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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Perfect Time

One of the most popular occupations of earth dwellers  seems to be the frenzy of staggering preparations that go into the MAKING OF PLANS

Oh, what a glorious time we have acknowledging ALL of the circumstances we see surrounding us and figuring out how to accommodate every one so we can accomplish our special goal in the most satisfying way.

Parties are planned, important conversations mulled over beforehand, career goals envisioned, sports events practiced for, buildings designed, vacations imagined...
all in the never-ending dream of completing those arrangements in the most perfect, most beautiful, most satisfying way.

In our very earnest determination to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN we work so very hard...we struggle...we strive...we exhaust ourselves...
and we often forget that we have a Partner on our planning team.
A Partner that never tires...

A Partner that totally supports our dreams and visions...

A Partner that has the advantage of seeing  ALL of the parameters of the project...

A Partner that is working within the context of The Divine Matrix matching every 
need and desire with the perfect circumstance to bring them into fruition.

This Partner is the Divine Universe and this Partner unconditionally loves us  and supports us and gives us exactly what we need.

What we get  may not be what we want...what we have envisioned as the "best" way to achieve our goal...but it is the perfect way. 

It takes EVERYTHING into account and ministers to ALL needs.  
It is inclusive.  It is perfect.  It operates whether or not we are aware of its existence.

And it moves  in PERFECT TIME.  This is most probably not the time schedule we have envisioned, but it is the one which BEST serves our needs and desires.

How wonderful to have such a magnificent Silent Partner operating in the business of our lives.  And there is no need for competition...for striving to get this Partner working on our side.  

This Silent Partner is already there...for us...and for everyone.

This Divine Process does not exactly jibe with our contemporary concepts of commercialism and competition.   It is not concerned with material gain.  It comes from a place of great depth and love and compassion, the HEART of our Creator.

Here's an interesting thing we can do:  

Watch how this Partner operates in our life and take note of the astounding Sensitivity and Caring and Intelligence that are present in Its intricate workings.

We will probably not see the magnificent, bigger picture at first, but, over time, we may catch it in an Aha Moment and, when we do, we can bask in the supremely beautiful awareness of knowing how very much we are loved.

image from ciracar.com

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