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Friday, January 28, 2011

Changing the Locus of Control

On January 3rd I wrote a blog entry entitled A New Year’s Light Show in which I proposed the following:

As we go through the day and encounter many moments…some relaxing and some difficult and challenging …take a moment and imagine how our Higher Self would respond to what is happening (not to place any pressure on ourselves to do what Higher Self would do but only to imagine it and take note).

Surprisingly and wonderfully, it seems that the powerful principle of Conscious Intention (even more powerful than I knew) is working its magic again.

I have found a new natural high without placing any pressure on myself. My intention to consciously consider what Higher Self would do has opened the doorway to a new perspective on life for me and this new view has begun to take me out of the realm of ego directed decisions. I find myself wanting to embrace the flow of life and meet its difficult moments in the way that my Higher Self would choose to do.

A few weeks ago I had a dream during a time that I was very upset about something and unable to release it. In the dream I was in Galway harbor (where my daughter Rachel now lives). The entire harbor was filled with boats which were carrying only the cargo of Love and Compassion. The feeling of the dream was that Love and Compassion are all that are needed...for everything.

This dream was very powerful for me and it felt like a Higher Self message on how to deal with the difficulties of life. I have thought about it often and follow its direction whenever I choose the path of Higher Self, always extending Love and Compassion to myself and others.

My adventure with all of this began with one or two opportunities (difficulties) occurring and my experiencing myself (actually, observing myself)…from the vantage point of Higher Self . In choosing the Higher Self path I found myself feeling very happy about my response and discovering that somehow I seemed to have whatever energy I needed to make the leap to the Higher choice. Amazingly, this was energy that was not there before.

I am finding all of this very exciting but also very comforting, too. And it is replacing other ways that I have comforted myself during difficult times which have not always been the best choices for health and well-being.

Best of all, I feel and know that I have the power in me to make my day the beautiful one I want it to be. And that it makes no difference what comes into my space, what anyone says or does…the only thing that is important is my choice of response. And when that choice comes from Higher Self, there is always a deep and satisfying feeling accompanying it for me.

It seems I am beginning to shift the locus of control regarding how my day will go and how I will feel about it. Ultimately, I am no longer upset by someone else's behavior. And all of this just by my conscious intention to consider what Higher Self would do. Somehow the consideration of this question has presented the promise of such magnificent payoffs that I have naturally shifted my focus and conscious intention to it. What fascinating potential there is here for life transformation!

This seems as magical as anything I can imagine. Ours just for the asking. And it’s as easy as designing it into our day!

What would your Higher Self do today?

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Quantum Leap

The Universal Mind is perfection. It perfectly creates what you think about.
How can you best use your connection to this vast, all-powerful force?
You can create miracles by

Sanaya Roman
Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self

Much has been written in the last several years about the power of manifestation, bringing into physicality that which we have imagined...and felt strong emotional desire for. Usually, the formula for this process instructs that we imagine the object, relationship or situation in vivid, colorful hues and let ourselves feel our intense yearning for it.

Currently, I am reading a fascinating book entitled Spiritual Growth by Sanaya Roman which gives a new and different perspective on manifestation.

Roman talks about the immense power of working first with the energy of what we want to manifest before we even envision its physical appearance. Roman asks us to IMAGINE a grid work of light around our heads, connecting upward to the Universal Mind. The higher the grid work extends, the more beautiful and delicate it becomes. (At this point we are moving our awareness into the world of essence.)

Next, Roman suggests we meet the unmanifested energy and use our imagination to picture it. He recommends considering what this energy would look like…how it would move…its rhythm…its dance…its musicality…its nuances…its strength…its power…its beauty…its texture…its appeal to our senses. Then he suggests we make the energy vision even more flowing, open and harmonious, adding sounds and fragrance, picturing the unmanifested energy as alive and interacting with us. Roman tells us to luxuriate in this vision and bathe in its magic

Now we are ready to bring this breathtaking energy into physical form. We transform the vision into subatomic particles of light, with as high a vibration as possible. We see the particles becoming form. We bring them together into a shape and mass. Then we open our hearts to receive this very personal energy we have designed from our desire. We greet it with LOVE. We let it next move into our DNA, then our cells and then, finally, into our emotions and mind.

Now we give thanks for this gift and make a place for it in our lives. We are ready to recognize and receive it when it appears. We feel the CONNECTION to it. It is becoming part of us.

A quantum leap? Acceleration of our spiritual growth? More joy, harmony, peace and love?

You decide.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Unfinished Business

I have been very fortunate in my professional life because I have always really loved my job…and had told myself that as long as I was having fun, I would keep working. This sounded like a really good formula to me and I went merrily on my way for a long time with this little arrangement I had made with myself.

Until…everything began to change around me.

The signs were on their way but I didn’t want to see them. My supervisor began talking about retiring, but I thought it was idle speculation. He also loved his job and I thought he wasn’t ready…obviously projecting my feelings onto him. Our secretary, whom we both adored, starting talking about retiring, too.

As the retirement talk began to heat up I started thinking seriously about what my work environment would be like without these two very important individuals. Then an announcement came from administration that there would be a buyout that year…I could take early retirement… I was eligible…which meant leaving with a financial reward. Opportunities for a buyout did not show up every year. Many variables had to fall into line to make this happen.

It felt like God was watching me and whispering to the angels, “Has she decided to go yet?”

It was very clear that many changes were occurring all around me and new philosophies were on their way in. The decision was fast becoming a scorching issue for me and decision deadlines were looming.

I got myself to the bookstore and began reading books about happy retirement. Then I set up lunch dates with three colleagues I knew who had retired and who each represented a personal quality of mine. I wanted to know how they had managed the transition and get their advice. All three shared a hopeful, optimistic outlook. I found this reassuring as I continued to venture into this unknown territory.

Long story short. I took early retirement.

The last day that I worked was very difficult for me. This was not something I had sought nor yearned for…and it was on my doorstep. My close friend told she had heard it would take a year to make a full adjustment. And she was right, at least for me.

At first I could not believe that no one was calling me with problems to solve. It seemed very strange and I felt alone. After awhile, it felt like the world had closed up around me and I had never been there. Of course, I knew this wasn’t true, but that is exactly what it felt like.

Since then I have found many wonderful things to do…like learning Italian, visiting my daughter during her sabbatical year in Florence (which the buyout paid for)… and eventually creating my bookmarks and this blog. There was a lot to learn about starting a business and that was a saving grace for me because my brain loved the challenge.

Even though I found myself doing well I found that I had recurring dreams in which I was at work in my office or giving a seminar and somehow I would receive the message that I had to leave (as in pack up and leave for good). And in the dreams I was never ready to go. I always felt anxiety and stress about this command.

During the last year a remark was made to me that because of the circumstances under which I left my job I had never really done the work of preparation and acceptance. It was not something I had chosen. It felt more like I had given my consent. In fact, I had left in the middle of all of the fun.

But the circumstances at that time had seemed to be pointing me very clearly out the door. And I did not want to be someone who could not read signs.

Ultimately, It was a good decision.

Even if I could go back to that position, I would not choose it because I have come to treasure the opportunity to design my own day.

However, because of the way the decision had come about it really did feel like I had some unfinished business that I needed to attend to.

So I decided to first CELEBRATE my work. I spent time talking about how I had applied for the job and was chosen for the position, the experiences of my work and varying responsibilities, the evolution of projects, the colleagues I had worked with, the seminars and conferences I had attended and the challenges and difficulties I had faced. I laughed and cried and enjoyed myself in this narration. I felt proud of my work. I basked in my feelings. And, ultimately, I talked about how it had all ended and how it had felt so abrupt to me. I gave myself compassion for the difficulty of deciding to retire under the pressure of circumstances I could not control and felt great gratitude for the many wonderful working years I had experienced and the special opportunity to leave with a buyout.

I looked at the whole picture in an unhurried way and let myself feel my feelings...all of them. And then a wonderful thing happened.

The recurring dreams stopped…and they have not returned.

Which leads me to the point I am trying to make here.

If we have UNFINISHED BUSINESS and we don’t pay conscious attention to it, it won’t leave of its own accord...it will find a new home...in our subconscious...and, perhaps, in our dreams.

And so I wish you the motivation and determination and energy to confront any uncompleted issues and finish what needs finishing and clear your body's energy field so that new and even more wonderful things can come into the space of your life.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Loving Ourselves

How can we tell that we truly LOVE ourselves?

Do we:

Welcome and experience our feelings and recognize the importance of expressing them?
Speak our truth (even when it is difficult and awkward) in the best way we know how?

Fully accept ourselves, the dark and the light, with the clear awareness that the dark parts of us are just lessons waiting to be learned?

Extend love and compassion to ourselves when we go through difficult times?

Honor the messages of our body regarding our health and well-being?

Forgive ourselves when we make mistakes?

Acknowledge our mistakes, knowing that they teach us what we need to know.
Freely enjoy the gifts of life, knowing they are our birthright?

Trust that the universe is a friendly place?

Take risks to help ourselves grow, even if this means the possibility of being hurt?

Know that we are unconditionally loved by the Divine?

originally published Jan. 16, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Unfolding

One of the most beautiful gifts we have in our lives is experiencing the natural flow of things.

The Unfolding.

The rhythm and music and pace of whatever it is that we are witnessing...experiencing...enjoying...and, most importantly, learning from.

This unfolding, if left untouched, is a work of art unto itself. It carries the truths of the universe, some easy to embrace, some more challenging. If we interrupt the unfolding, we lose our chance to take in the special meaning. If our egos try to influence the flow to move in our direction, we miss what is being presented to us.

A good reason to be an observer and a witness to life and, thereby, a receiver of information about the absolute perfection of the Divine Universe!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Conscious Intention

Recently, I posted one of my bookmarks on the Mystic Marks Blog. It was the one about beautiful sleep. Here’s how it goes:

I delight myself with the Gift
of Peaceful Slumber.
I awaken naturally
when I am ready
to experience
the Beauty of a New Day.

Although I wrote this bookmark some time ago the very act of posting it in my blog (on the world wide internet) apparently signaled a new step in my CONSCIOUS INTENTION for since then I have experienced several nights of sleep that arrived within seconds of hitting the pillow.

I usually have several pillows around me and arrange them in a very particular fashion when I am preparing to fall asleep but on these mornings I awoke and the pillows had not been moved…all night. Wow!

In addition, each of these mornings I was inspired to truly appreciate the beauty of the day and made the intention to do some very loving things for myself and others. The intensity of the peaceful slumber and morning aspirations felt like a new experience for me and I am thinking it is because of the very conscious expression of my intention.

I began to watch what was happening more carefully and yesterday I noticed another intention of mine manifesting.

A few days ago I wrote a blog article about how we are interconnected with all people and all things. During a very emotional moment yesterday morning when I experienced a very strong heart connection, I found tears streaming down my face and when I looked outside the window at the bird feeder, I could see snow dripping from the round plate over its top.… and it looked like tears…my tears. When I stopped crying, it stopped dripping.

I have read in many inspiring books that we create our lives and I have noticed this on many occasions, but I am struck by the CONNECTION between the beauty and intensity of these experiences and the expression of my very conscious intention.

So, now, I have decided…I have a new toy to play with and I know just how I want to use it today.

Blogger statistics tell me which countries have people reading my blog and this information is so exciting and connecting for me. One country, in particular, has had numbers increasing and that country is Russia.

Now, here’s the interesting thing about this. A while ago I was going through some legal papers of my mother (who passed away eleven years ago). In her strongbox I found a birth certificate stating that my paternal grandparents were born in Russia. This is something I had never heard before and I found it very exciting. Since then I have talked to members of my family of origin and my daughters about our Russian connection through citizenship. And, a couple of weeks ago, when I was looking at my blog, I noticed that someone from Russia was looking at it right at that moment and so I went to the blog and sent a message of greeting.

The point I am making is that I have been putting conscious intention into connecting with Russia and my blog attests that this is happening.

So, now, I want to use that beautiful experience to also connect with the other countries which are accessing the blog. I gave some thought as to how to do this in a fun, creative way and below you will see the results of my brainstorming. It’s an experiment to bond with people reading my blog and let them know I am holding them in my heart and in my consciousness.

So, here are the results of my curiosity and delight!

Fun facts/info about these marvelous countries:

Germany's Zoo Berlin has the largest number of species in the world.

The concept of jean clothing was born in the Languedoc-Roussillon city of Nîmes, France, from where it was imported by Levi Strauss to California to make tough clothes for gold diggers.

Star gazing: under ideal viewing conditions, like in the Australian Outback, the naked eye can detect about 5,780 stars.

Dinner in Chile is rarely earlier than 9 pm and can often run as late as midnight.

United Kingdom: The 409 escalators in the
London subway cover a distance every week which is approximately equivalent to several trips around the globe!

Poland boasts 17 Nobel prize winners, including four Peace Prizes and five in Literature.

There are 221 museums, 2,000 libraries and over 80 theaters in Russia.. Feel like seeing a concert? Russia has 100 concert establishments. It could be Art is more your taste. Then you can visit one of 45 galleries.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Denmark number 1 in the world in e-readiness which indicates the state of a country’s information and communications technology

Lipizzaner horses, known throughout the world, originate from Lipica in Slovenia.

In the Netherlands most Dutch people speak at least one foreign language as well as Dutch and English.

The longest place name in Ireland is Muckanaghederdauhaulia, in County Galway.

The Trans-Canada Highway is over 7604 kilometers in length and is the longest national highway in the entire world.

South Africa is one of the most generously endowed geographic solar hot spots in the world, soaking up just over half of the world's highest category of solar wattage per square meter of land.

The necktie was invented in Croatia and is locally known as ‘cravat’.

Hungary has one of the most important thermal spring cultures in the entire Europe. There are as many as 1,500 spas in the country, adorned with Roman, Greek and Turkish architecture. Hungary also boasts of 450 public baths.

Some of the greatest pop bands and singers are from Sweden, viz. Abba, Roxette, Ace of Base, A*Teens, The Cardigans, Robyn, etc.

An interesting fact about the United States: the American One Dollar Bill is known by several slang terms. You can call it a buck, an ace, a clam, a rutabaga, a one, or a single, among other names. The term "buck" is probably the most popular. It comes from the fact that buckskins were used as a unit of trade in the "Old West.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these interesting bits of info about the Mystic Marks blog countries as much as I have had uncovering them. They are my welcome and my greeting to the parts of the world tuning in to Mystic Marks.

I encourage all of you to use your creativity in making your CONSCIOUS CONNECTIONS and then, sit back and watch the enchanting display unfolding just for you!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tapping In

For the last two days I have sent out the intention to understand why we sometimes make choices that are not in our best interest…why we react sometimes out of sadness or anger or hurt…why we comfort ourselves with things that do not enhance our well-being…why we are trying to fill up some space inside that feels empty.

This morning (when I usually get my most creative connections) I got a spectacular mega-image that is giving me an explanation of what I am trying to understand

It’s like we’re living in the center of a city that is teeming with vitality…there is action…there is adventure…and connection…and wisdom…and beauty…and insight. Marvelous, mind-blowing opportunities everywhere but we are sitting at home, unaware of what is around us. And the reason we are doing this is because we feel essentially alone.

And it’s difficult to feel alone…our struggles seem bigger, the burden heavier…we get tired…it’s easy to give up and it’s especially easy to feel sorry for ourselves.

The amazing concept that came sailing in to me today is not something I haven’t heard before. Oh, yes, I have heard it many times, but I have never HEARD it the way it came in this morning.

It all has to do with THE ENERGY around us and THE ENERGY that comes through us…and it is unending…spectacular…fourth-of-July fireworks…mind-blowing.

But we don’t see it or feel it or connect with it sometimes because we are living in the space of our own, private, singular lives. And the point is…our lives are not singular, even though they seem to be. They are not separate from all that is going on around us. They are so finely interconnected as to make EVERYTHING available to us…if we open the window to this realization and our eyes…and, most importantly, our hearts.

There is an ENERGETIC FLOW going on around and through us ALL OF THE TIME. And we have the capacity to tap into it. But we have to "see" it first…we have to know it is there. And it’s fascinating…

When we step out of ourselves and our singular lives and plug into the cosmos, suddenly, we are a part of it all.

Can you hear the teenagers snowboarding down the hill with screams of laughter as they navigate a curve or crash into each other? Can you sense the steady, protective energy of tree roots, holding strong while they wait for winter to complete its cycle and the eternal promise of spring to arrive once more? Can you smell the delicate skin of the new baby who is filled with wonder and awe at the depth and brightness of the sights he sees and senses around him? Can you intuit the unfolding of wisdom in someone’s eyes?

It’s all there…happening around us. All we have to do is tap into the vibrations…and all that it takes is the intention.

We are not alone.

We are interconnected and ALL that is occurring is there for us, too. It’s part of us.

When we know we are not alone, our loneliness is replaced by wonder and connection and curiosity and excitement. All because we’ve been born and are here.

Oh, yes. We’ve got a ticket to ride. Have you checked your pocket lately?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year, A New Day, A New Me

I delight myself with the Gift
of peaceful slumber.
I awaken naturally
when I am ready
to experience
the Beauty of a New Day.

Mystic Marks: Bookmarks for the Soul

Monday, January 3, 2011

A New Year's "Light" Show

After the magical days of Christmas holidays…when pine-scented boughs and cranberry candles perfumed the air and glittering lights whispered their grace-filled secrets into our happy hearts…decorating our spaces with joy and celebration…

after these magnificent days have passed and things have grown so very quiet and restful the steady, sure-footed march of the New Year alights on our doorstep, enters our homes and slides into our hearts.

It’s time…to renew and redirect our energy to the wonderful life we have imagined and make the changes that were placed on hold as we made merry and felt merry and loved the "merry" of the holidays.

Now, there is a NEW JOY that awaits us and it is born of reflection and inspiration and discipline…our New Year’s Resolutions.

Much has been said and advised about NYR’s…suggestions that we examine our lives, compiling a list of every change we can imagine…suggestions that we make NO resolutions and not place ourselves under that kind of stress... even a suggestion that we only try to improve ourselves by one percent in the category we identify as “most needed” or, even better, “most desired” and, thereby, let our accumulated steady, slow progress become its own source of motivation.

This morning in the quiet moments when I found myself awakening a different thought occurred to me.

I had been searching for a simple resolution…one that would be easy to hold onto and yet would change my perspective and this is what arrived in response to my request:

As you go through the day and encounter many moments…some relaxing and some difficult and challenging…as you go through the day, just take a moment and imagine how your Higher Self would respond to what is happening. Do not put any pressure on yourself to do what Higher Self would do. Only imagine it and take note.

This sounded wonderful to me…and it feels instinctively that just choosing to put myself in the place of imagining a Higher Response would do some subtle, behind-the-scene work for me even while I went busily about my day, impressing my consciousness with a more beautiful, more loving, more joyful way to navigate itand, most importantly, a way to be my own SOURCE of happiness and satisfaction.

And it actually sounds and feels quite practical, too, to become, on a continuing basis, the ANCHOR for my joy.

So I am going to give it a pop! This means I may pause a few seconds before I react and respond to what is going on…allowing myself the time and perspective I need to call up a Higher inspiration than what would automatically appear on my default button.

It will be very interesting to take this journey and, no doubt, it will have its own BRILLIANT LIGHT SHOW as I enter into this universe!