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Saturday, December 4, 2021


How can we tell that we truly LOVE ourselves?

Do we:

Welcome and experience our feelings and recognize the importance of expressing them?

Speak our truth (even when it is difficult and awkward) in the best way we know how? 

Fully accept ourselves, the dark and the light, with the clear awareness that the dark parts of us are just lessons waiting to be learned? 

Extend love and compassion to ourselves when we go through difficult times?

Honor the messages of our body regarding our health and well-being?

Forgive ourselves when we make mistakes?

Acknowledge our mistakes, knowing that they teach us what we need to know?

Freely enjoy the gifts of life, knowing they are our birthright? 

Trust that the universe is a friendly place?

Take risks to help ourselves grow, even if this means the possibility of being hurt? 

Know that we are unconditionally loved by the Divine?

                             Marie Helena

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