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Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Saturday, June 1st is my birthday 
and I am a Birthday Junkie!

At the tender age of five, when I was in kindergarten, my mother gave me five invitations to give to my favorite friends for a birthday celebration.

The day of my party my mother was shopping for food and ran into the mother of one of the children in my class. She asked my mother what I would like for my birthday. Surprised, my mother exclaimed, “But David (her son) wasn’t invited to Marie’s party.” David’s mother just smiled and said, “Oh, yes, he was.”

This was my mother’s first indication that something had gone astray. When the time for the party arrived, my mother was truly surprised to find the whole class showing up for the glorious event. I had given out the five invitations and then proceeded to invite everyone else by word of mouth.

Over the top? Ya think?

This has been the story of my life.

Somehow my birthday has become the most important day of the year to me. I want to CELEBRATE everything on that day…and then some.

You can imagine, then, the sadness that falls on me when that very special day is done. Another whole year of waiting!!!

Not this time. I have come up with the fabulous idea of celebrating my birthday not on one day…but for the whole year. And I have a theme for the year which is delighting me:

Cultivating Radiant Health!

I am the writer, director and producer of this event. Oh, yes. How cool is that!

Yesterday I set about to decide what things would bring me Radiant Health and the answers I came up with are not just the obvious ones you would imagine.

Here is the list so far and it's a Work in Progress:

Ground each moment.

Walk often during the day.

Enjoy the beauty of nature.

Connect with the rain.

Adore the sun.

Enjoy every different color in the sky.

Drink generous amounts of water.


Stand tall.

View each person as a mystery... unraveling...
and bless my role as witness to that.

Experience the day in vignettes.
When one is complete, release and move on.

Celebrate my efforts.

Study others to find their beautiful character.

Choose foods from nature’s bounty.

Hug my favorite tree.

Completely feel my emotions.

Clear out a little clutter each day.

Be authentic.

Speak my truth and listen to others' truth.

Get up and move around every twenty minutes.

Write my blog.

Give thanks.

Embrace the Present Moment.

Embrace the pain body and gain the wisdom of each lesson.



Be silly.

Simply be.

Invite a sprinkling of moonbeams to help me see the soul view of what is happening.

Do Over difficult moments guided by Higher Self.

Vibrate at a high frequency using Conscious Intent.

Listen to water.

Embrace my intuition.

Appreciate life for the amazing gift that it is.

Read uplifting thoughts.

Acknowledge every wonderful thing I see.

Hold space for those in distress (as my energy permits).

Watch the birds and squirrels outside my window.

I'm still adding to this list and I'm wondering what YOUR Directory of Delights might look like!

Writing this blog post has put me in an even more joyous space. I hope you won't mind if I excuse myself to sing Happy Birthday to Me!

originally published May 2011

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Myg

When we develop an affection for someone or something we often find a sobriquet (pet name) to describe this special treasure

And, a night ago,  while I sleepily meandered between some intensely dramatic dreams, I awoke softly uttering the word "Myg" which I immediately recognized as a tender and heartfelt embracing of the scientific term amygdala

Science describes the amygdala as an almond-shaped mass of gray matter in the front part of the temporal lobe of the cerebrum that is part of the limbic system and is involved in the processing and expression of emotions, especially anger and fear.

Wow! That description sounds kind of scary and off-putting...and it has inspired me to consider the word with awe, reverence and proper respect.  

"Has" inspired...that is, because, fortunately,  the word amygdala doesn't feel so scary to me any more.   In fact, it feels like a friend whispering to my soul when I am brave enough to listen

And, lately, I HAVE been brave enough.  I am getting to know my amygdala...I am beginning to see what it has to offer me...hence, my dubbing of this gray matter (during the sleepy but insightful hours of the night ) as "The Myg".

EV-ER-Y-BOD-Y  gets the messages of The Myg.  

And these messages are not soft and gentle knocks  (May I come in?). 

Oh no, they are full-bodied emotional storms which descend on us with tornado-like ferocity.  

Energetically speaking, they are a violent outburst of emotion expressing pain...an unhealed hurt...that has been bottled up...corked up...by the sheer power of our will and now has had enough of holding back and wants out and it wants out NOW.

When the amygdala is properly triggered and makes its powerful appearance (approximately  one-tenth of a second), it is so easy to feel as if the emotion has washed right over us and, yes, through us, too, and has even hung us out to dry.

When this used to happen to me, I would feel overcome and helpless.  After several moments of suffering with it, I would make a valiant attempt to project myself into a higher vibration...for example, launch into a gratitude list. 

There was one essential problem with this approach, however, which I am now coming to realize.  I was trying to counter the storm with my remedy for "the problem".  What I was NOT doing was LISTENING to the amygdala to see what it had to tell me.

Lately, however,  I have been fascinated with the messages of the amygdala and have been experimenting with the process of exploring it.

And, oh yes, it IS talking to me.  It's been WAITING  to talk to me.  And it is generously and graciously telling me what I have (finally) been brave enough to hear.

It is revealing to me long-hidden feelings that have not been recognized and acknowledged.  And it cannot do this until it gets the green light...the consciously expressed go-ahead green light... so I am setting my dial for OPEN ENTRY.

Now, when I determinedly and curiously witness the feelings coming up (and I do not censor the words that form in my mind to describe the feelings), I am surprised by the ferocity of the moment.

But, once I INVITE myself to feel whatever comes up from the amygdala, I am able to see what is needed to deal with the issue presenting itself for my attention.  

First and foremost, I feel the need to give myself compassion.  Obviously, I have been carrying an experience of suffering.  Perhaps I may need to forgive myself or someone else.  Perhaps I am dealing with lessons still unlearned from long ago. 

Whatever the issue is, when I let myself see it and feel it,  the issue becomes a Gift.  It has come into the Light and now I can choose to experience the feeling, deal with it, release it and free myself from the burden I had been carrying for so long.

So, as things stand now in my life, The Myg and I have become friends.  It is no longer an unwelcome visitor. 

Even though I am challenged by the discomfort the messages bring, I am learning to embrace the feelings and listen closely to what they are telling me...freeing myself to receive another beautifully designed Divine gift for my life journey and leading me closer to wisdom and peace.

image from jond4u.jonathandickau.com.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The BLOSSOMING of Our Lives

You are all as much extraordinary phenomena of nature as say trees, clouds, the patterns in running water, the shape of fire, the form of the galaxy.                          

Alan Watts

We have all become so very adept at noticing what is "wrong" with ourselves...that we're not quite good enough...that we fret and worry...we make mistakes, poor choices ...have lapses in judgment.  And this is because we have all been, as Alan Watts puts it, "bamboozled" into attempting to live up to others' values and expectations instead of finding our own path to paradise.

But, you know how soulfully we revere a flower...

which breaks the earth when it is ready in sleepy nods,
stretches to the sky under the watchful eye of the sun and beautiful breezes,
blossoms open in perfect resonance with nature's invitation,
generously releases its delicate scent upon the surrounding spectators...

Watts says we are every bit as extraordinary as that gorgeous phenomenon of floral magnificence...doing its thing...BEing a flower...

as WE authentically act from deep within our own hearts.

We do not judge the flower for its flower"ness" nor criticize its moves.  There is no floral bashing.  Nothing for the flower to be chastised for.

A flower is what it is...a flower.  And a flower does what flowers do.

And Watts is saying that WE ARE what we are...physical specimens, human beings...and WE DO what human beings do.  We sing, we play, we strive, we stumble, we rejoice, we grieve and it is...all of it...our Journey.

Our wonderful, magnificent Journey!

Whatever we are doing…it’s part of what’s going on and Watts says it’s Time to Wake Up to this and adapt the Japanese concept of Judo which means The Gentle Way. 

Watts advises...Do not condemn, criticize, judge yourself…but rather accept that this is part of the flow.  Accept this. In Watts' words...Go along with it.  Go along with it.

And, while we are doing what humans do, while we are BEing extraordinary phenomena of nature, I feel we need to celebrate ourselves...all of us...all of our moves...every one...

for in those moves we are growing, shedding, embracing, becoming, remembering...doing what we do...as do the flowers, the trees, the clouds, water, fire, the galaxy.

The moves we make are not missteps though we may perceive them to be.

They are the unfolding...and, in some cases....the unraveling...they are
The BLOSSOMING of Our Lives...and they are, every step in every direction, magnificent opportunities for our evolution.

WE are a manifestation of the Journey to beauty and joy and truth...

and every move we make in the direction of that glorious goal is what we are innately designed to do...grow...learn...and...Love.

image from sketchbookchallenge.blogspot.com

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rules of the Game

What you gotta do:

*Attend earth school 
      (tough curriculum here...this ain't for sissies)

 *Experience "opportunities" to learn the lessons
     YOU have chosen for yourself
         (That's right...YOU are the one who set up the tough curriculum)


What you get:

*An amazing Universe singing and dancing with Divine 
   messages EVERYWHERE to help you navigate your studies

image from usd340.org  

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Why are lotteries, raffles and contests so popular as a form of entertainment? 

Because they always have the possibility of winning a prize attached to them. 

 And that's an exciting prospect.  

We pay careful attention to the rules and guidelines when we decide to participate in these rituals with hope springing eternal in our happy hearts. 

In the end, there is a winner or winners...but not everyone is gifted with the special treasure.  (There's simply not enough to go all the way around.)

But what if there WAS a way to engage ourselves in a venture in which we would AWAYS win a prize?
The divinely designed diorama of Life  is our ticket in to the fun.

There is only one stipulation to participate completely in this spectacular production and here it is: 

We must consciously RELEASE our expectations about what we will receive...
All of them.  
No attachments.  

What we get instead is  a magical ticket to discover the Gifts of the Universe.
You see...it's all a "SURPRISE" and hidden inside this expression...this designation...
is the subtle sound of the word "PRIZE".  

What an interesting clue!

Yes, the Divine Universe has "designated" a prize for us and we consciously receive it when we willingly let go...we willingly release..OUR plan regarding how we receive what we so passionately desire.

Here's the best part.

The Divine Universe can’t wait to bring forth a parade of amazingly beautiful messages for us...

Supporting the hopes and dreams of our Higher Self...
Reflecting our intention and energy… 
Inspiring us to make new connections.

And THIS delivery is a stunningly beautiful and elegant setting for our reaching out to the perfect energies to help us paint the portrait of our dreams. 

And, ultimately, it's always better than we could have imagined.  

THAT'S the surprise.  

We don't know what is coming or how it's going to take place but we DO KNOW that Divine Assistance is always on the way...as close as our desire...as close as our intention.

How delightful to see Life as a procession of lovely inspirations exquisitely designed and perfectly timed to help unfold the delivery of our dreams!

image from brucebalan.com.  

Tuesday, May 7, 2013



The initial note...the dawning...the "ceremony" that leads us into the space of THE  CHALLENGING EXPERIENCE. 

So salient, so critical...the overture that fashions the response to what is about to unfold.

What kind of "prelude" do we usually create in that compelling moment before we engage in the discussion of a burning issue?

Do we "get right down to business"...not even noticing whether our audience is ready (and calm enough) to receive the "message" on our mind?

Do we begin by listing the words or actions that are affecting or, possibly, distressing us?

Do we describe in great detail our view of how things SHOULD have unfolded?

It would be so easy to launch into one of these approaches when we are upset and disturbed by someone's actions.   But, by failing to create a space which invites heart sharing, we may well up the ante on distress and significantly lessen our chance of working out our problem with mutual intention and cooperation.

The PRELUDE that we need here in this moment (before we engage in discussion of the issue) should flow from an open heart...a heart that trusts in finding solutions that minister to EVERYONE'S needs. 

 And this intention can be voiced as a prelude to the "discussion".

Here are some examples of what we might say...

I want to  share my feelings with you and hear what your feelings are.

I want to tell you what I would like to do and have you tell me what you would like to happen. 

I want to honor my feelings and also honor yours.  

I trust that we will find a way to navigate this moment that will take care of both of us.

I want to give and receive love, support, joy and wisdom.  And I thank you for taking the time and making the effort to do this with me."

The first moments of an encounter can meet everyone's emotional need to feel "heard" and "cared for". 

By holding...and voicing...a  clear and loving intention to peacefully approach our issue, we set into motion the vibrational PRELUDE that leads to peace, honoring and harmony.


image from Angelsinnature.wordpress.com

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Who Writes the Story?

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, tells us that RESPECT is one of the greatest expressions of LOVE...and that, if we love someone, we respect that this person is a good artist and can write his own story. 

Ruiz further says that  this person was, in fact, BORN to write his own story and if we respect him, we do not try to write his story for him.

What is even more important is that imposing ourselves in someone else's story is a blatant example of our lack of faith that the other person is capable of learning for himself what there is to be learned and applying those lessons to his life.  The consideration of how and when and if he does this is not In our job description.

I do believe that we can communicate to others in a gentle, positive, loving manner any suggestions that we may have about the turmoil they may be experiencing BUT that is it...just SUGGEST...not expect and not punish if someone does not wish to embrace what we are envisioning as an answer to a dilemma.

We are NEVER in the place of knowing all of the factors involved in how someone's life is playing out and  to act as if we are and to envision what we think is the perfect answer is to exalt ourselves and fail to honor the other. 

It represents the giving of affection with CONDITIONS, falling short of a truly loving response and indicating a lack of respect.

Truly understanding our place in the world and the place others occupy is a challenging task for us.  It requires clear boundaries for ourselves and others  but it frees everyone involved to make life choices in an atmosphere of support and caring.

Expressing our faith in everyone else's right and ability 

to listen to the guidance of his own heart...

to  decide issues for himself...

to experience the consequences of his choices and to learn his own lessons when and if he chooses..

is a most beautiful and pure expression of love and caring.  

It also frees us to use our energies for the selection, welcoming and experiencing of our own adventures.

image from tootsiegrace.blogspot.com

originally published September 16,  2011

Friday, May 3, 2013

Calling Home

We often hear advice about positive daily routines to follow:

Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, eat your fruits and veggies.

Good stuff to do.

And I have something NEW to add to the list.

It will only take about three minutes and it will put your body and emotions into the most beautiful place.

And, no...it's not meditation.

It's CALLING HOME to say
 "Hello, I'm checking in. All systems are go!"

Here's how you do it.

Start with the strong intention to clear your monkey mind. (We all have this...it's the human condition to have our thoughts buzzing on fast forward...including our anxieties, worries and fears).

So....clear your mind with a beautiful, grand intention...then call home by inviting THE LIGHT (Divine Power) to flow unencumbered through your being. (Once you let it come in, it feels strangely wonderful!)

Next, send Infinite Love and Gratitude to your body, mind and emotions for always doing the perfect thing for your healing even though you do not understand how this is happening.

That's it.

Now just relax and observe your body go into a BEAUTIFUL state of relaxation.

You have just transcended the human condition of limited thinking and beliefs, connected with Your Divine Source and expressed your trust that you are loved beyond measure and that your greatest good is ALWAYS operating even when you are distracted by the events and issues of the day.

Next, you will feel a building surge of energy and joy and wonderful, creative thoughts will come to you because you checked in with Home Base, the most spectacular destination available to you.

Only three minutes to make this call but those three minutes will change EVERYTHING!

So...what are you waiting for? Call home...check into the CELESTIAL"hood" and have in to your Divine Connection!


image from radhasoami.livejournal.com
originally published January 24, 2012