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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Year, A New Day, A New Me


I delight myself with the Gift
of peaceful slumber.
I awaken naturally
when I am ready
to experience

the Beauty of a New Day.

Mystic Marks: Bookmarks for the Soul

originally published January 2011

Friday, December 27, 2013

A New Year's "Light" Show

After the magical days of Christmas holidays…when pine-scented boughs and cranberry candles perfumed the air and glittering lights whispered their grace-filled secrets into our happy hearts…decorating our spaces with joy and celebration…

after these magnificent days have passed and things have grown so very quiet and restful the steady, sure-footed march of the New Year alights on our doorstep, enters our homes and slides into our hearts.

It’s time…to renew and redirect our energy to the wonderful life we have imagined and make the changes that were placed on hold as we made merry and felt merry and loved the "merry" of the holidays.

Now, there is a NEW JOY that awaits us and it is born of reflection and inspiration and discipline…our New Year’s Resolutions.

Much has been said and advised about NYR’s…suggestions that we examine our lives, compiling a list of every change we can imagine…suggestions that we make NO resolutions and not place ourselves under that kind of stress... even a suggestion that we only try to improve ourselves by one percent in the category we identify as “most needed” or, even better, “most desired” and, thereby, let our accumulated steady, slow progress become its own source of motivation.

This morning in the quiet moments when I found myself awakening a different thought occurred to me.

I had been searching for a simple resolution…one that would be easy to hold onto and yet would change my perspective and this is what arrived in response to my request:

As you go through the day and encounter many moments…some relaxing and some difficult and challenging…as you go through the day, just take a moment and imagine how your Higher Self would respond to what is happening. Do not put any pressure on yourself
TO DO what Higher Self would do. Only IMAGINE it and TAKE NOTE.

This sounded wonderful to me…and it feels instinctively that just choosing to put myself in the place of imagining a Higher Response would do some subtle, behind-the-scene work for me even while I went busily about my day, impressing my consciousness with a more beautiful, more loving, more joyful way to navigate itand, most importantly, a way to be my own SOURCE of happiness and satisfaction.

And it actually sounds and feels quite practical, too, to become, on a continuing basis, the ANCHOR for my joy.

So I am going to give it a pop!   This means I may pause a few seconds before I react and respond to what is going on…allowing myself the time and perspective I need to call up a Higher inspiration than what would automatically appear on my default button.

It will be very interesting to take this journey and, no doubt, it will have its own BRILLIANLIGHT SHOW as I enter into this universe!

                                                                                            Marie Helena

originally printed January 3, 2011

Friday, December 20, 2013


Our lives are filled with MESSAGES waiting to be delivered to us.

And the messengers who deliver these messages are everywhere.  

They include everyone we encounter... from our family to our colleagues, sales clerks, repairmen, television personalities, the little boy playing across the street...even the bad-tempered clerk who waited on us in the store or the driver who cut us off in traffic.

They exist in our world to present to us the life view we hold about ourselves and they may be engaging and endearing or frustrating and fractious.

If you can summon up some perspective about this and add in a dash of creativity and humor,  I have a suggestion regarding how to enhance and enjoy this experience.

Give them all WINGS...in your imagination!  Make them all ANGELS! 


They are all actually doing the work of angels...helping us see the picture of the world we  have created  for ourselves and master the earthwork we have undertaken.

And since this is how the earth school system works we might as well put a big, broad smile on our face while we learn our lessons.

Consider the visual delight of walking into a GATHERING of family or friends and imagining all of them with their own unique set of wings fluttering in a beat to match their personality.

The gregarious individual would have wide, flapping appendages whisking the air to and fro with the vibration of his excitement.

The person who loves to sing or hum would be sporting smooth pinions undulating with a distinctive rhythm.

The joker in the group would probably have one of his wings tucked into a piece of clothing so he would attract the second takes he loves so much.

All of these individuals could be illustrating for us the joy and excitement and fun we are experiencing in our lives.

In our next encounter, however,  we might find a road rage driver with stress written all over his face.  He, too, would be sporting wings but his accessories might be audacious wings that would move thunderously in a loud, clapping sound.

Now it may be easy to picture the so-called "nice guys" in the angelic costume but it may seem strange to picture our road rage driver wearing wings and you might wonder how this frustrating individual can fill this
angelic role. 

Fact is...he may be resonating with  something inside us, something unsettled...a stress we have not  acknowledged, perhaps, or let ourselves experience.  And  he is showing up in our life to bring this omission to our attention.

And here is how he might be  an angel to us...Emotions that are not acknowledged go underground (translate...deep inside us) and often make their next appearance dressed as a major upset,  illness or disease.

So it would behoove us to welcome ALL of the angels in our life and give thanks for the messages they bring us regardless of  the varying roles they play.

After all, the Divine Universe only assigns them the reflections of our own mojo so we can "hear" the sounds and "see" the pictures we are making with the way we choose to live our life and also learn the lessons we have chosen for our experience here.

So, I say, WING ON!

Recognize these Divine creatures  with their dazzling
 (if imaginary) WINGS who are educating and enlightening us and enjoy their sometimes affirming, sometimes challenging messages while we earn our own bright and beautiful wings in earth school!

image from craftyjenny.com

originally published March 21, 2012

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dolce Far Niente

  In the midst of the holiday season when so many preparations are being made…

Christmas trees bedazzled with shimmering lights, ingredients assembled for an array of culinary pleasures, shopping excursions planned to catch the latest sales, spotlighting of porches and roofs with illusionary reindeer…

In the midst of all of this, does it seem strange that I would wish you Dolce Far Niente...The Sweetness of Doing Absolutely Nothing!

And yet, what more perfect time to just BE in the midst of all of these treasures?

Time moves so quickly now as we hasten to finish our self-appointed tasks for the holidays and, if we don’t pause to take in the ambiance and flavor and spirit of these moments, they will be gone before we know it. We will be left with crumbled Christmas wrappings to clean up, dishes to wash from the fabulous dinner we have prepared and an exhausted body for our reward.

So let’s imagine another dimension to our celebration.

I invite you (and myself as a reminder as I write this), to not miss a single breath of this breathtaking season. 
To allow the brilliant red poinsettias to nourish and sustain us with their glorious color and powerful presence.  To honor the trees populating our landscape outside as they abide winter’s passing and keep their spring secrets warm inside their roots for us. To enjoy  delicately flavored herbal tea and gingerbread one sip and one small and succulent bite at a time as delicate snowflakes descend outside our windows.  To watch the faces of the young and young-at-heart as they embrace the magic of families gathering and the waves of joy layering the room as gifts expected (and surprising) are revealed.

Let us all fully embrace the beauty of this season, honor its festive and joyous rhythm and reverence the MAGNIFICENT MOMENTS being given to us!

Marie Helena

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Master Gardener

Although it’s December and some places in the world are covered with snow, there is a secret for all of us deep in Mother Earth and in her devoted and trusting disciple.

No gardener is ever going to go out into a garden and say "Give me some vegetables and then maybe I'll water you."  That's not the way manifestation occurs.  What you do is you go out and you tend to the vegetables and you water them and then...the harvest comes.
                                                               Gay Hendricks

The Master Gardener is an absolute joy to behold. 

He holds a relationship of trust and gratitude with the earth. 

He lovingly prepares the soil, feeds it nutrients and designs the space for his garden, carefully allowing each plant the room it requires to grow and access the sun. 

He waters his plants as needed with gentleness, honoring and caring. 

As green shoots begin to break the earth in the first steps of their journey, the master gardener celebrates them, carefully removing stray grasses that may impede their progress.

When harvest time arrives, the master gardener is filled with pleasure and gratitude, knowing  that his loving care will be rewarded as his plants produce for him whatever his DNA requires for the fullness of his health. 

The Master Gardener holds many lessons for us regarding our efforts at Manifestation.


Tend to the "garden" of our desire with trust and gratitude...

Prepare the "soil" of our environment with the energy of welcome and

Give our soil the "nutrients" of love and compassion for ourselves...

Open ourselves to the "sunshine" and "watering" of affirmation and 
      encouragement from others...

Honor the guiding voice of our Higher Self...


Remove the "stray grasses" of our limiting beliefs as we recognize their
     residence within us.

When we give conscious and loving attention to the things we wish to manifest and we prepare ourselves to receive them with grace and gratitude, we align ourselves with the Divine Universe in realizing the perfect expression of our desire.

image from broadwaymarket.org.       

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Best Christmas List of All


It's December and time for our Christmas to-do lists. 
Some especially ambitious individuals have started on their lists many moons ago.  But for those of us who kick into high gear after Thanksgiving...it's time to get down.

And I bet you have LOADS OF ITEMS on your list: 
 buy a Christmas tree (and decorate it), 
 shop for presents,
 plan a holiday party, 
 balance that budget so finances will work 
 try some new holiday recipes...

oh, and clean the house (including those jobs you've left undone but now have to do because out-of-towners will be staying with you).

I'm guessing you might be exhausted just thinking about these tasks and that's nothing compared to the EXHAUSTION you feel when you start trying to complete the tasks and keep on trying...even when you are
and tired...and in need of sleep and relaxation and nourishment

In other words, when the concept of BALANCE has gone completely out of your life.

Just yesterday I got  a wonderful idea  about this whole conundrum of how do you get the work done and avoid feeling STRESSED to the max.

And here it is.

This is probably going to sound radical to you, but after some reflection I am convinced it's the answer to this problem.

The first premise of this idea is:  Christmas (and all of the preparations that go into the holiday) should be fun. 

Easy enough to say.  But, you may wonder, how can we have fun doing the Christmas to-do list when we are bone-tired...weary...dragging ourselves around?

The answer is not to do it.  DO NOT make yourself do the things on that list when you are not  IN YOUR POWER and have good energy, a  positive disposition and are ready to be in-the-flow.  

Just  DO NOT do that list of tasks when your chin is on the floor.

Instead (and here comes the next premise) do WHATEVER IT TAKES  to get you  back to your place of power.  This might mean taking a nap, relaxing, having a lovely conversation, enjoying  nourishing food for your tired body (and eating it slowly and tasting and enjoying every bite).  WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Then... when you have reclaimed your power (whenever that is)...do something on the Christmas prep list.
 You are probably thinking THIS WILL NEVER WORK.  There won't be enough time.

But here's my thought:
If you've ever pushed yourself to do things when you DID NOT have the energy (physical, mental or emotional) to do them, then I am sure you know there is a HEFTY price tag on that delightful maneuver. 

And I bet this is when you develop that cold or catch that flu or get so totally out-of-sorts that nobody wants to be around you. 

Then...what good did it do to have the things on your list completed and you can't even appreciate what you have accomplished?

I know...I know...this concept will take some reframing of the way we usually tackle our tasks but consider this:  

How wonderful would it be to actually enjoy all of the holiday preparations...to be in such a lovely space that it felt like you were constantly accessing the joy of Christmas and what it represents?  

How lovely also for all of those around you to engage with the happy, positive person you know you can be!
Wouldn't it be worth taking the leap to give this a try and then see how everything plays out?  

And, by the way, this isn't  just a wonderful plan for Christmas...I think it's the best way to engage life all year round.

So start making that special list of all of the wonderful things that will rejuvenate you and move you back into that  DELIGHTFUL place of joy and power and make that one THE LIST you always remember!

image from vickiblackwell.com

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adjust Your Sails

A wise sailor holds an awareness of every element that is affecting his journey and he navigates his vessel accordingly. 

 He knows that if he wants his voyage to be smooth and efficient he will need to pay attention...to respect and honor...every circumstance of his environment.

Just imagine, for example, what would happen if he took to the sea and set sail on his own course, disregarding the winds and currents around him.  Chaos would ensue...he might encounter unexpected storms or turbulence...and possibly even experience a shipwreck.

And that is why a wise and knowledgeable seaman will be completely aware of his environment and will adjust his sails accordingly.

There is a lesson to be learned from this sage sailor.

Sometimes we set our course and plunge ahead with enthusiasm, fervor and, unfortunately, a huge set of blinders.  We march to our own drummer and are so rapt up in our journey, that we fail to notice that everyone is making his own music. 

This great variety of musical compositions can be coaxed into a beautiful song with some conscious attention and awareness

Let's take this down to terms of HUMAN INTERACTION

If we are interacting with a die hard humorist, we are not going to make great progress if all we do is make serious statements. 

If we are speaking to a gentle-hearted soul, we will surely encounter difficulty if our words tumble out in erratic cacophony.

If we are speaking to a no nonsense bottom-liner, our efforts at presenting elaborate examples will not be appreciated.

However, if we invest our energy in knowing our audience and appreciating the chemistry and propensities of each participant, we can ADJUST OUR SAILS to the human  variables of this interpersonal weather. 

I have found the payoff to this approach to be mind blowing

When we "pay the price of admission" regarding what is close and what is dear to someone's heart and, thereby, help them into a space of comfort and ease...that individual is poised and ready and open to considering whatever message we wish to deliver.

All sea winds and currents are navigable when we are willing to honor their energies.

image from blog.craftycutie.com.