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Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Unfolding

One of the most beautiful gifts we have in our lives is experiencing the natural flow of things.

The Unfolding. 

The rhythm and music and pace of whatever it is that we are witnessing...experiencing...enjoying...and, most importantly, learning from.

This unfolding, if left untouched, is a work of art unto itself.  It carries the truths of the universe, some easy to embrace, some more challenging.  If we interrupt  the unfolding, we lose our chance to take in the special meaning.  If our egos try to influence the flow to move in our direction, we miss what is being presented to us.

A good reason to be an observer and a witness to life and, thereby, a receiver of information about the absolute perfection of the Divine Universe!


                                                Marie Helena

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Message of the Moment

Love the moment
and the energy of that moment
will spread beyond all boundaries.  

Corita Kent

It was June of 2011 and I found myself standing on a precipice at the American side of Niagra Falls.

The roar of the falls was mesmerizing. I stepped closer and invited the strapping mist to bless me with its beauty and strength as it danced and swayed with the mighty wind on this clear and cloudless day. This was a moment to be remembered; everything else disappeared into it. The
ENERGY was awesome and powerful and I was missing none of it.

The trip to the falls was something I had felt drawn to make. I had experienced such a strong desire to stand at this wonder of nature and feel its breathtaking intensity. It was worth all of the trouble encountered with the traffic that day.

I had journeyed with clear intention to a place of beauty and it had welcomed and rewarded me with its natural warmth and majesty

…as does all of nature…as do all of our experiences…and all of our interactions…as do our moments of solitude…as does all of life.

There is a generous fullness and spirit to all of life’s moments

…if we tap into them, if we are present to their gifts, if we recognize the many energetic strands at work producing them, if we open ourselves up to their FLOW.

The Niagra Falls moment came with a journey but thisbeautiful JOY is so easily accessible.

Every moment in life is full of invitation and allure and beingness. Every moment is a connection and when we love each moment and connect with it, we accept our sacred invitation to interface with the universe.

The astonishing Messsage of the Moment inspires and propels us to seek more moments of this CONNECTION. And once we experience it, we are captivated and we view everything around us…and in us…with new eyes and from another place of joy in our souls.  

Yet another gift to humanity. The natural high of being truly alive and in touch with all that is!

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  1. I love the picture I have in my mind of you at Niagra Falls! I am thinking about what keeps us from accepting the invitation of the moment--mindless TV watching or internet surfing, as examples. I think we do have to work hard not to become numb. This is a good reminder to wake up!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Remembrance: Why We Should Forgive Ourselves


The supreme act of forgiveness is when you can forgive yourself for all the wounds you've created in your own life. Forgiveness is an act of self-love. When you forgive yourself, self-acceptance begins and self-love grows,

Don Miguel Ruiz

As we write the story of our life, our learning occurs in a myriad of ways.  Sometimes the path is straight and clear.  We take action that feels instinctively right...it works beautifully...we benefit and all is well.
Sometimes our learning takes a different path.  

Sometimes we are influenced by unhealed pain, hurt, unmet needs, etc. and we choose a path that is not in our best interest.  But, at that time, the choice we made felt like the only way we could go.

And so we went there.  And it was not what we expected. 

All was not well.  And we ultimately JUDGED ourselves for the choice and stayed mired in sadness and regret. 

Writing the story of our life is not usually a black and white endeavor.  Sometimes we are drawn to whatSEEMS like a solution but ultimately does not deliver on that (false) promise. 


However, our learning can occur quite brilliantly
 when we can view our actions with some objectivity...

perhaps uncover what has moved us in that direction...

love ourselves through the pain of self-confrontation,,,

and emerge with a stronger, braver view of what we want to do with our lives.

Judging ourselves (or anyone or anything) is not productive. 

It delays our process of learning.  

What is needed is an open, accepting heart that understands we were trying to navigate some difficulty...a heart which knows that LOVE is always expressing itself the best way it knows how.

What we did is what we knew.  When we know better, we do better.  

And, as we reflect on our choices and their consequences, we begin to know better and we do better.  We pass by judgment, embracing instead our humanity and moving forward with new wisdom and insight.

Perhaps the forgiveness which Don Miguel Ruiz is talking about can really be called the simple act of KNOWING that we are on a journey with some distracting side paths which ultimately can lead us to our true destination...a REMEMBERING of the glorious perfection of Who We Truly Are and an acceptance of how learning can occur in a dualistic world.

                                                     Marie Helena

image from salliesart.blogspot.com