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Friday, November 2, 2012

The Wisdom of Cassie Nightingale

The concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE seems like such an appealing and beautiful thought.  

We often hear spiritualists and philosophers tell us how wonderful and transformative unconditional love can be.

The thought of loving without conditions...loving selflessly...seems like a heavenly achievement, one not so easy to accomplish during our sojourn in earth school.   But it's a glorious state to envision and aspire to.

And it seems like THE DIVINE UNIVERSE...through the magic of technology...is offering us an exquisite example of how to move through our daily life filled with this special grace.

Enter Cassie Nightingale, the heroine of a series of television dramas called The Good Witch.  Titles in this series (which is being currently broadcast) include The Good Witch, The Good Witch's Gift, The Good Witch's Charm, The Good Witch's Family and The Good Witch's Garden.

And I, thoroughly entranced, have watched every one of them.

As I reflected on the first Good Witch movie I saw, I realized that the title character, Cassie, was not only lovely and charming...she also had  the most beautiful  heart and was wise and intuitive.  

She embraced everything that life had brought her (including being raised in several foster homes). 

She respected others' journeys.  

She very easily spoke her truth with a quiet but deep conviction and respectfully listened to others'  truth as they were able to voice it.  

Of course, Cassie also practiced the "magic" of knowing how and when to encourage others along their path and was known to magically appear in just the right place at just the right moment.

Cassie's sudden and unexpected appearances aside (which are not in our ordinary skill set),  the character of Cassie Nightingale is the BEST contemporary, ordinary life role model I have ever encountered as an illustration of unconditional love.

It is true that The Good Witch stories are small town and folksy but the stunning illustration of how to live unconditional love....to offer that love to everyone you encounter and, especially to ourselves, makes them an extraordinary offering.

Here are some of her words from The Good Witch series.  They ring very true to me, have many applications and I feel are worth remembering.

If you make up your mind you want something, all the obstacles seem to vanish.

I believe the right people always show up when you need them most.

Sometimes the words find you.

The best gifts are the least expected.

You can travel a great distance by sitting very still and thinking very deep thoughts.

You will know if someone is the one for you by first making sure you know yourself.

Sometimes when my thoughts are circling in my head like so many swirling stars I like to write them down.

There are gifts everywhere if you're ready to receive them.

Real magic takes time and love.

They're here so we can help them.

I think you just need to keep searching for the right inspiration.

You're an excellent listener.  You hear what people need and you help them find it.

I never throw a good thing away.

Things are rarely as they first appear.

I have a feeling I need to keep my doors open for awhile.

Sometimes nonsense makes the most sense.

Be careful what you believe because that is the world that you'll create for yourself.

Try looking for the best in people.  See where it leads you.

We get a little restless when we aren't moving forward.

There's room...there's lots of room.  You just have to know where to look.

I'm keeping Cassie Nightingale and The Good Witch movies available on my DVR for repeated viewing.   

They're a lovely and delightful reminder of how to navigate my day with calm and centeredness and the joy of living what we are all meant to be...

Expressions of Unconditional Love

image from blog.zap2it.com.    


  1. I love your post. This is one of my favorite movie series.

  2. I believe we all have our own magical gifts and Cassie Nightingale has inspired me to embrace my own, your post has made me see just how incredible she is; and also how powerful unconditional love is...

  3. I love your article!the good witch is such a great model!the movies and tv series is incredible!thank you for your words

  4. Love Cassie. Wish I had Cassie in my life to guide me!

  5. I love you Cassie! Thank you for your words of wisdom during this time of Covid. I would love to be your friend

  6. Cassie Nightingale is an inspiration to me. Her words of wisdom touch my heart and soul and inspire me to never give up. I'll carry her words of wisdom to my grave and use them to help inspire others

  7. I too had the Good Witch's movies on my dvr that I recently had to give up because I moved and had to change my tv service. I'm such a fan of both the movies and the series...re-watching the series on Netflix now. Thank you for this blog.💖