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Sunday, March 31, 2013


One of the most interesting, exciting and, sometimes, most challenging things about people is their individual rhythms. 

Dictionary.com says "rhythm"  is the effect produced by the combination or arrangement of elements to create movement, tension, and emotional value.
Let's pause for just a moment to consider the myriad kinds of rhythms displayed by individuals enrolled in earth school.

If we look to a Glossary of Musical Terms*, we can easily find descriptions of our varied "performers":

     Acappella                       Needing no accompaniment
     Accelerando                  Gradually quickening the tempo
     Adagio                            Slow movement, restful, at ease
     Allegro                            Lively and fast
     Baroque.                        Emotional, flowery
     Cadence.                       Sequence of chords  signalling an end
     Canon                            Imitation of a melody
     Cantabile                       Easy and flowing tone
     Capriccio                       Improvisational, spirited

    and, skipping to the G's

     Glissando                      Sliding between two notes
     Grandioso                      Playing grandly
     Grave                             Slow and serious
     Grazioso                        Gracefully

The list goes on...and on...

as do the many and various kinds of individual personal rhythms. 

And that is exactly my point about the interesting (and sometimes challenging) individual rhythms...

Becoming aware of, embracing and honoring the individual rhythms of earth dwellers is EXCITING and this is so because really "getting" these  rhythms provides us with an awesome capacity for developing understanding of and compassion for the characters who populate the "music" of our lives.

When we brush up against a "song" that is being played in a way we do not recognize (and, perhaps, do not resonate with nor appreciate)...

we can consciously consult our "musical"  history of the individual and recognize...honor...and even appreciate his special rhythm.  

This "rhythm" we are encountering is most certainly the combination of many emotions, aspirations, dreams and disappointments.    

This "rhythm" represents the individual's ability to deal with life IN THIS MOMENT..

and, when we appreciate that many kinds of "musical" notes went into forming this particular melody expressed in this unique-to-him rhythm, we are filled with a caring and appreciation for the journey he is traveling.

Perhaps the very fact they rhythms exist is a Divine tracking...clear enough for us to recognize, follow and embrace...leading us to the beautiful COMPASSION that can so easily grace our lives.

I've got rhythm.
You've got rhythm.
Who could ask for anything more?

lyrics by George Gershwin


image from patternbank.com
Charles Burwell Intricate Patterns and Clashing Shapes inspiration

Saturday, March 23, 2013

TEAM Marie Helena

I am always looking for new and creative ways to navigate my life journey... and a few weeks ago I was guided to a podcast by Michael Ellis which held me mesmerized for an hour.  

Ellis was discussing the fascinating concept of assembling a Brain Trust, itself the brainchild of Napoleon Hill, considered to be one of the great writers of personal success literature.

One of Hill's hallmark expressions (which you have undoubtedly heard) is:
 "What the mind of man can conceive
   and believe, it can achieve."

In the podcast  Ellis describes with strong conviction 
the strength and power of forming a Spiritual Brain Trust in our imagination.  

The members of this brain trust would be assigned by us to give guidance and support in their particular area of expertise.

Because the brain trust is an exercise in using our imagination  there are no boundaries or parameters other than those we construct for ourselves

 Ellis suggests we might want to recruit individuals who were famous for their talents and discoveries. 

 We could also bring in angels, spirit guides....whoever we wish to include in this special group of advisors and supporters. 

And, we could even go further and assign special tasks to the members of our brain trust, an idea that is especially appealing to me.

As soon as I heard this fantastic idea, I was ready to try it.  

The very next day I  felt the need for compassion during a difficult, upsetting moment and so I created a spiritual mentor for this.  It felt wonderful to call in a special coach who offered me her comfort and caring, strengthening me in the work of feeling and processing my emotions.  

Later, I recognized myself slipping into co-dependency during a conversation and I then created a new brain trust member assigned to help me recognize this default button whenever the old conditioning popped up. Just knowing I have guides  waiting to shower love and support and wisdom upon me gives me confidence and resiliency in dealing with life's challenges.

During the next week I experienced some intense fear from the actions of vehicles on the road and immediately called in five team members to help me sidestep the post traumatic stress that has occasionally lingered since my automobile accident.  Worked like a charm!  Five guides soothing and supporting me!

I have very quickly become  a HUGE supporter of setting up a Spiritual Brain Trust....and TEAM Marie Helena is growing all the time.

What a wonderful way to navigate the challenges of our day...accessing the resources, comfort and support of mentors  who are. of course, perfectly suited to help us meet our own personal needs (and why wouldn't they be as we created them for ourselves).

Ellis says that the mentors we envision in our brain trust are really elements of 
Our Higher Self.  How BEAUTIFUL is THAT!

I truly want to share the joy.  

Please consider using your imagination to set up your own personal brain trust.  Ask your mentors for assistance, consult with them...treat them as if they are real. 

They will become a source of power to you, an idealized version of who you perceive yourself to be.

image from pinterest.com
Angelic adoration. picasaweb.google.com

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Magical Number Three

The magical number three  has been showing up in my life on countless occasions (in articles I've read, emails sent to me, errands I've run, things I've been thinking about).

As a fun exercise, I recently asked an Angel Intuitive if I should be paying special attention to this.   She replied,    

The Posse of Angels is saying that they have sent you the sign of the number 3 happening over and over for you to remind you of the magic that you have inside of yourself and to put more attention and focus on the joy of being creative.

So, as a result of this message, I am listening and looking for places to infuse new and unexpected creativity into my life.

Today I found a place in my life that is so ready for an attitude adjustment.  I am speaking of the occasions when we are just not comfortable with the way someone else does (or says) things.  We might have already expressed this fact to an individual and may even have asked him or her to change the approach or method of delivery.

Well, we all pretty much know the wisdom of trying to get someone else to change. (It's .just NOT in our job description.)  

It is so obviously clear that the best way to introduce change into our lives is to change ourselves. 

Which leaves us with the question...HOW do we do this?  Especially, knowing how we feel and where our comfort zone is.  
And that's exactly where the magic of the number three...CREATIVITY...enters into my story.

Today, when faced with a moment of potential distress, I decided to do a 360.  

Instead of voicing my discomfort with an approach that is so different from mine (and uncomfortable), I decided to EMBRACE the approach...love it, try it, be curious, wonder about it, play with it...and then, when I am through trying it on myself, see if I could understand how it fits into this individual's repertoire and why it landed there.

I could not believe the results of this experiment. 

What had always been a source of upset or consternation actually became FUN. 


Suddenly, there was no stress connected to the situation because I had committed to this experiment and found myself VERY interested in the outcome.  In fact, this exercise turned into a fascinating hour of sleuthing and experimentation.

The only thing required in this suggestion is the Energy of Exploration.   And, I discovered that entering into a different mindset... a different way of thinking is really quite exciting, especially if you get into a fun and spirited conversation with the owner about the merits of the approach.

In the end, it all leads to compassion for and understanding of another point of view.  And it gets you off the dead center opinion that your way is the right way.  Turns out, it's just your way.

That nice, warm feeling of compassion is lots easier to entertain than annoyance or frustration at someone else's way of doing things.

After this very successful and entertaining experiment, I am wondering  where else I could access the angels' wise message of the power of creativity to relax my life and further open my heart!     


magic image from dinodigusa.com

girl with balloons image from blog.bellapilar.com
angel image from michelleperkett.blogspot.com

Monday, March 4, 2013

Beeping Love

 I'm starting to get comfortable with the little (and sometimes not-so-little) affectionate "disturbances in the force" that happen occasionally when I am writing. 

During the last blog I worked on, I was guided...no, I should say pulled in a different direction than the subject I intended to write about...and this happened three times.  

They were very obvious tugs and they certainly drew my curiosity...so I surrendered to the impulse and wrote about a different subject, though I was still able to use the primary setting I had in mind. (Blogpost entitled "Soft Eyes")

Today I started to type a word (which, strangely enough, I can't even remember) and instead the keyboard gave me "beeping love".  So, once again, I am going to follow that prompting  and see where it takes me.

Beeping Love

The first thing that comes to my mind is the image of 


with a broad white face and a huge lipstick smile drawn beyond the parameters of his mouth (which,  by the way, he is thoroughly enjoying).  The clown is holding an oversized (and very noisy) horn which he delights in squeezing continuously.  
This fellow is literally beeping love in his childlike, spontaneous manner.  He cannot contain himself...he is overflowing with happy feelings and he is prancing unselfconsciously up to everyone who crosses his path to (loudly and with great enthusiasm) beep the message of his joy.


 Next, I see an image of a


buzzzzing away as he flits flirtatiously from flower to flower...his very lively presence signalling (beeping) his gratitude for the succulent 
bounty awaiting his attention.

The last image I get is of a very soft and subtle but steadfast beeping...


 hidden deep inside our bodies, keeping us strong and resilient while tenderly empowering us to take in the many reflections of Love in our amazing universe.

So that's "love beeping" in my universe at this moment:                        

*the enthusiasm of the clown(child)  

    sending beeps of love in every direction,

 *the appreciation of the bumblebee for nature's ever present pantry, 
*the gentle strength and constancy of the human heart.

I so love following the promptings of the ANGELS obviously perching on my shoulder.  Perhaps you've had a few angelic visitors you haven't noticed of late.  

top image from lillypiri.blogspot.com
Flight of the Last Bumblebees

clown face image from www.clown-forum.com

Friday, March 1, 2013

Soft Eyes

When we go shopping for new attire, we often take a few moments to step into the dressing room to view ourselves in the clothes we are considering buying 

We place our potential purchases on our body and study the image we create in the full-length (and often three-quarters mirror).

In the bright and unforgiving fluorescent light we can see a real life reflection of ourselves ...perhaps telling us MORE than we even want to know.

But if we choose to gaze into the mirror with SOFT EYES, we can see ourselves with compassion and appreciation.  This makes the whole process easier to experience.

And those soft eyes of ours are directly connected to an open, flowing, graceful heart...one of the most precious possessions we can have...and we can cultivate this in our lives with conscious intention and committed practice.

During our most difficult days in earth school the beautiful grace of having
"soft eyes" can help us see beyond what appears to be a harsh, difficult encounter through to the tenderness and vulnerability of suffering or fear.  

Whether we turn our "soft eyes" in our own direction extending ourselves compassion and understanding or direct them at the images and actions of others...we are invariably led to a gentleness and wisdom that BLESSES the moment, introducing a new, higher vibration that envelopes everyone involved in the encounter with love and support.
It's a matter of choice...and devotional practice.

Can you take the "soft eyes" you use in the dressing room and give them to yourself and everyone you encounter,

piercing through the masks of tension, stress, impatience, frustration and anger and seeing instead into the fear and suffering of the human heart?

image from piece-sunshine.blogspot.com.