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Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Alto Horn, Multiple Moons and Other Secrets of the Universe

Owen Waters is a favorite author of mine. Any time his name appears in my email I stop to read the wisdom and insights he is sharing. 
Owen is the author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human ConsciousnessDiscover Your Purpose in Life and the creator of the website InfiniteBeing.com.

Today I read an offering from Owen’s newsletter Spiritual Metaphysics for the New Reality in which he talks about thunfolding of his spiritual quest.

Owen’s journey began at the age of thirteen when he was practicing the alto horn and noticed that a “long, deep note started to sound unusual”. Immediately after that he noticed that he was no longer looking straight at his music stand but was viewing it from above.
This out of body experience began for him a lifelong journey to understand the nature of life and our place in it. On this journey Owen feels he has received a great deal of inspiration (being in spirit) from guides and ascended masters.

Owen believes that every one of us can make this journey to what he calls “the profound depths of understanding” but we need to create the beautiful environment and support for this work…as artists phrase it, theambiance for the reception of this wisdom.

Our days can be so easily filled with the noise of activity and projects…lists of things we wish to accomplish. So much of life feels like a hurrying to get somewhere and when we finally land there, we are exhausted…we recoup…and  then start composing our next list of to-do’s for tomorrow. 

Owen cautions us: "don't limit your potential by spending the entire day in conscious thought. Give yourself the time to go within, expand.”
In the restful state of “expanded awareness” we are much better able to find peace and balance..We are more receptive to guidance…more open to new insights.

Two days ago while on a late evening stroll, I stopped to gaze at the moon and became so fascinated I stayed there for several moments.. Within seconds I saw not one moon, but four. three distinct moons which were intertwining and one surrounding the three on two sides which seemed to be composed of etheric energy.  

The moon has never looked like this to me before…but I am sure there was something in it for me to discover. If I had not stopped to be in that moment, I would have missed this exquisite demonstration of some important truth which is still to be revealed.

Does your day allow for this beautiful state of expansion so available to all of us?

Do you choose to open yourself to the messages of the universe?

Do you create the opportunity to be spiritually connected in this way?

Perhaps we should all follow the very wise advice of Owen Waters when he says: “Inspiration is there for the asking, if you just pause to reach upwards to where it exists.”

                                            Marie Helena

Friday, September 17, 2021

The Flower in My Hair

Ever since a rather serious encounter with a rogue candle resting on the kitchen counter, I have been a dedicated convert to the battery operated version of this venue of light.  I have several colored lights arranged on a wall bookshelf, all beaming in a luminous, verdant, brilliant shade of green.  To me, that beautiful color represents the luxury of stability and safety.  

Recently, I realized that there was something else I wanted to bring into my life as a subtle yet constant reminder that I aspire to keep transforming into a more glorious version of myself.  And so, one of those magical green glowing tapers has now been transmuted unto a rotating color bearer gently flashing rose, ivory, lavender, blue...reminding me that I aspire to embrace the ever changing face of life:  the surprises, the perplexity, the compression and the expansion, the pleasures AND the pain.

And, in that willing embrace, I aspire to allow myself to fully feel the power and impact of each moment andlet my body entrust to me, as I am ready to receive it, the message and accompanying inspiration of the moment.

For this same reason, I have begun wearing a flower in my hair each day.  Whenever I pass by a mirror and glance into it, I see a lovely offering of nature tucked into the wisps of hair surrounding my face, bringing a freshness into my consciousness and the lovely scent/ reminder of the beauty of an open heart.

Simple gestures...the gentle arrangement of candlesand flowers.  Simple but also profound for they signal a tender aspiration to connect more deeply with the challenge and joy of returning to the love-filled creature Who (underneath our earthly disguises) We Truly Are.

I believe the impulse to RETURN to this place of pure radiance is present in every human heart.  What is your very special way of inspiring and directing your cosmic journey?

                                           Marie Helena


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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Watch Your Heart Open

We are filled with breath, with life force. We walk amidst the beauty of this planet. We experience an incredible range of emotion. We are the beneficiaries of grace. And never so much as a thank you is required. Just for today, see if you can appreciate everything you encounter. Watch your heart open.

                        Pamela Hope DeLuca-Price

One of the primary tasks toddlers face in growing up is learning the names for everything.  This practice is convenient and practical.  We all have the same point of reference.  We "agree" on what a dog looks like...and a flower...and a tree.  

But a ramification that occurs from this exercise is that we begin to reduce everything we see and encounter...no matter how unique or breathtaking...to the "box" in which it fits most easily.  For example, dandelions, roses, and gardenias are all "flowers" even though they each evoke a different sensation and emotion, look and smell different and are found in different terrain.  Oaks and sycamores and pine trees share the same surname even though the "cousins" lead such different lives.

My point is that by taking on our cultural mores, by learning how everything functions and fits, we entermainstream thinking which we need to survive but we lose the wonder and awe of experiencing a beauty which seems to have no name.  It is just something our hearts and senses embrace with fascination and awe.  Can you imagine, for example, describing the beauty of the gardenia...how it speaks to your heart....if you didn't know what a flower was?

And there is even more stunning beauty beyond what the eye can see
.  There are things we can sense on varying levels of intensity and through subtle nuance such as our breath, our life force, our myriad emotions.  In the midst of our busy days, we often pass by this beautiful GRACEthat awaits our awareness.  

Just for today, see if you can appreciate everything you encounter.

Watch your heart open!

                                                                                                        Marie Helena

Saturday, September 11, 2021

The Cutting Edge: Deconstructing Anger

Rough edges...
gruff sounds...
a voice growing in intensity  

Oh, dear....Where can we hide?

Most of us feel like "leaving the building" when the vibration of anger explodes in our midst.  Whether it is our own fiery voice we hear or someone else's, this is not a fun place to find ourselves and we wonder what happened to bring this on?  How did things escalate so fast?  

And, in the face of this growing tension, it is so very difficult to get our bearings, to take that deep breath, to step away from the fray and summon a glimpse of the bigger picture.  But this is exactly what is needed in the heat of that moment for what is transpiring has many possible layers to it and it takes a clear head, a centered consciousness and a calm, compassionate heart to embrace the significance of the event.

Psychologist Phillip McGraw tells us that anger is a masking defense, called out to front the troops which are harboring hurt, fear or frustration.  Where anger feels hot and aggressive, the emotions "behind the scene" are actually full of pain...and vulnerability but they are lacking the courage to directly speak what has caused their siren call.  And that is because the angry person (whether it is ourself or another) has not experienced the trust that it is safe and it is important to name the feelings that are flooding his soul.  

And so anger, instead, emerges as the front guy and anger takes the hit, eventually encountering a counterattack, distressing emotions or even remorse at a later moment.   And all of this drama is not productive because it isn't even the real issue.  But what it does do is bring  our awareness to the fact that there is someone needing love and attention...and, most of all, needing understanding that their heart is unprotected.

The most powerful elixir in this moment is to have someone bravely dance right through the emotional maelstrom of the anger and lovingly embrace the tender heart which is longing  to be heard.  Unconditional acceptance in a safe environment as this soul speaks its truth the best way it knows how.  

Deconstructing anger...cutting edge.

                                                                                                     Marie Helena

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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Blow Open the Door

Navigating earth life can be a very challenging proposition. 

There's lots to be aware of physically, mentally, emotionally...and...keep in balance if we are to sustain our health and well-being.

Now imagine that on some level we choose to add another layer of concern and  "self-appointed" responsibility to our list of things to manage...


and THE PAIN OF SUFFERING when they don't land in that "satisfying-to-us" space.  

I am speaking of co-dependency...an emotional state which seems indigenous to earth dwellers because it is so widely experienced by us.

CODEPENDENCY layers our life with emotional and corresponding physical fatigue because the work of  keeping everyone happy is NOT OUR JOB but we have somehow missed that message and are trying to  squeeze 96 hours of effort (a conservative estimate) into 24!

No  wonder we are so exhausted and beside ourselves. 

No wonder we can be so easily  agitated and stressed.  

We are fettered...we have chained OUR happiness to the impossible-to-control happiness of others and when they are not OK, we are not OK, either.

It all comes down to needing someone else to give us their stamp of approval.  

We want everyone to "get" us...

to understand us...

to see it our way.  

But we don't NEED them to do this (even though it feels like it) because WE can make that assessment for OURSELVES.  

We don't need a team of consultants, a task force, a VIP to endorse the way we are because WE are the VIP and we have somehow failed to recognize this.

Did we miss our job description?  Did we miss the fine print?  

Not to worry...because that's what earth life is all about...

And, when we do remember, it is 
it is FREE ING...it is let-out-of-jail 

We have a masterful assignment in just taking care of us and the fact is everybody has that assignment...so let's not mess with the plan.

We can all co-exist taking care of ourselves...speaking OUR truth... and also listening to OTHERS' truth.  

And it is OK if we don't see things the same way...it is actually interesting and exciting as long as we know that we have the right and responsibility and the innate know-how to make our own decisions AND change them whenever we've learned a new way to do things and want to give it a try. 

We do not need other people's endorsements and they don't need ours.

Let's Blow Open the Door we've been stuck behind  and let a fresh, authentic vibration power its way into our lives...

the awareness and  satisfaction of knowing WE are in charge of our happiness and our own decisions.

                                 Marie Helena                                                                      

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Saturday, August 28, 2021


The Japanese have a word for the beautiful concept of  spaciousness...Yutori

Writer and story coach Sally Fox describes it as: 
living with enough time and enough space to allow the world to fill you, often in simple ways.

Seems easy enough to do, doesn’t it?  But so often we find ourselves rushing to an event or appointment arriving exactly on time or, perhaps, even a few minutes late and, thereby, leaping directly into the scheduled activity, missing the beautiful ambiance of the moment.   And, yet, it is in this wondrous and mystical ambiance that the world speaks to us and fills our souls with the energy of every element that is a part of each scene we enter.

We live truly enchanting lives.  Each new setting we find ourselves in holds vibrational  character and potential personal impact.  Each setting is just waiting to interact with us having been assembled by the Divine Universe to address the issues we care about and are concerned with.

But we must trust our hearts to be the connectors, inviting them to listen, see and feel the moment.  Every living thing has an animating spirit.  Every animating spirit exists to support our journey.  All we need do is invite and engage the support we seek.  We are surrounded by thousands of opportunities, by animating spirits excited for us, joining together to help us evolve.  Everyone and everything is BREATHING this joyful ministry.

Messages are waiting to be delivered to inspire and motivate us. The scent of a beautiful flower may evoke a tender feeling in our hearts.  The sight of a child’s playfulness can remind us of the purity and power of authenticity.  The coldness of the steel we touch may evoke the memory of a news report of immigrant children sleeping on cement floors.  Any or all of these moments may stir our hearts to take action in the direction we wish to grow.

But to SEE all of this, to not pass it by we must invite each moment of our day to speak to our hearts and we must create the spaciousness for this to happen.  We must pause in our valiant efforts of DOING to choose BEING instead.  Being present.  Walking into a moment and breathing it into our hearts.  Feeling ease.  Seeing the love and support awaiting us.  Inviting the spirit and beauty of all things to engage with us in our SPACIOUS lives. 


                                                      Marie Helena

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Starry Night Sky and Girl Art - Watercolor Pri

Monday, August 23, 2021


Remember wherever you go or whomever you have contact with… you leave your footprint.

                        Dan Pokora

On a balmy and beautiful day at the beach one of the most fascinating evidences of energy we encounter is the intriguing pattern of footprints left in the sand as individuals pass by on their way to the next destination.  Where are they going?we might wonder and, equally interesting, Where have they been?

We don’t have the details of their stories to tell us  their plans or what they have experienced but we do have the evidence that they were there.

We all leave “footprints” when we are in motion or even standing in place.   They may not be clearly visible as in the sand but they are profoundly sensed and felt by the hearts of all who pass by.

As I muse about this energetic messaging, I wonder what kind of “footprints” we might be leaving to register in the hearts of those we encounter? 

When we are feeling light and relaxed, we undoubtedly scatter golden flecks of happiness which, by their nature, fly free with sweet abandon celebrating whatever energies cross their paths.   It is truly delightful to release these beautiful vibrations in every direction when we are in a happy place.  

But suppose we are burdened by an upsetting encounter, by the surprise appearance of one of our old negative patterns we have yet to release, or by the pressure we feel of trying to meet someone else’s expectations.  What would these footprints  feel like to someone who encounters them?

I believe there is a way for us to keep our footprints in the beautiful space we aspire to and it involves holding a sacred trust with ourselves.  Even though we may still be experiencing or processing an uncomfortable or irritating situation, if we live our lives with authenticity… honoring ourselves…we will feel confident in our ability to be and to express our true selves. And there is a beautiful peace in knowing that we do not have to carry the burden of hiding our feelings and that we will find the opportunity to express them in the best way we know how. 

In this way, we live  in the radiant space of holding the intention to honor ourselves and, therefore, our footprints…indeed, everything that we emanate…will reflect that place of self-trust.

Knowing that when we are ready, we will speak our truth with a gentle and confident authenticity produces a beautiful energetic vibration.  A vibration that everyone who encounters us will want to tap into.

This is how the “footprints” we leave help lead others into their own authentic journeys.

We are all traversing this life together, leaving pathways for each other as we come into a knowing of Who We Really Are:   Authentic souls honoring the whisperings of our individual hearts.


                                         Marie Helena

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Saturday, August 21, 2021

The BLOSSOMING of Our Lives

You are all as much extraordinary phenomena of nature as say trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the shape of fire, the form of the galaxy.                           

Alan Watts

We have all become so very adept at noticing what is "wrong" with ourselves...that we're not quite good enough...that we fret and worry...we make mistakes, poor choices ...have lapses in judgment.  And this is because we have all been, as Alan Watts puts it, "bamboozled" into attempting to live up to others' values and expectations instead of finding our own path to paradise.

But, you know how soulfully we revere aflower...

which breaks the earth when it is ready in sleepy nods, 
stretches to the sky under the watchful eye of the sun and beautiful breezes,
blossoms open in perfect resonance with nature's invitation,
generously releases its delicate scent upon the surrounding spectators...

Watts says we are every bit as extraordinaryas that gorgeous phenomenon of floral magnificence...doing its thing...BEing a flower... 

as WE authentically act from deep within our own hearts.

We do not judge the flower for its flower"ness" nor criticize its moves.  There is no floral bashing.  Nothing for the flower to be chastised for.

A flower is what it is...a flower.  And a flower does what flowers do.

And Watts is saying that WE ARE what we are...physical specimens, human beings...and WE DO what human beings do.  We sing, we play, we strive, we stumble, we rejoice, we grieve and it is...all of it...our Journey. 

Our wonderful, magnificent Journey!

Whatever we are doing…it’s part of what’s going on and Watts says it’s Time to Wake Up to this and adapt the Japanese concept of Judo which means The Gentle Way.  

Watts advises...Do not condemn, criticize, judge yourself…but rather accept that this is part of the flow.  Accept this. In Watts' words...Go along with it.  Go along with it.

And, while we are doing what humans do, while we are BEing extraordinary phenomena of nature, I feel we need to celebrate ourselves...all of us...all of ourmoves...every one...

for in those moves we are growing, shedding,embracing, becoming, remembering...doing what we do...as do the flowers, the trees, the clouds, water, fire, the galaxy.

The moves we make are not missteps though we may perceive them to be. 

They are the unfolding...and, in some cases....the unraveling...they are 
The BLOSSOMING of Our Lives...and they are, every step in every direction, magnificent opportunities for our evolution.

WE are a manifestation of the Journey to beauty and joy and truth...

and every move we make in the direction of that glorious goal is what we are innately designed to do...grow...learn...and...Love.

                           Marie Helena 

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Of Magic Wands and Messages

Every one of us has A MAGIC WAND. I imagine it as an air-light, golden baton with a dragonfly at the tip and beautiful fairy waiting for instructions.

Our magical wand performs whatever we request.  

Just as the orchestra conductor directs his musicians, we influence the flow of the sacred and precious gift of our ENERGY. 

We can direct our energy vibrations into a slump downwards if we think negative thoughts…if we worry, complain, feel anxious.

Plunk…there it goes. “Now who made that happen?” we ask.

We can also take the wand and swing it UPWARDS into higher vibrations…by noticingwhat is beautiful all around us and feeling gratitudefor our gifts…by expressing love and compassion to the earth and its inhabitants…by noticing the baby toad crossing our path as we walk…by hugging trees and smiling at the sky.

Oh, yes, WE are the ultimate maestros…with our baton poised to move into action at any second.

The question is: what MESSAGE (music) are we giving to our energetic flow?

Here are some beautiful ways to use this fascinating inheritance.

If we are feeling an ache in our body, we can send that spot a surge of this powerful force.  

We can also direct this gift to others. If we envision ourselves as a clear crystal, we can reflect our beautiful light and energy outward...to help with someone’s healing.

We can also send our energy into the world to use wherever it is needed.

With this EXQUISITE GIFT in our possession, it is so important to be aware of HOW we are using its magic.

Don’t forget to don your magician’s cape today and make a conscious choice about the messages you are broadcasting to yourself and the world!

                             Marie Helena

animated image courtesy of WEBWEAVER'S FREE CLIP ART

Friday, August 13, 2021

Hot Pink Gloves and the Boomeranging Bands

Last Monday I sat waiting in my podiatrist’s office for his nurse to take an impression of my feet for a new set of inserts for my shoes.  I have cuboid bones that randomly like to “relocate”, launching parties of misalignment, inviting my knees and sacrum to go rogue and join in the fun.  Needless to say, my visits to the podiatrist (though wonderfully philosophical) are serious and necessary.  So, on this day, I was expecting a rather scientific procedure coming my way when in walked the doc’s nurse waving hot pink rubber gloves in the air which matched none of her attire and, therefore, seemed incongruous and rather hilarious.

It wasn’t long before I could see how perfectly they suited her persona because she immediately launched into a vaudeville routine as she began the work of preparing me for the impression.  As she delightfully performed for her audience of one, she made a point of warning me that the black elastic bands she was about to use to secure my plaster booties have been known on occasion to boomerang off the walls.  As if to highlight their adventurous nature, the black cords sported a blue bauble on them and I was struck by how prettily they accented the hot pink gloves even while I could hardly keep from laughing as every comment she made seemed to outdo the humor of the previous retort. 

Now, mind you, I was supposed to be sitting still and relaxing during this procedure and this was no easy task since the doc’s nurse was so funny and entertaining.  After she finished her work on my feet, she ceremoniously took an elegant Shakespearean bow at the doorway and invited the doc back into the room, announcing him as the next act with an excellent vaudeville-worthy introduction.

OMG, I thought...what great fun this was!  The energy...the delight...the unexpectedness of it all.  I found myself wishing I could program my entire day in this exhilarating vibration and then wondered...why not?  Of course I could do this.  The routine performance of our daily tasks usually feels like punching a notch on our to-do belt.  You know...that heavy belt that grows more cumbersome as the day progresses.

Where are our hot pink rubber gloves?  Our boomeranging black elastic bands? Our Shakespearean bows?  The FLOURISH of ourimagination?

Tomorrow I awake with a new Shakespearean mantra:

The game’s afoot.  Let us have pomp and circumstance!

                                                   Marie Helena

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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Mary Oliver’s Question

What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?

          Mary Oliver


Yes.  Your one wild and precious life Mary Oliver describes is being lived through a pandemic.  You are being challenged with discouraging and disruptive issues.  Physical, intellectual, emotional trauma.  But it is YOUR “one wild and precious life”.  And it counts.

What are you going to do with it?

You are going to start with facing the reality of what is.  You are going to use your considerable emotional intelligence to see FOR YOURSELF what there is to know.  Not blindly follow the interpretations of others nor the exaggerations and hyperbole of their theories.  

You are going to ask YOUR heart how it wants to respond and see what brings you calm and peace.  What action you can take to make a difference in this devastating experiment your soul has volunteered to be a part of.  

You are going to recognize the profound significance of your participation.  The depth and intensity of this moment.  And the glorious opportunity you have to support, encourage and influence others.  To work with your global family to collectively move planet earth into a new dimension.

Yes.  It is a wild and simultaneously precious time.  There is work to be done.  And you are here to do it.

                                                  Marie Helena

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