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Sunday, July 26, 2015

THE CUTTING EDGE: Don't Shoot the Messenger

Every one of us holds an IMAGE about ourselves in every given moment. Those images change depending on the state of our energy, our current circumstances, our insight and our wisdom. Sometimes, the image we hold for ourselves is one of victimhood.  (And then things naturally unfold to prove that image to be true.). Sometimes, we beat up on ourselves as we fiercely and unmercifully judge ourselves.  (And this behavior often represents the voices of others we have heard throughout our lives who held these views of us...views we have unconsciously adopted.)  And, sometimes, when our energy is high and we feel inspired, we visualize our Higher Self and we see ourselves acting in ways that are brave and courageous and dedicated to our personal growth.

Which brings me to a concept I learned several years ago from LifeLine practitioner Georgiann Voissem.   

And here it is:

When I become upset, I choose to ONLY pay attention to the fact that I got upset... NOT what someone said or did and NOT who said or did it.  I direct my attention ONLY to reflecting on the truth about myself that was just revealed to me:  the FACT that this comment or action upset me, the fact that I am unable to view the words or actions of the event dispassionately...that this event has triggered an unhealed hurt within my heart.

I realize this is not the way we usually react to upsetting circumstancesTypically, we react by feeling attacked and quickly assign blame for our feelings to the other person involved in the interaction.  Here is the interesting thing about this behavior.  In the scenario that has just been enacted, the other person is only the messenger, and, when we ascribe blame to that other individual, we have just SHOT THE MESSENGER.  The "messenger" was there to bring something to our attention… something we have not been noticing about ourselves…something we need to pay attention to for our own healing.

Responding in the way that Georgiann suggests is truly CUTTING EDGE behavior.  And this is really appealing to me. And exciting.  I would like to think of myself as capable of living on the cutting edge. And when I think of myself that way, I feel more committed to mastering this practice.  


And, truly, responding to situations in this way instead of reacting by feeling attacked and hurt and blaming others, quickly helps us see what needs to be healed in our own lives. And it really is a calming influence on our interpersonal relationships.  It also helps us see ourselves in a new and inspiring reflection.

 Are you ready to leap into a future, CUTTING EDGE view of the person you aspire to be?


                                                                                           Marie Helena 

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Always Something MORE

There is ALWAYS more to the story.


No matter what we think we know about something that has happened, there is ALWAYS more to the story.  Always something MORE that explains a person's motivation for what he does, has done or is considering doing.  And it is ALWAYS a story of how he has been affected by what has already transpired in his life.  What is happening in this moment is contingent upon what has already been. 

Imagine the trillions upon trillions of events that are occurring because someone's need has gone unrecognized or unfilled.
  Or...perhaps the need has been generously and magnanimously met and this gift of caring has, therefore, helped shape and form an even greater effort of love

WE are all a part of this human tapestry. 
Everything we experience is contributing to and shaping our world view and the world view of others and, extending even further....into the formation of the universal consciousness.

Nothing is lost. 
Every choice - every effort, every decision not to choose to act - is playing a role and joining with other variables to produce a new occurrence.

What place do we hold in this process? 
What do we bring to contribute to this cosmic brocade?  How well do we understand our role as co-creators?  And do we acknowledge the subtle, powerful and fascinating influence we have the power to bestow upon each other?

                                                                                                    Marie Helena

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Monday, July 13, 2015

The Audience

Dance like no one is watching.

There is a quaint phrase we use when we talk about putting our best foot forward and donning our best manners:  Sunday Clothes.  It's like we scrub ourselves down, bring out our best attire and now are being very careful about what we say and do.  And this is because we feel everyone is watching.

If you've seen the movie Stepford Wives, you know that the characters here
are performing in a way that is "expected" of them...actually, programmed INTO them so they will not deviate from the norm.  And the result of this oppressive exercise, watching people march through a prescribed routine, is not inspiring.  In fact, it is rather dull…even annoying.

And that is because we all crave authenticity, we crave the "luxury" of being completely ourselves.  What a pleasure to just BE what we feel like...to not feel compelled to impose someone else's expectations upon ourselves!  How relaxing and delightful to do and say precisely what is going on inside us!

Imagine what the world would be like if every person felt that freedom!  Imagine what it would be like if no one felt they had to live up to others' expectations!  Things would be wild and crazy and  also vibrant and surprising and unsettling and disconcerting.  But they would be authentic expressions of who we are.  No energy would be wasted in pretending.  Things would be joyful and exciting and often topsy turvy but we would truly know what others are feeling and we would ourselves enjoy the freedom of being transparent.

The picture I am describing would require an HONORING on everyone's part of the thoughts and ideas and feelings of others.  It would also require the UNDERSTANDING on everyone's part that what is said and done is ALWAYS only about the person himself and what HE is experiencing, remembering, processing, releasing.  No offense would be taken from anything that happens.  No one would make the mistake of owning another's reaction. We would all be firmly grounded in our own self knowledge and assessment...not needing anyone's approval to feel OK.  We would all be flying free, enjoying the moment, expressing what is in our hearts.  And celebrating everyone's right to join in the vibrancy and revelations of the moment.

What a grand experiment it would be to leave our Sunday Clothes behind and  breathe the beauty of having everyone freely "dance", watch others "dance" and ENJOY the show!

                                                              Marie Helena

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Something Wonderful

We must find something wonderful in everything we do...

Uncle Bernard
An American Girl:  Grace Stirs Up Success

"Find something wonderful in whatever we do!"

And what would that look like? 


Polish the table with an extra flourish of wax and spinning cloth...
Walk down the block noticing flowers you've never seen before...
Savor the lemonade you made with luscious, hand squeezed lemons...
Smile at the neighborhood dog who is lounging nearby...
Stoop to spy on the ant colony carrying its supper-load with expert precision...
Recite aloud (just for you) the lines of a favorite poem....
Journal things you are so very grateful for...
Listen with loving, conscious attention to someone's memories...
Dance while you return things to their assigned place in your home...
Cheerfully give up your place in line to the person waiting behind you at the store...
Acknowledge the needs of someone in distress...
Sip a lovely cup of tea and munch on a lemon bar, enjoying every morsel...
Send an email to a friend you haven't heard from...
Appreciate YOUR loving gestures...
Assume the very best when things happen to you...

The something wonderful?
Attract vibrations that match your beautiful heart!

                                               Marie Helena

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