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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Pillow of Love

magine the feeling when your head first touches your pillow and you sink into that beautiful serenity, calmness and ease. At that moment, when you allow yourself to embrace the support and blessing of this gift all seems right with the world.

Besides the joy of relaxing our bodies and our minds, this pillow also holds the promise of even more sustenance. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make all of our decisions and choices from that beautiful place of peace!

Instead of feeling the stresses of the day, the unfinished business we are carrying with us, the bone tiredness from perhaps pushing our bodies beyond the boundaries of balance…we would feel AT EASE.

And when we are at ease we are much more connected to our heart center and can act from that intuition. We can observe the world around us and ourselves with loving, compassionate eyes. We can enjoy the sprinkling of moonbeams that falls gently on every moment, helping us to see with our soul eyes what is really happening.

The moonbeams are ALWAYS there… if we only choose to access them.

And the reality is that our pillow waits patiently for us. It may be manifesting as a gorgeous down filled object waiting with anticipation for us to access its pleasures, but the pillow is really LOVE.

And, if during our day, we made all of our choices as if our heads were resting on that pillow, that place of welcome and peace, what would our decisions look like?

Would we be able to see the bigger picture? The pain behind someone’s angry words? The choices we clearly have in front of us that would nurture our bodies and souls and also the choices which would distract us from that loving path? Would we view ourselves and others with caring and compassion? And act on that compassion with our words and actions?

Seems like it would be so much easier to choose a higher path when we feel rested and comfortable and at peace.

This pillow feels like a priceless gift to us...and we already have the opportunity to access it every moment of the day.

We CAN recognize that LOVE is our pillow and let its wisdom and discernment soften our hearts and ease our souls in this life journey we have so ambitiously embarked upon.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Waiting in the Trees for You!

The Brown Hairstreak (Thecla betulae) is a butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.

A pretty little (2.8-3.6 cm) butterfly, it is found along hedges, scrub, and wood edges but is often overlooked since it spends much of its time high in the tree canopy.*

My invitation for messengers was answered today when this image popped up on my computer... and it makes an intriguing visitor.

Fortunately, the Brown Hairstreak butterfly consented to make an appearance this afternoon but it is often overlooked since it lives mostly high in the trees.

I am wondering what it has to tell us about life.

The first thing that strikes me is its beauty. The design is vibrant though the colors are subdued… the creature is easily hidden, I think. It seems to be graphically appealing, possibly showing us how to accomplish our tasks…with bursts of full out energy that seem to expand in space.

I would guess it lives high in the trees because it is so spiritual in nature. And it is easy to miss because it doesn’t need to be front and center as it goes about its day.

I think I know some Brown Hairstreak people. In fact, I know several of them. They truly live in the moment, observing others and enjoying the energy they contribute. They are beautiful listeners, offering focused attention in a loving attempt to understand. When someone seems to need assistance, this butterfly does not hesitate to offer support…and often in very creative and unpredictable ways.

The Brown Hairstreaks are sometimes appreciated only over time…when their wisdom and insight become clear.

Are you fortunate enough to have this “butterfly” waiting in the trees for you?

*Free Clipart Network of Origen Music

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Someday Isle

Several years ago I presented a series of workshops for college students with a dear friend, Tom Deschaine. Tom is a VERY colorful character who, if you don't keep him in your sights, will very soon tie you up in a humorous plot of your own making. Don't ask me how he does it. But he's very good at this technique.

Tom is a very dynamic speaker and one of his popular messages to college students was to always beware of SOMEDAY ISLE.

We've all been to Someday Isle and we all have some luxury vacation homes built on this beach. The reason we own so much property there is because we frequent it so often.

Do any of these refrains sound familiar?

"Someday I'll fix the dent in the car."
"Someday I'll clean out those drawers."
"Someday I'll get on a budget."

You get the drift...it's part of the everyday conversation we have with ourselves.

The reason Tom feels Someday Isle is a dangerous place is because we never really get going there on all of our wonderful resolutions for reaching our dreams.

This afternoon I read another reference to this concept which struck me square between the eyes.

It's the same idea Tom was talking about but it was expressed in energetic terms. Whenever we have identified something we need to do and then we don't do it, we are actually creating an energy blockage.

This non-movement of energy gets more powerful every time we think this same thought. The Arcturians call it the rolling "snowball" that gets bigger and bigger as time goes by. Eventually, the snowball rolls into something else in our lives...like a major aggravation or serious health issue.

Now we don't just have the original problem to deal with , we have to take care of the STATIC it's been growing. This energy blockage does just what its name says...it stops new energy from flowing in because we haven't taken care of what is already there.

If you've ever felt stuck...out of inspiration...or hope...or joy...it could very well be an energy blockage you've created (just like Tom's adventurous plot and it's of our own making!).

So, if Tom Deschaine is in the vicinity, watch out for his mischievous ways. And while you are watching, keep an eye on your own trips to Someday Isle.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Office Manager

Good MORNING! This is the Office Manager.

Your soul station directs, your life force moves and we choreograph your day!

What is your pleasure this morning? We have several packages always available for you.

The Blues Cruise
Are you in the mood for a sad day where everything seems to be slipping away from you?

Perhaps you’d like...

The Gothic Glow

Mostly dark with a small spotlight shining on all of your problems.

you might prefer

The Rainbow Reward
No matter how things unfold, there is always the hint of a rainbow around the corner, encouraging you to keep moving.


The Sunshine Stream

A bright and focused light helps you to examine each event and circumstance in a dispassionate and objective manner.

Then, there is what is rapidly becoming our most popular package,

Love Light
A sprinkling of moonbeams falls gently on every moment helping you see with soul eyes what is really happening.

Remember, we are not limited to these packages. We can design whatever you can imagine.

Please leave your order for the day and the heartbeat at which you can be reached for delivery.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

TOUCHED by an Angel

I've been watching reruns of Touched by an Angel recently. The intent of this show is to have an angel (in disguise) make someone's life clearer and brighter...to help him understand something...to bring him peace.

The last few episodes I've seen seem to do this job remarkably well (obviously, excellent scripting). But the last one I watched (this evening) made me feel like the protagonist.

I feel touched by an angel. How beautifully ironic! How synchronistic! How very much a
display of the beautiful Divine Universe in which we live!

Here's my back story to this event.

Several people close to me have been experiencing some very intensive physical and emotional pain and distress. And this fact has been hovering very closely in my consciousness. I've been sending prayers and light to these individuals but I am also struggling to keep myself intact and not tap into the pain, thereby being better able to offer compassion and support. This has not been an easy task for me and it seems to be playing out through some heaviness of spirit.

Philosophically, I truly understand that these experiences are what we sign on for in our earth lives so we can learn lessons. But I have needed a little help getting a clearer picture of this on an emotional level.

Here's where the Angel program comes in.

In the episode I watched this evening one of the angels, Monica (played by Roma Downey), assumes the role of an octogenarian in order to gain the trust of an army vet who feels he has outlived his usefulness. Monica and the former soldier meet and become close and he falls in love with her.

In the "role" she appears in, Monica is herself in poor health with a weak heart and when she recognizes his feelings for her, she is struck with distress at the prospect of hurting the man who has finally opened himself up emotionally.

She comments on how difficult it is to experience this human emotion and does not know what to do to make things better. Monica tries to deal with the situation but fails and finally appears to him in her angel state.

I immediately equated Monica's angel reappearance as our Higher Self and the role she played as an octogenarian as our 3rd dimensional self.

Seeing her be transformed through the magic of technology made quite a dramatic impact on me and gave me a compelling perspective to hold onto regarding the suffering that takes place in our world by individuals and by those close to them. It reminded me that we are creating the circumstances of our lives to learn the lessons we have chosen.

This episode of Touched by an Angel felt like a drama being played out to bring me some peace and remind me of something I already know...exactly when I needed the reminder.

Our lives ARE like a dream, an illusion. They feel so real and this is because we are very good actors. We really live our roles.

But the play does end, the audience goes home and so do we...to the HOME of our Higher Self.

It's a matter of changing our vibration.
Transforming it...not losing it...not ever losing it...just connecting once again to the SELF which always IS and which is watching the play of our lives right now.

We are so beautifully cared for...and loved. Just when we need a reminder that we are completely safe and, in fact, already perfect, it appears...and in the most creative way. But we have to be aware and watchful or we will miss some of the most inspired and glorious moments of our lives!

I wish for you that you also will be TOUCHED by an Angel and they are obviously everywhere!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's Behind the Blarney Stone?

ording to Dictionary.com, the BLARNEY STONE is a stone in Blarney Castle in the southwest republic of Ireland said to endow whoever kisses it with the gift of the gab and skill in flattery.

What a great year it is for me to consider the question of what’s behind the blarney stone! I just took a trip to Ireland a few months ago to visit my daughter who is living in Galway for a sabbatical year. And I got to enjoy the delightful…no, make that DELICIOUS ways of the Irish as evidenced by my encounters with the Irish taxi drivers.

THEY certainly have the gift of gab. And they’re not just talking to hear the sound of their own voices. Their gift is their beautiful, heartfelt interest in the lives of others. They really want to know about people. How they are feeling…how they are enjoying the day…what’s really in their hearts. And, in return, they open their hearts at the first inkling of interest.

They seem to intuitively know how much information you would like to have and they are happy to provide it. No, not just happy. This heartfelt sharing is like breathing to them. This is probably why I felt so at home there. I, too, share a desire to do this heart connecting.

One taxi driver in Dublin told me about his family history, including the legacy of his father and his grandfather. Interestingly, he was not of Irish descent but he fit in so beautifully with Irish ways he could have been mistaken for Irish. (Probably he was called to live there because Ireland resonated so appealingly with him.)

Other taxi drivers discussed their children when I asked about them…giving me not only the statistical details but also commenting on their strengths and virtues and how they also drove their parents crazy.

As for the question of flattery, I’d have to take exception to the inclusion of that word in describing the Irish. Yes, they are given to dramatic descriptions (another reason I loved them so much). And, yes, they seem to love to use language to express themselves but the message of the Irish seems to be that they are sincerely, authentically connected with life…its joys and its hardships…and they have been deeply affected by both.

They do not opt to do a superficial dance with the encounters of life…they immerse themselves deeply. Sometimes they are delighted, sometimes confounded; sometimes they are sad, other times outraged but always they deeply connect with their lives. They ACKNOWLEDGE what is happening to them and around them. At times the pain, I believe, is overwhelming and the attempt is made to quell the suffering by frolic and gaiety, dance and drink.
But so often the Irish find the happy note, the joy, the inspiration in the moment and celebrate this discovery. There is a strength to the Irish that buoys them up and helps them rise and meet each day.

What they really have to teach us, I think, is to be unafraid to embrace the flow, to acknowledge it, to speak our truth about how it feels, to deal.

And so, on St. Patrick’s Day, I salute this courage and fearlessness and invite them to inspire us to remember the beauty of dancing Irish eyes and engaging Irish hearts and let that awareness linger just a little longer and inspire us to deeply connect with each and every moment of our day.

When Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, 'tis like the morn in Spring.
In the lilt of Irish laughter

You can hear the angels sing.

When Irish hearts are happy,

All the world seems bright and gay.
And when Irish eyes are smiling,
Sure, they steal your heart away.

lyrics by Chauncey Olcott and George Graff, Jr.
music by Enerst

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Teddy Bears Picnic

Several years ago my niece was scheduled to undergo some intensive surgery. She lives near Atlanta and I was not going to be able to travel there for the operation. But my heart was so powerfully with her and I tried very hard to come up with a way to let her know how much she was loved and cared for.

That’s when I thought of the teddy bears and how they could deliver the message to her.

Teddy bears have long been a wonderful expression of comfort and caring. They are something to hold on to…to draw strength from. This could be a way, I thought, for my niece to symbolically feel the concern of loved ones.

Family members all decided they wanted in on the fun and everyone sent my niece a teddy bear. They came from California, Ohio, Nebraska and Michigan. Each one was different, selected with love and special intent by individual family members. The bears made quite a motley crew of various colors with assorted ribbons and bow ties circling their necks. Before long, a parade of teddy bears was lined up in her hospital room, representing the prayers and caring hearts of a family who loved her.

After her stay in the hospital, my niece took the teddy bears home with her…a reminder of how she is always surrounded by bountiful good wishes and prayers...and quite a cast of eccentric teddy bear messengers.

Even though my niece was an adult at the time of this surgery, her inner child really connected with the message. Clearly, we all need to feel deeply loved and comforted when we face our especially difficult challenges.

Is there a teddy bear parade or picnic (or other enchanting love symbol) waiting to enter your family’s or friends’ lives?

If you go down to the woods today,
You're in for a big surprise.
If you go down to the woods today,
You'll never believe your eyes.
For every bear that ever there was,
Is gathered there for certain because,
Today's the day the teddy bears have their picnic.

words by Jimmy Kennedy in 1932
music by John W. Bratton in 1907

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shimmer, Shine, Glow...Go!

Here's a fun way to Pay It Forward!

Put all of your effort into what Oprah calls "Living Your Best Life". Fill yourself with joy and bliss...and this will get noticed by others. Eventually, this noticing becomes curiosity and people begin to wonder what you are doing...how you are managing your life to produce such a warm and beautiful glow. They come to you for answers and information...and when people seek answers because they want them, they pay really good attention to what they discover. Pretty soon they're glowing, too!

The easiest way to make a difference in the world is to shimmer, shine and glow.

Buzz yourself up to cloud 9 or higher! Star gaze! Star hop! Live the dream of unconditional love and caring!

Remember, if everyone lights just "one little candle", what a bright world this would be!

Music by George Mysels
Lyrics by Joseph Maloy Roach

Life Force Work

The energy for everything we choose to do comes to us from one central place, our LIFE FORCE, and this force is intricately connected to our soul station. The soul station is the Chief Operating Officer in charge of all of our decisions and actions and the LIFE FORCE is the fuel we need to carry out these missions.

In order for things on our personal planet to work well we need to have our soul station and especially its back-up system in good operating order. That means when things threaten to erode our life force, we need to pay attention and call in the needed repair system for this spiritual therapy.

Let's look at this on a purely practical level. If something occurs that causes a reaction in us (whether from a person or circumstance), it is a warning bell that we have some unhealed hurt that is making itself known. If we fail to address it by pushing it down, we might be able to squeeze it into a confined space for a finite amount of time, but the top of that metaphorical box will eventually come off from all of the frustrated energy inside and
we will have to deal by acknowledging and addressing our hurt or anger and/or by recognizing our body's message sent out to us through disturbing emotions or physical illness/disease.

How DO we engage the repair system when we are aware of an emotional or physical reaction?

We listen first to the body which does not lie.

We accept the body's message.

We speak our truth about how we are being affected and what we would like to do to release this issue. In this way, we go about clearing ourselves out. And, if we tell others what would help us instead of ordering them to do things our way, we create a very comfortable place for them to choose to support us. When it is their choice, people often feel at ease and are willing to make a commitment about giving this assistance.

Ignoring what is going on does no good. It merely delays the expression of the storm which, no doubt, will find a creative and equally or more powerfully frustrating way to manifest itself again.

And it is important to remember that this process needs to be a two way street. We speak our truth to keep our hearts free to fly (maintain our life force). We listen to others' truths so that they can join us.

Attention and follow-up to these signals WILL keep the life force strong and supple. What a great way to protect such a vital and important feature of the human operating system! We hold the sustenance of this awesome power in our hearts and hands.

Let's make this assignment a priority:
Life Force Work Order March 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I so love my DVR. I can watch my favorite programs whenever the mood strikes me and recently I've been watching reruns of Ally McBeal and thinking about why I love that show so very much.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because all of the characters on the show are such…well…
characters"! So vividly drawn with all their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies...so colorful and alive...so free to be who they are (as wild and crazy as that may be).

Several of the characters on the show have theme songs (having been advised to do so by some equally colorful therapists). Right in the midst of the action I can hear their theme song music rev up, usually jump to top speed and, often, come to a screeching halt when an unsuspecting character enters the scene. There are even times when a character cannot call up his theme song, is woefully bereft and unable to operate at full throttle.

The theme song singing is always full of emotion...sometimes bouncy with a revved up beat, sometimes sad… pouring out pain and sorrow...but always...always there is an aliveness to the music. There is a desire and there is a willingness to engage with life and with others and to revel in joy (manifested by the singing and dancing) and sometimes to sink into frustration and stress (often displayed in the unisex bathroom).

And I wonder…

What if we were all like the characters in Ally McBeal? What if we felt free to show the world our authentic selves? What if we all had theme songs that inspired us to do exactly what felt right with no holding back of emotions? What if we truly lived our dreams and changed our song if the original one was not working?

Dancing and singing are really soul activities because they are borne from our emotions. And we can "dance" and "sing" in many ways. I’ll bet you have many very delightful avenues of expressing yourself.

This Ally McBealing is truly embracing the moment and doing it with gusto and delight...feeling your aliveness...your beingness pull you into what is most important about how you live your day. Not the list of things you set out to accomplish, but rather the moments of HOW YOU CELEBRATE YOURSELF! And that is exactly why we are here: to celebrate our connection with everything and everyone around us!

The next time you pass by someone let yourself wonder what his theme song is. And don't forget to turn up the "volume" on yours!


Higher Self

To Do List:

Take the sparkling, scintillating vibration from a special moment of bliss and transfer the energy into a challenging, 3rd dimensional experience, thereby bringing the lower vibratory note into resonance with the joyful moment.

Use this process often during the day to further the goal of creative soul experience.

ancient path of spiritual transformation...the expansion of consciousness
and the development of insight and intuition...
(from crystallinks.com)