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Monday, February 28, 2011

The Gift of Light

To heal others with light start by drawing in as much light as you can imagine and putting it all around you. Then imagine yourself as clear as a crystal, so that you are a pure transmitter of light. Send the other person an image of light.

Imagine light going out from your hands, your heart, or the top of your head as if you are sending a stream of light from you to him or her.

That is all that is necessary; your Higher Self will handle all the details. You need only to have the intent to send healing energy as you transmit light, and you will.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
Sanaya Roman

As we connect with our Higher Selves we become aware of new and powerful ways to experience our beauty. One of these is by the transmitting of our love and concern and compassion to others and especially when those others are enduring suffering and pain.

Light transmits energy and we are energetic beings. We can share our energy with others by focusing on this gift and sending it with love to those we wish to help heal.

(Incidentally, we can also send it to our bodies…to any place where we are experiencing pain or discomfort.)

Light is one of the most glorious ways we have to reach one another.

We are all vibrating Beings of Light and this kind of communication is natural to our Higher Selves.

May you know the force is with you.

adaptation from

Star Wars

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Body Speaks

A few years ago I experienced a constriction in my throat. It worried me and so I went to see my doctor who told me it could be thyroid cancer and referred me to a specialist for testing. The wait to see the specialist was especially difficult but, because of a conversation I had with a nurse in his office, I was able to get in earlier than expected. As the doctor entered the room he encountered something he had never seen before…a patient gently striking a Tibetan bowl to keep herself in as high a vibration as possible.

After doing an ultrasound the doctor told me that he felt my problem came from stress and that I needed to take a vacation.

It took me two months to figure out what the doctor was saying to me…or, more precisely, what his Higher Self was telling me. It wasn’t to go somewhere; it was to do something differently.

Hearing his diagnosis that stress had caused the problem was relieving and confounding at the same time. I eventually realized that there was going to be no easy answer to this problem.

I remembered that some of my spiritual reading had made the point that problems with the throat meant that the person was not speaking his truth. This puzzled me as I felt that I had been doing that in my life. I asked several people close to me whether they thought I had failed to speak my truth and they did not think this was true. But I persisted in this query and talked to persons I felt could give me enlightenment. I was told in no uncertain terms that I, indeed, had not been speaking my truth in some instances…and especially not to my mother.

This comment rang true with me but my mother had died a number of years before this and now I wondered how I could do this. I was instructed to write my mother a letter. Which I did. And in this seven page letter I discussed the love I had felt from her, my understanding of her life situation, the hurts I had not expressed to her, etc. I read the letter three times, cried a lot and then burned it.

The next day I called three people I had unresolved issues with and had beautiful conversations with each of them. I took responsibility for not letting them know how I had felt and all three responded to me with love, concern and understanding.

I continued on with my pursuit of a healing path and kept searching for answers on how to get rid of the throat constriction and was led to a beautiful essay which told me that trying to fix everything is a FEAR response and that I needed to SURRENDER my problem to Divine Guidance. I was also led to an article about the state of bardo in which a person going through intense suffering has the unique opportunity to connect with places in the subconscious not always available to him.

I puzzled and puzzled over how to surrender and, finally, took the vacation the doctor had suggested. The vacation I finally took was to stop trying to solve my problem. This felt freeing and peaceful.

My throat constriction went away.

The throat issue for me was truly a two by four smacking from my Personal Guidance System which apparently couldn’t get through to me any other way. It was a gift of love and I finally realized this.

It is so mysterious and amazing how the body speaks to us…how it cares for us and sends us messages we need to hear. I believe this is true with ALL physical ailments and emotional upsets, too.

I have made it an ongoing mission of mine to learn how to make SURRENDER my default button and only since I wrote a recent blog post have I made the connection that SURRENDER means listening to our Personal Guidance System all the time.

Our first step is to be aware of it…to hear its message…then, whatever, we choose to do, we are truly conscious of our actions. The Personal Guidance System will steer us to peace and happiness but, if we are not fully receiving and embracing the signals, THE BODY (including our physical symptoms and emotions) WILL SPEAK TO US.

Rather a beautiful setup and system for us…just waiting to be discovered and honored…so it can make our earth life a smoother journey!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Painting the Big Picture

As we create our lives, one of our most important tasks is to paint pictures. As the artist, we determine whether the view we hold is a bull’s eye, clear cut, precise interpretation of the moment we are experiencing or whether it is sweeping, global, pandemic, universal.

To put it more simply, are we looking at the minute details or the big picture?

And, while there are substance and validity to both views, one may perhaps be a better collaborator in fulfilling our Divine contract to traverse the human landscape we inhabit.

When we react to something or someone that distresses us, it is so very natural to shift into the magnitude of the feelings that arise…our pulse may quicken, our muscles become tight, our mouths dry as we become the emotion we are experiencing. And, from this vantage point, it is very difficult and challenging to see or even sense the broad view of what is happening.

But, when we engage our artist’s brush to paint the big picture, everything rearranges itself, presenting us with a wider, more sweeping view of what has just occurred.

We see not just the person’s words or behavior of the moment, we discern the totality of the mysterious, complicated creature in front of us, including his hopes and dreams (realized or unfulfilled), attempts to negotiate life (successful or not), and, perhaps most importantly, aspirations for what he truly would like to be. And we are then privileged to see not just what is being expressed in that moment…which may come from hurt or a sense of rejection or failure... but the beauty of the whole person who is, alongside us, traveling through the challenges of our earthly home.

And this bigger picture can also help us view the distressing circumstances of our lives with the knowingness that we are receiving guidance and protection of our spirit. (Can you paint the picture of your spiritual guides watching over you with love and compassion?)

And if you can view this bigger picture as a steppingstone to the magnificent understanding that is to come about how the circumstances of our lives have taken us so beautifully, so perfectly to the place we have wanted to be…then, the bigger picture becomes one of our greatest guides in moving through the experiment we call life in this dimension.

The good news:

We have the power to change our artist default button to this position…to lift the intensity of the suffering we sometimes endure and help us gain a new mastery of our personal and global universe.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Your Personal GPS

Technology is giving us an earthly-conceived version of a gift we already have – Our Personal Guidance System!

The GPS you can purchase will prevent you from getting lost by giving you the most practical and effective advice on how to return to your path. And the Personal Guidance System we already have from Our Higher Self will also tell us what we need to know to return to OUR PATH. One comes from a satellite system; the other from the Divine Universe.

Regardless of whether it’s the GPS we purchase at Best Buy or the Personal Guidance System we already own… there’s one critical point: We have to turn it on!

Sounds simple…and it is when we hold the gadget in our hand. But it seems we can easily forget to turn on (tune in) to our innate Guidance System which waits patiently for our attention…and is always ready to do the job. Its messages are very subtle and sophisticated and can be beamed to us from many different places: the persons who share our life, the book we are reading, an offhand remark we happen to overhear, a feeling that comes over us. It’s quite a beautiful and intriguing setup. Ideally, we are the detectives always alert for the clues. And they are EVERYWHERE!

But, when we miss the subtle clues, the clues get stronger…and if we keep missing them, they won’t give up…no, they are (fortunately) relentless and will knock us over with a two by four.

Ever have this happen to you? The body eventually develops symptoms. We might be overcome with fatigue. Our relationships take a nosedive. We lose our motivation and excitement. Everything seems to malfunction around us.

There IS a way to sidestep the two by four and it’s simple but hard to do. Simply listen to the subtle clues. Look for them. We are so beautifully loved that they surround us. We are living in a PARADISE of love and caring and sometimes entirely miss that landscape.

We have to pay attention and be alert. We have to turn the Personal Guidance System on and we have to service it when needed. If we do, the Guidance will be there and it will lead us to the best and brightest road to our Highest Good.

Best of all, it’s a free gift…part of the bonus of attending Earth School.

Turn on and tune in. It’ll be the best advice, fun and entertainment of your day!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Heaven's Casino

Here’s what we know:

People like casinos.

And in our earth density this is what our casinos are like: crowded, noisy, full of smoke and, sometimes, reckless squandering of money that should be used for the basic needs of living. It’s true that people do enjoy themselves there because there is always the “promise” of the win…the hope of doubling and tripling the money and maybe even scoring really BIG.

These casinos are an earth density version of a GAME.

Then there is the GAME of pretending…pretending that we are alone and not the creators of our lives. This game is like a casino, too, and in this casino we experience ups and downs, fun-filled times and challenges and suffering of our own making, but suffering nevertheless. We question why things happen and sometimes feel we are victims of what we call fate. There are many great moments but also lots of upsetting surprises (which we have programmed in and have forgotten). We are playing a GAME that we have forgotten the rules to. Which is actually pretty risky and foolhardy…like gambling in a real casino…but this is a virtual one.

And since we seem to love the concept of casinos so much, perhaps we could up the ante and take a look at the ultimate casino, ETERNAL LIFE.

Here’s what’s different about this casino.

Instead of rolling dice and pulling handles on slot machines we are watching ourselves in the movie called The Challenges of Living in Earth Density. And everything we see is an illusion. But this is an awesome game and, therefore, everything seems real. This includes the very wide range of experiences that humans encounter. Including conflict and fear and suffering. We have literally forgotten that we have dreamed these up so that we can learn the lessons we want to have.

The big part of the game, the part that gives us the truly BIG WIN is when we understand that we are already perfect…we are Divine Beings having a human experience…and all of this is a highly sophisticated illusion we need to move through in our attempt to make the connection with our Divine Selves. And when we really get that it is our Divine selves who are running the show…who have actually constructed this casino so that we can play this game of remembering who we are….that is when we become the really big winner.

Imagine the celebration when one of us gets it. Hear that excitement, the roar of the spiritual crowd. Listen to the comments from your soul family:

“Aha, I knew he was on to us! Way to go!”

Here’s comes another breakthrough. What fun. And earlier than I expected.”

“What a fantastic job she’s doing. Awesome!”

Now, that is the ultimate casino. And it’s full of the most beautiful and fun-loving creatures, our Higher Selves. And they are just waiting for us to play the GAME of catch-up.

Let’s play ball!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raise Your Vibration

I asked for help this morning with a very difficult and very important question and several thoughts came flooding in (as they always do). Kudos to my spiritual advisors who stand ready to respond to my requests at all times.

The issue for me here is how do we achieve the state of high vibration. We know that being in that beautiful state is critical to our health and well-being…to our happiness in life…to our ability to navigate life’s challenges. But the question is: when we are suffering or in distress, how do we get there?

Here’s what came in:

Always begin with boatloads of Love and Compassion. (If you have been reading my blog you may recall the dream I had of Galway harbor being completely filled with boats all carrying the same cargo: Love and Compassion. The feeling of the dream was: Love and Compassion are ALL that are needed…for everything. And please begin with giving that Love and Compassion to yourself for you are navigating your own life journey which is filled with the lessons you have chosen to learn. Fill yourself with love and compassion first and then it will be easy to let this overflow onto others.)

Express gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Count those blessings one by one…compile a list and don’t forget to include the obvious things like your warm bed, food to eat, the sun shining down on you, etc.

Recognize that physical issues and emotional upsets are messages from your subconscious of some pain or hurt you are holding. Intentionally release the pattern of behavior that is causing the suffering, without even knowing what it is or why it is there. (Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life will give you many wonderful suggestions on this idea.)

Accept your feelings whatever they are and let yourself express them for they release what you are holding in your body.

Surrender. Release your problems. Stop trying to figure them out. Have the clear and conscious intention for what you want and then leave the playing field and do something that relaxes you and brings you joy. Let the Divine Universe take care of the details for you.

Trust that you are loved and cared for to the deepest fiber of your being.

Bless your journey. Bless your difficulties and challenges for they are the path to achieving your soul’s intentions.

As I bring my conscious intention to practicing these suggestions in my own experience, it is my joy and pleasure to share these thoughts with you, send you Light and Love and bless you on the most challenging and difficult journeys of YOUR life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes the task of living the whole day in the way we aspire to feels daunting. It seems like a lot of work lies in front of us.

We ask ourselves…Will we be able to keep centered and calm and responsive? Will we be able to give our loved ones beautiful listening? Will we clearly honor the paths of others even when they choose different avenues from ours? Will we be able to fully embrace each moment that presents itself to us?


What if we broke up our day into segments? What if our day was filled with many VIGNETTESeach with its own rhythm and pacing and needs (and blessings, too)? What if we could see our way clear to just truly embrace the vignette we are in at that moment and engage fully and be present to that context, landscape and scene?

Seems like it might be easier to navigate our day.

If we direct our attention to the segment we are currently enacting, that’s all we need to do. And consider how wonderful it will feel if we perform like the STAR our Higher Self knows we are. How satisfying! How motivating! It will undoubtedly give us energy for the next vignette to come.

Consider dividing your day into scenarios.

The scenario of waking and greeting the day and deciding to amp up your vibration by intending and choosing to BE LOVE in all of your encounters. The scenario of breakfast... having your morning coffee while you contemplate the beautiful day outside of your window. The scenario of how you interact with the persons who enter into your life, extending beautiful listening and compassion as you give the gift of attention and reveal what you are feeling at that moment. And the many other scenarios to follow, each with its own unique vibration, pacing and energy.

Why not set the stage to always have an enriching and enlightening experience, embracing each challenge and opportunity one vignette at a time? There will always be something to enjoy and, even more importantly, something to learn about ourselves from the way we move through our day.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Message of the Moment

Love the moment
and the energy of that moment
will spread beyond all boundaries.

Corita Kent

It was June of last year and I found myself standing on a precipice at the American side of Niagra Falls.

The roar of the falls was mesmerizing. I stepped closer and invited the strapping mist to bless me with its beauty and strength as it danced and swayed with the mighty wind on this clear and cloudless day. This was a moment to be remembered; everything else disappeared into it. The
ENERGY was awesome and powerful and I was missing none of it.

The trip to the falls was something I had felt drawn to make. I had experienced such a strong desire to stand at this wonder of nature and feel its breathtaking intensity. It was worth all of the trouble encountered with the traffic that day.

I had journeyed with clear intention to a place of beauty and it had welcomed and rewarded me with its natural warmth and majesty

…as does all of nature…as do all of our experiences…and all of our interactions…as do our moments of solitude…as does all of life.

There is a generous fullness and spirit to all of life’s moments

…if we tap into them, if we are present to their gifts, if we recognize the many energetic strands at work producing them, if we open ourselves up to their FLOW.

The Niagra Falls moment came with a journey but this beautiful JOY is so easily accessible.

Every moment in life is full of invitation and allure and beingness. Every moment is a connection and when we love each moment and connect with it, we accept our sacred invitation to interface with the universe.

The astonishing Messsage of the Moment inspires and propels us to seek more moments of this CONNECTION. And once we experience it, we are captivated and we view everything around us…and in us…with new eyes and from another place of joy in our souls.

Yet another gift to humanity. The natural high of being truly alive and in touch with all that is!

Friday, February 11, 2011

24/7 Bliss

There are times when we all reach that beautiful place of exquisite joy and bliss. Perhaps we are viewing a magnificent sunset, perhaps we have been moved by someone’s loving intention and behavior toward us, perhaps we are pursuing the work of our heart and time seems irrelevant and immaterial.

Regardless of what has produced this wonderful state, it is truly something we treasure. We would like to have more of it. We would like to fill our lives with it. And, according to some, we can.

It’s hard to wrap our brains around that thought. Life has lots of challenges and difficulties and we might wonder how can we feel bliss when we are experiencing these moments.

The answer apparently lies in our vibrational level and in our intention.

Things which operate at the same vibrational level are attracted to each other. Those that are not must rearrange themselves or leave.

If we begin the day in a wonderful, highly motivated, high energy state (translate: high vibration) and then have a debilitating physical experience or emotional upset we could choose to invite the pain or stress or frustration to join us in our higher vibration. If we can hold the vibration we were already experiencing, the physical ailment or upset must either raise its vibration (and, thereby, eliminate the pain or stress) or leave the premises since we have already staked and are now keeping our claim to this high vibrational note..ergo, lower vibrations (translate pain or upset) must find another home.

Everything depends on our intention. Do we want to maintain the higher state of joy and connection to all that is? Are we willing to make that a conscious intention? And, even more importantly, do we believe that we are spiritual beings occupying by our very nature this beautiful, high vibration…unless we choose to dip into the density of earth school to experience those lower states of being?

Bruce Lipton, leading edge scientist and author of The Biology of Belief, points out that our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts. And our DNA controls our life.

The choice is apparently in our hands. Do we want to send ourselves the positive message and belief that we, as spiritual beings, are capable of reaching and maintaining that glorious high vibration or do we want to send the message that we are subject to circumstances outside ourselves and, therefore, are victims when these difficulties occur?

It might be fun to practice holding our higher vibration when these challenges appear and perhaps discover delight in the knowingness that it is we who determine the direction and create the enchantment, joy and bliss of our day.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beams of Love

And we are put on Earth a little space
That we may learn to bear the beams of love.

William Blake

LOVE is the gift of the Divine Universe. It patiently waits to be acknowledged and enjoyed.

It is the exquisite experience of being cared for, cherished, honored.

It is so MAGNIFICENT and BREATHTAKING that we may feel the angst of fear on some level and draw back from it...without even recognizing this shift. And, after having created this space, we may fill it with words and distractions which serve to separate us from this astonishing experience, to keep us protected by ego from the perceived possibility of being hurt or the disquieting sense that something this wonderful cannot be…or the feeling that we are not worthy or deserving of it.

But this magnificent gift IS the ENERGY of the universe…and we are worthy of it by reason of our existence. And we cannot escape it anyway for LOVE follows us everywhere, tapping us gently on the shoulder, awaiting our recognition and response…awaiting our SURRENDER.

We are here to find our way to LOVEthe receiving of it and the giving.

And it is the GIVING of LOVE that provides us with the courage to make the leap to RECEIVING it for when we give LOVE, we join with the universe in wanting and wishing only the best for each other.

If we look to the example of a person very dear to us whom we love and care for…we can recognize that we want this person to do what is best for himself…even if it is not what we prefer. LOVE prompts that understanding, that acceptance, that behavior in us. And the giving of that unconditional, unselfish LOVE brings us happiness and peace.

If we view this loved one as a microcosm of the world, it is clear that loving everyone is wanting everyone to do what feels best to him…as each individual navigates his life lessons and journey.

Ram Dass says LOVE is “your deeper heart, your intuitive heart. It is the place where the higher mind, pure awareness, the subtler emotions, and your soul identity all come together and connect you to the universe.”

And we are put on Earth a little space
That we may learn to bear the beams of love.

William Blake

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Game

We have gotten so VERY good at playing THE GAME of PRETENDING that we are alone and not the creators of our lives.
Steve Rother (and his mentors)
The Magnetic Whip

Now that’s quite a game to get into…and, according to Steve Rother, I already have. You, too, says Steve. It’s the human condition. The way we view the world and what makes us feel stressed, anxious and frustrated.

And what if Steve Rother is right and all this pretending is not necessary? What if it’s a cover for the Divine Creatures we really are and what if we have been hiding behind this disguise all this time? What if we really are spiritual beings having a physical experience?

Let’s think about this for a minute and consider how the recognition of this could work in our lives.

There is a huge difference between exerting tons of energy on our many dreams and wishes in the hope of manifesting what we desire (in the pretend game) and, instead, simply consciously choosing our intention and then ALLOWING the Divine Universe to bring it to us…in the most beautiful and powerful and perfect way possible.

Sounds a lot easier…and more practical…and, ultimately, a lot more fun. If we had a knowingness about the magnitude of our ability all we would have to do is choose to use it whenever we want.

Can you imagine the awesome privilege of that position? And because we are Divine Connectors our goal would naturally be to embrace our Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone involved.

Now, we don’t always know what that Highest Good is but the Divine Universe does and we don’t have to worry about the details. Once we are clear about our intention and express it, we need to leave the playing field and go do something else…read a good book, see some friends, take a walk…just distract ourselves while the Universe takes over.

Sounds to me like a plan…and a very good one. And it also feels easy.

What if this were true?

The question is: If we are so very good at pretending, consider how stellar we can be at EMBRACING THIS adventure?

Who’s running YOUR show?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Assumptions and Agreements

It is so easy to assume that others see the world the way we do. Things seems so clear to us...what has happened...what it means...how we feel. I mean, it's all so real to us. How could others not get what we see so clearly?

Buzzer here for wrong answer.

And buzzer again for big mistake.

And the reason that this is so is that each of us has a unique history.

I know…that’s truly a duh statement. We all know it.

But somehow we forget to remember it.
We forget because we are so entrenched in our world and the lessons we have learned and, even more importantly, the lessons we have not. We operate from our own set of expectations, hopes and dreams, including the pain and hurt we have endured and we know what we like and want in a response and when we do not receive it and when it isn’t expressed in the language or tone that we prefer, we make assumptions and we suffer.

But the world is actually a more interesting place when we are open to these wildly varying interpretations of reality and accompanying feelings than it would be if everyone could and world see the world the way we do.

And we would make much greater progress in our relationships if we allowed for new (and different) insights and interpretations.

And we might actually gain new perspectives if we stepped outside ourselves, observing our reactions and responses.

And it could be intriguing to imagine the energy emanating from the other person as he expresses his feelings.

And it would be loving to remember that anything negative coming at us is coming from pain.

And if we are going to assume at all, it is always wise to assume the highest and most understandable motivation for the other's actions.

And if we meet every dissonance with Love and Compassion (for ourselves and others), we will surely find our way to some peace and harmony.

Lots of reasons to move beyond our initial and automatic default reactions.

Now, I am not suggesting that we be less than real about how we feel because being authentic is ESSENTIAL in this undertaking.

I speak my truth
So I can keep my heart free to fly.
I listen to your truth

So you can join me.

Mystic Marks: Bookmarks for the Soul

It is in this joining together of our truths that we can find a very beautiful and very practical solution to our dilemma, the Agreement.

When both parties can listen to each other with an open heart and the singular goal of understanding the other (Help me understand…is a beautiful way to express it), undoubtedly an Agreement can be reached.

If each person tells the other what feels comfortable and satisfying to him, somehow a solution always appears. Probably because the actions are coming from a loving intention to find a way to navigate what has previously been a cause of suffering and to meet the needs of both persons involved in the conflict.

Without this very conscious intention to find a meeting place, tempers flare, feelings are hurt. Things do not end well.

But, with it, they always do and the agreements can always be changed or renegotiated whenever necessary.

It’s such a simple but profound way to take loving care of ourselves and others. And so very powerful and effective. Paying attention to others along with ourselves, understanding their vulnerabilities and honoring their dreams seems a rather small price to pay for that wonderful feeling of consonance and connection.