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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Sometimes the task of living the whole day in the way we aspire to feels daunting. It seems like a lot of work lies in front of us.

We ask ourselves…Will we be able to keep centered and calm and responsive? Will we be able to give our loved ones beautiful listening? Will we clearly honor the paths of others even when they choose different avenues from ours? Will we be able to fully embrace each moment that presents itself to us?


What if we broke up our day into segments? What if our day was filled with many VIGNETTESeach with its own rhythm and pacing and needs (and blessings, too)? What if we could see our way clear to just truly embrace the vignette we are in at that moment and engage fully and be present to that context, landscape and scene?

Seems like it might be easier to navigate our day.

If we direct our attention to the segment we are currently enacting, that’s all we need to do. And consider how wonderful it will feel if we perform like the STAR our Higher Self knows we are. How satisfying! How motivating! It will undoubtedly give us energy for the next vignette to come.

Consider dividing your day into scenarios.

The scenario of waking and greeting the day and deciding to amp up your vibration by intending and choosing to BE LOVE in all of your encounters. The scenario of breakfast... having your morning coffee while you contemplate the beautiful day outside of your window. The scenario of how you interact with the persons who enter into your life, extending beautiful listening and compassion as you give the gift of attention and reveal what you are feeling at that moment. And the many other scenarios to follow, each with its own unique vibration, pacing and energy.

Why not set the stage to always have an enriching and enlightening experience, embracing each challenge and opportunity one vignette at a time? There will always be something to enjoy and, even more importantly, something to learn about ourselves from the way we move through our day.


  1. I like the idea of being a "star" in my own vignette--especially when I am doing things alone. It's lighthearted and motivating. :-)

  2. I love this, Marie. Very timely for those of us who are working on big, long term projects to step into a mindset that can allow us to enjoy and savor the vignettes of our life. I can really wrap my head around that since I am a very mentally visual person who sees life rather prismatically...so this is a great way for me to think of the moments of my life as beautiful diamonds in their own right, creating an intricate design,but still lovely all on their own. Much love, Renee

  3. The vignette approach to our daily lives is a wonderful adaptation of our attempt to "live in the moment". This concept helps us navigate our days with intention, creativity and humor. We can look forward to each day unfolding as we create it. Love this idea!

  4. Love it!!!

    Infinite Love and Gratitude,