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Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Waiting

Everyone loves to see
the No Waiting sign when we are trying to access someplace. Who wants to
wait when we are ready to roll?

If we have to wait, then we can’t move forward on our wonderful plans! If someone else needs to do something so we can move along, then we aren’t the captains of our ship…merely passengers waiting for the “Go Ahead – All is Clear” sign.

I got a wonderful surprise when I decided to compile a list for my year-long celebration of my birthday! Instead of waiting to see what the day would bring…who would remember my birthday…how would they remember it…
Instead of all of that waiting, I decided who would celebrate it – ME!

I celebrated it by declaring a year long theme and planning how to implement it. (See my last blog post entitled “Happy Birthday to Me!”)

My list included what I had learned during the past year so that became a part of my celebration, too. And I started to implement it in stages even days before my birthday.

This turned out to be a wonderful reminder of many things I had been thinking about doing but had not quite gotten to. Now I had some extra motivation to move them into my day. And each time I did something on the list, I got a super good feeling about myself.

NOW who’s giving the presents!!!

It’s a fabulous birthday party with myself (in addition to the other celebrations by family and friends). And there was No Waiting to see what would bring me joy.

I filled the joy balloon myself and my list is giving me a never ending supply of soul-helium to keep those balloons afloat.

No waiting for happiness. Just grab it and run…This is truly the gift that keeps on giving!

p.s. In case you missed my last blog, here are my year-long birthday theme and list so far:

Cultivating Radiant Health

Ground each moment.
Walk often during the day.

Enjoy the beauty of nature.
Connect with the rain.

Adore the sun.
Enjoy every different color in the sky.

Drink generous amounts of water.


Stand tall.

View each person as a mystery... unraveling...
and bless my role as witness to that.
Experience the day in vignettes. When one is complete, release and move on.
Celebrate my efforts.

Study others to find their beautiful character.

Choose foods from nature’s bounty.

Hug my favorite tree.

Completely feel my emotions.
Clear out a little clutter each day.

Be authentic.

Speak my truth and listen to others' truth.

Get up and move around every twenty minutes.

Write my blog.

Give thanks.

Embrace the Present Moment.

Embrace the pain body and gain the wisdom of each lesson.


Be silly.

Simply be.

Invite a sprinkling of moonbeams to help me see the soul view of what is happening.

Do Over difficult moments guided by Higher Self.

Vibrate at a high frequency using Conscious Intent.

Listen to water.

Embrace my intuition.
Appreciate life for the amazing gift that it is.

Read uplifting thoughts.

Acknowledge every wonderful thing I see.

Hold space for those in distress (as my energy permits).

Watch the birds and squirrels outside my window.
Return to love.

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