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Monday, June 20, 2011


Making it through earth school requires holding two distinct perspectives about life.

One is the human adventure.

This experience is filled with excitement and discovery but also includes difficult moments of frustration as we try to make sense of our placement here on earth and the way the world operates.

It is filled with emotion of every kind...joy, delight, anxiety, fear...and, ultimately, the supreme sadness of loss of those close to us whom we have come to know and love

From this perspective we can easily feel bereft and alone.

The second and more important perspective is the adventure of our Spirit...and this one is very different. Clarity about this changes EVERYTHING!

Quantum physics now recognizes that everything we see and touch that feels so real to us is pure energy in manifestation.

This is also true of our bodies.

There is an etheric energy field that exists around our bodies and it can be seen by the human eye with practice and clear intention.

It extends approximately an inch or two beyond the body and is clear in color. When we view this etheric field it is impossible to fail to grasp that we are made up of pure energy.

Walking around viewing people in this light is like starring in your own Star Trek episode. It feels surreal. But it IS our life.

Scientists tell us that energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.

Ergo...since we are an energy field, WE cannot be destroyed by death. Our outer wrappings (earth clothes) can and do change. They self-destruct when we no longer need them.

We move to a different, more glorious vibration because when we undertook our earthly experiment we were already perfect (that is why we bravely accepted the challenge of moving to a lower density).

And that is why what we call "the ending" is really THE RETURN to our beautiful, already perfect selves...but now we are armed with the knowledge and experience we have so bravely gathered on earth.

We truly are SPIRITUAL WARRIORS on a mission of supreme importance. We are here to experience the darkness and the light. We are here to make choices and feel their consequences. We are here to learn lessons and, when we do, that learning is telepathically communicated to the world. We become teachers to each other.

How very courageous we are to accept (and design) our earth assignment and when we do make the vibrational shift back we will undoubtedly be overjoyed to return to the perfection of our Spirit Self.

LOVE is the unifying principle of the Divine Universe. It is Love that has prompted us to accept our earth challenge and it is Love that has inspired us to learn lessons for one another. And it is ultimately Love we will truly feel in all of its greatness and full glory when we finally return to our original vibration!