.

All of the occurrences in our lives are there to help us move forward. 

But we must recognize them as  beautiful gifts of grace coming our way.  And when we do this, we feel motivated to design a way of consciously responding to our triggers instead of jumping to our old, automatic reactions.

How do we become strong enough to take this adventurous step?

Here's a beautiful way to develop that power and strength.

When  we are in FLOW we are beautifully poised to make this leap and we are in flow when we SHOW UP  for all the vignettes of our lives...fresh, alert, paying attention to THAT  MOMENT. 

Experiencing it...
not  thinking about it or analyzing it, 
not remembering old hurts, 
not worrying about the future. 

Just recognizing where we are and what is happening and doing this over and over in every moment of our lives...bringing our intense presence to it AND being  fully present for whomever we are communicating with.

Being in FLOW manifests happiness and happiness manifests the strength we need to make this new agreement with ourselves...and with repeated practice it will become our new default button.

Wouldn't YOU love to be the person in the room 
who is so centered 
and has such love and compassion
and presence of mind and emotion
to be able to see THE SOUL VIEW of what is happening
and grasp whatever lesson is presenting itself 
for your spiritual growth and happiness?

Note:   You can learn how to fly to the (spiritual) level of EAGLE by reading 
                         Alberto Villoldo's COURAGEOUS DREAMING.

image from blessing4fathers.blogspot.com

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