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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bottom's Up!

You've probably heard this strapping toast expressed when friends and acquaintances get together for relaxing conversation and a social  hour. 

That’s when people encourage each other to enjoy the moment with a "refreshing" drink.  

Although the list of fancy cocktails available for social engagements seems endless, nature has its own perfect cocktail which your body absolutely loves.  It's WATER...and, just as all expressions of nature are perfect in design and natural beauty, this "cocktail" is no exception. 

Here is a list of its special attributes.

Its taste is serene and tranquil.
Its texture is smooth and clear.
It goes with everything, naturally harmonizing with any culinary delight.
And, most important of all, your body LOVES it.

Iñdividuals who are aware of these special properties serenely sip two glasses of this cocktail upon arising...before they even have breakfast...helping activate the body's energy channels and physical functioning. 

They know that this liquescent gift  empowers the cells of the body to do their work.

Although it's delightful to sip water all throughout the day, there are also some additional times when it is especially effective:

Thirty minutes before a meal
Before taking a bath
Before going to bed.

Best of all, it is easy to access this cocktail and there is great availability.

I am extolling the delightful virtues of this aquatic dream because I could not believe the improvement in my health and, especially, my sense of well-being since I began to make this perfect aperitif a very important part of my day.

This feeling of wellness and exhilaration is waiting for you, too!

L'acqua è cocktail perfetto della natura!


I wrote this blog post last night and this morning, when I awoke from a dreamy night's sleep, I realized that I had received a gentle nudge and a nod of approval from the Divine Universe via Mother Nature regarding the beautiful properties of WATER.

While I was composing last evening I had my television on and was vaguely aware that I was listening to and recording several episodes of House Hunters International.  The interesting thing about this is that all of the episodes were filmed on islands bordering the beautiful, blue-green ocean and, while I was consciously aware of my writing, my subconscious was apparently soaking up the grand expanses of water.  

The Divine result: an extraordinarily beautiful night's sleep, another loving result of opening myself to this fabulous (and free) gift.

You might want to keep this in mind if you are longing for some peaceful slumber!

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Calling Home

We often hear advice about positive daily routines to follow: 

Drink lots of water, get enough sleep, eat your fruits and veggies.  

Good stuff to do.

And I have something NEW to add to the list. 

It will only take about three minutes and it will put your body and emotions into the most beautiful place.

And, no...it's not meditation. 

It's  CALLING  HOME  to say "Hello, I'm  checking in.  All systems are go!"

Here's how you do it.

Start with the strong intention to clear your monkey mind.  (We all have this...it's the human condition to have our thoughts buzzing on fast forward...including our anxieties, worries and fears).

So....clear your mind with a beautiful, grand intention...then call home by inviting THE  LIGHT (Divine Power) to flow unencumbered through your being.  (Once you let it come in, it feels strangely wonderful!)

Next, send  Infinite Love and Gratitude  to your body, mind and emotions for always doing the perfect thing for your healing even though you do not understand how this is happening.

That's it.

Now just relax and observe your body go into a  BEAUTIFUL state of relaxation.  

You have just  transcended  the human condition of limited thinking and beliefs, connected with Your Divine Source and  expressed your trust that you are loved beyond measure and that your greatest good is ALWAYS operating even when you are distracted by the events and issues of the day.

Next, you will feel a building surge of energy and joy and wonderful, creative thoughts will come to you because you checked in with Home Base, the most spectacular destination available to you.

Only three minutes to make this call but those three minutes will change EVERYTHING!

So...what are you waiting for?   Call home...check into the CELESTIAL"hood" and have in to  your Divine Connection!

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Your Luminous Journey

In my last blog post, Eat, Pray, Love, TRUST, I quoted a comment made by an Ascended Master:

Do not have expectations how things ought to unfold and do not berate yourself if things do not turn out as you think they should. Do not come to conclusions regarding “success” or “failure” as you cannot see the whole picture.

“Success” or “failure” are terms bound to the Earth plane; from where we observe you, such terms are irrelevant. The only measure of “success” on the higher planes is the degree in which you allow the Light to flow unencumbered through your being.


This message arrived into my consciousness at exactly the right moment.

A few days before Christmas I was in a car accident.  Although none of my bones was
broken, I was pretty banged up.  Miraculously, my physical injuries healed quite beautifully but the real challenge was yet to come:  post traumatic stress.

This challenge manifested itself in the difficulty of getting a deep breath and sudden  unexplained bouts of ragged crying...both of which were sometimes experienced for prolonged periods of time.

Embracing the post traumatic stress has proven to be much more difficult for me than healing from the physical injuries.

The experience...when it hits...can be very scary.  Free falling, hopeless, feeling utterly lost in the quest.   And when we try to figure our way out of it, we experience more worry and concern...and there is a reason why trying to to find our way on our own is not the answer.

Today...when the traumatic sadness hit, I thankfully remembered the message's guidance to allow the Light to flow unencumbered through my being and expressed my intention to do so.

Interestingly, once I made the decision, I found it very easy to open to the Light.  And it was easy and comforting to say these words to myself:

I send Infinite Love and Gratitude to what my body is experiencing and thank my body for doing what is necessary to achieve perfect healing...even though I do not understand how this is happening.

Very quickly after this  I felt relief and comfort from the heavy emotional distress and also received guidance regarding this blog post,


And, to give me even more assistance with this challenge, the following message
appeared in my email today from Expect Wonderful:

When we analyze and try to figure things out, we imply that DIRECT KNOWING is unavailable to us.  We again create struggle and suffering by acting as if clarity isn't natural and requires effort.  Clarity is the true state of your mind and your energy; it only needs to be allowed to arise.

And so I invite and encourage and implore you to Allow the Light to Flow Unencumbered Through Your Being  when you feel challenged or lost...when you are suffering. 

As Meredith Murphy comments in Expect Wonderful:
 "Enter  into stillness and patience and you will find there is no substitute for KNOWING something."

From my own experience it seems to me that DIRECT KNOWING is waiting to flow into our consciousness through THE LIGHT.

Please remember your wonderful access to all of the help you may need.
 Many blessings to you on your Luminous Journey!

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eat, Pray, Love, TRUST

 During the last week I watched one of my favorite movies…yet again.

I  simply cannot get enough of this compelling drama and, if you haven’t discovered it yet, I highly recommend you make this connection.  

It’s based on a 2006 memoir by American author, Elizabeth Gilbert and its title is: Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia.

At the end of the movie the title character gives a deeply felt expression of the philosophy she has developed in her life.  She calls it The Physics of the Quest and it goes like this:

If you're brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting which can be anything from your house to bitter old resentments and set out on a truth seeking journey either externally or internally and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared most of all to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself then the truth will not be withheld from you.

This truth seeking journey that Gilbert describes is no easy task.  Especially when you are jolted out of your comfort zone by a totally unexpected and undesirable occurrence.  Trying to make sense of the why always seems to prove a futile and hopeless task.  And the reason is that the “sense” of the SURPRISE is not something that comes from a place of intellect.  The mind CANNOT save the day.  Try this and you will see how much energy and time you will have wasted.

No. the “sense” here comes from the HEART and it emanates from a very basic, cardinal place…a place that MUST be accessed to gain THE WISDOM OF LIFE…the place of TRUST.

This means giving up control of understanding the reasons for the SURPRISE and it’s no small task..  It’s easy to feel like you are free-falling…and hopeless…uttterly lost on this quest.  And the reason is that the knowledge being sought does not reside in the intellect (our usual plan of attack to gain information); it is a soul knowledge and we have to develop FAITH that it is here and operating.   (This may easily be the most important part of our earth journey.)

Two days ago I received a message on my email that was channeled from an Ascended Master, El Morya Khan, entitled A Simple But Effective Remedy.and it spoke to my soul.  It gave me deep comfort.  I printed out a part of it…the part which felt so very important... folded  the paper and placed it under my pillow (a variation of sleeping with books under my bed).  

I would like to share this passage with you.  Perhaps it will bring you the peace it brought me. Perhaps it will resonate with your heart.  Perhaps it will help you see more clearly the Light that we are and the beautiful way that we can awaken to this wonderful truth.

It is as if you are being asked to climb a mountain, but you have no idea what you will find at the top. And that is fitting. You do not know -- and we cannot describe that for you. The reason we cannot describe it is because what you are experiencing now in every moment has been very uniquely designed by you for one reason only: To bring you, a sovereign Being of Light, into a full realization of that Light that you carry within.

That is the truth. It is the one and only reason that you are choosing any course of action that you are taking at this time. But how you choose to awaken will be unique to you and you alone. And whatever that course of action might be at any given moment, it is perfect, absolutely perfect for you right now, in this moment.

We know that is a difficult answer for you to accept. And it does not seem to do much to alleviate any worries, fears, or concerns you might have about what you are choosing to experience. We understand that as well.

But we ask you to trust this process. Do not have expectations how things ought to unfold and do not berate yourself if things do not turn out as you think they should. Do not come to conclusions regarding “success” or “failure” as you cannot see the whole picture.

 “Success” or “failure” are terms bound to the Earth plane; from where we observe you, such terms are irrelevant. The only measure of “success” on the higher planes is the degree in which you allow the Light to flow unencumbered through your being.

Having embraced this message through my heart instead of my intellect it seems to me that -

If we choose to positively embrace what is given us and honor it as a Divine spark offering us guidance on our life path, our journey promises to be the amazing adventure we have dreamed of!

In the beautiful Italian phrase of Elizabeth Gilbert spoken at the end of Eat, Pray, Love as she finally finds the message of her life:  Attraversiamo!

Let’s cross over!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Vita Lezioni

You're running a race.  It's something you want to do. 

For yourself.  

It feels
exhilarating to be moving in this fast-forward, energetic way.  But then...you become aware that there are people watching you. 

Suddenly, your attention shifts from the sheer joy of using energy doing something that feels so good  to wandering what everyone is thinking about you...how well are you doing compared to the others? Are you looking exhausted?  Will you make it to the finish?I  Do you have what it takes to hang on?

Pressure.  The allure of  attention.  The opportunity to be recognized for your skill, your motivation, your tenacity or the possibility of bring viewed as a failure.

By outside sources,

Sources that have nothing to do with you and your life.

Sources that place their own values on you.  

Sources that come from other people's journeys.  Other people's value systems.  Not yours.

Somehow you've managed to change the words on their T-shirts to "My reaction  is YOUR story, " And this misstep of yours in perception is taking all of the fun out of your run...your race... Your journey.

What if there were no one there to watch you run? What if you ran a race only for yourself and no one else even knew about it?  What if  it was only for your joy...your experience... your learning?  With this kind of setting the race would only be about your bliss...your adventure.

Even if the people are already there lining the metaphorical curbs watching you...you could CHOOSE to make it only about you! And if you choose to do this, who cares what your performance
looks like, sounds like, feels like to anyone else?  Wherever these spectators are, whatever they are thinking or feeling about you is about their journey. Bless them...wish them well and release them from the role you have created for them as your cheering (or jeering) section. They have their own journeys to live.  They are starring in their own lives and you are starring in yours.

Now that you've taken the extras out of your scenario there is no cause for you to experience anything but the pure pleasure of what you are doing and what it means to you.

No one is left in your head to pose for or explain yourself to.  No pressure.  Only the joy of you making up your own mind about what you want to do and wishing everyone else well as they undertake their own adventures.

Now...go fly away to your own happiness and excitement and learning.

This is the way it is supposed to be: 
 Siete l'architetto della propria vita lezioni!

You are the architect of your own life lessons,

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Your Surprise Party

By now you may have heard of the concept that EVERYTHING HAPPENS IN PERFECT TIME.  
This philosophy is built on the belief that all things are divinely orchestrated to achieve our highest good. 
It requires a faith and trust that everyone is being Divinely cared for and the powerful magic here is that we are all being cared for at the same time,,,in the same wonderful, loving way. 
Somehow all things work together to manifest  this immense global  / individual intention.  And we all play a part in this mesmerizing spiritual happening.  We are the instruments who help the celestial clock find the beautiful cadence perfectly attuned to everyone's unique circumstances.

And this is not the only way the heavenly magic works.  

Not just in PERFECT TIME but also in THE PERFECT WAY.  

But this "perfect" way may not be what we expect...not what we are hoping for...and not what we think we want.
This acclimation is not an easy thing to release.  Somewhere along the way we learn to draw conclusions about what certain actions mean.  We make very strong connections with their perceived significance and it takes a very strong influence for us to let go of our directory of personal interpretation.

But  The Divine Universe is infinitely patient about helping us see past our rigid and preconceived notions. 

The Divine Universe watches over us, observes us and assists with every dance of life that is going on.  From its vantage point  IT can see the beauty of every rhythm and every motion....the whirling, the skirting, the waltz, the march, the awesome parade, the rappers and rockers.  IT sees what we cannot.  IT holds the magnificence and beauty of ALL of the dances in ITS heart and IT presents thém to us individually in perfect time as surprises.  
We are continually being invited to an enchanting SURPRISE  PARTY which has gifts for us that are unexpected but that fit perfectly into The Divine Matrix which holds the astounding support needed by every one of us.  This Matrix helps us as we find our place on the dance floor and not only glide to our own music but become the fascinating sounds and rhythm and light of everyone else's performance.

How wonderful to finally see the incredible ball we are a part of!  
What beautiful wisdom eventually leads us to leave behind our fixed notion of what we want and how we want to receive it and welcome instead the delightful "surprises" just waiting for us to recognize them and embrace them into our hearts, opening the door for our next passage of enlightenment and growth.

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dreaming You

Whatever is happening in your life is coming from an image you hold about yourself. 

The images you send out attract situations to you.  These pictures are absolutely available to your conscious awareness.  You can change any situation by looking at and changing your vision of yourself.

Sanaya Roman

Personal Power through Awareness

I'm always so clumsy.
I can't cook.
I am never comfortable telling people what I really feel.

The descriptions we give ourselves are the source of our behavior.  Whatever we believe to be true determines the course of our actions. 

It's the biology of belief. 

And it belongs to us.  

Granted, we were influenced by our families, society and the world around us.  They all helped by providing us with some predispositions to these images but guess who made the final purchase?  Oh yes, we bought in.  And when we did that, we set a course for ourselves that would play out in a hundred different ways.

Here's the good news. 

We are NOT stuck on those checkpoints.  Even though we may think we are and give up on ourselves ever becoming anything different.

The fact is we have INDISPUTABLE CONTROL over these images and just need to choose their replacements. 

OK, maybe not JUST choose...because there is some work involved.  It includes conscious awareness, creativity, focus and follow through.  But we can handle that...we earth dwellers are constantly reinventing ourselves...we just need to reinvent in the right direction.

Instead of whining about how we are losing our touch...what if we were to SEE ourselves as bright, alert, tuned in.  

Instead of feeling we lack the motivation to realize our dream, we can begin to see ourselves full of joy and satisfaction, creating something beautiful for the world in physical form or in the beautiful love and compassion we send out.  

We already have the resource we need for this exercise...it's  our IMAGINATION.

What if...just for tomorrow...we hold this amazing image of ourselves living each moment with attention and awareness and appreciation and gratitude? And what if our new fabulous image is totally feeling JOY and having FUN exploring the glorious moments we can create for ourselves?

Sounds like a winner to me.  High vibration.  Open, aware, connecting with life...someone we would so love to be around.

Ooops....that's already WHO we are and we got there by dreaming
ourselvesNow watch  how THIS  delightful person attracts the most fabulous scenarios into her life.

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originally published 8/7/11 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Awesome Power of Our Inner Child

The really important things in life are very simple...but somehow we often manage to complicate them, losing track of the natural instincts we possessed as a child. 

In that space...in that time...as a child...before we became influenced by limiting beliefs...we instinctively knew what to do.  

When we felt hungry, we ate. 
When we felt joyful, we played. 
When we were tired, we rested.  
If someone's game didn't feel OK with us, we walked away.

We had a clear perception of what was good for us and we honored it.

And then...we were exposed to the expectations of others and to please them (and often to win their love and gain their approval) we lost sight of how beautifully and wonderfully we were already governing ourselves and adopted the values belonging to others (one of the most troublesome behaviors we are inclined to practice as earth dwellers).  

We OVERRODE our own perceptions and instincts and THAT is where the trouble began.

Soon we developed
EXPECTATIONS for ourselves from outside influences that led us to push past our own natural messages from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual perspective.   

We began to work harder and longer than was good for our bodies, sometimes even pushing past the point of exhaustion.  We paid attention to the needs of everyone around us and forgot our own.  We lost the ability to say no when we were asked to do more than we were comfortable doing. 

We constantly tried to do more, be better, be smarter and, in the end, we were LESS and we suffered...depleting our resources and reserves and falling vulnerable to illness and exhaustion.

The good news  is that our original wisdom is still with us...carried in the heart of our inner child.  

Powerful stuff. 
Important stuff.  
Great natural medicine just waiting to be recognized.

How much more simple..and beautiful...and peaceful life is when we march to our own drummer.  What beautiful music we make when we listen to the harmony of our own hearts!

The comment has been made by many spiritually-centered people that  everyone in the world is now moving into a dimension centered around love.  

Why don't we all join in this wondrous evolution by listening more closely and with fervent devotion to this beautiful instrument driving the universal heart!

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