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Monday, December 31, 2012

Heaven's Casino

Here’s what we know:

People like casinos.

And in our earth density this is what our casinos are like: crowded, noisy, full of smoke and, sometimes, reckless squandering of money that should be used for the basic needs of living. 

 It’s true that people do enjoy themselves there because there is always the “promise” of the win…the hope of doubling and tripling the money and maybe even scoring really BIG.

These casinos are an earth density version of a GAME.

Then there is the GAME of pretending…pretending that we are alone and not the creators of our lives. This game is like a casino, too, and in this casino we experience ups and downs, fun-filled times and challenges and suffering of our own making, but suffering nevertheless. We question why things happen and sometimes feel we are victims of what we call fate. There are many great moments but also lots of upsetting surprises (which we have programmed in and have forgotten). We are playing a GAME that we have forgotten the rules to. Which is actually pretty risky and foolhardy…like gambling in a real casino…but this is a virtual one.

And since we seem to love the concept of casinos so much, perhaps we could up the ante and take a look at the ultimate casino, ETERNAL LIFE.

Here’s what’s different about this casino.

Instead of rolling dice and pulling handles on slot machines we are watching ourselves in the movie called The Challenges of Living in Earth Density. And everything we see is an illusion. But this is an awesome game and, therefore, everything seems real. This includes the very wide range of experiences that humans encounter. Including conflict and fear and suffering. We have literally forgotten that we have dreamed these up so that we can learn the lessons we want to have.

The big part of the game, the part that gives us the truly BIG WIN is when we understand that we are already perfect…we are Divine Beings having a human experience…and all of this is a highly sophisticated illusion we need to move through in our attempt to make the connection with our Divine Selves. And when we really get that it is our Divine selves who are running the show…who have actually constructed this casino so that we can play this game of remembering who we are….that is when we become the really big winner.

Imagine the celebration when one of us gets it. Hear that excitement, the roar of the spiritual crowd. Listen to the comments from your soul family:

“Aha, I knew he was on to us! Way to go!”

Here’s comes another breakthrough. What fun. And earlier than I expected.”

“What a fantastic job she’s doing. Awesome!”

Now, that is the ultimate casino. And it’s full of the most beautiful and fun-loving creatures, our Higher Selves. And they are just waiting for us to play the GAME of catch-up.

Let’s play ball!

originally printed February 21, 2011

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Secrets of the Universe

Spiritual author Gary Zukav tells us that when we practice acts of  
love, fear  begins to disappear from our lives.

What an intriguing thought:  The on-going offering of love releases fear!

As I reflect on this concept, a simple, mathematical observation comes to me.

I have read authors on many occasions who say that there are only two primary emotionslove and fear...and so it seems to me that if one of these emotions prevails, the other will only take up the space that is left.  

And, to extend this thought even further...
If love is fully present in every moment, there will be no space for fear.

Could it be that simple? 

Perhaps there is also something intrinsic to this equation regarding the substance of love...and fear.

Love implies a fullness of heart...generosity, caring, compassion..joy that is waiting to be shared.  Fear implies a lack...of abundance, of trust, of safety.
In order to feel joyful and generous I think we must first feel EASE and SAFETY and, perhaps, that is the first and possibly most important thing that love gives us...a sense of safety...the feeling of "home"...a place where we are free to be ourselves and know "it's all good".

So, perhaps, the question is:  Can we look at the world and sense this AWESOME FEELING OF SAFETY?

Can we find it in the order and cycle of the seasons moving through the year?
Can we see it in the way a tree takes root and grows?  
Can we feel it in the rhythm of a fetus growing in the womb and, after birth, progressing steadily and in perfect order through the stages of life? 


Perhaps the consideration of these beautifully orchestrated events can provide us with the sense that we ARE safe...that there is a Divine Order at work and a loving and caring Creator authoring this order.  

And, if we are, indeed, safe, we can relax into ease and naturally share that beautiful space with others.  

This, then, delivers us directly into love.

And, when we practice acts of love and nurture it, love grows exponentially.  And the MORE we love, the less room there is for fear.


The choice is ours: expansion or contraction...love or fear?

The structural beauty of the universe seems to offer the evidence of expansion (Love).  Is the possibility of this conclusion yet another gift we have been given?

image from emergent-culture.com

originally printed August 22, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tea by Special Invitation Only

We design our lives by making conscious choices. 

If we do not purposefully choose the direction in which we wish to go...the body will react to whatever emotions we are experiencing. 

And,  if those emotions are fear-based or anxiety-ridden, that is what the body will express.

We CAN, however, bypass this avenue of default by choosing to keep our bodies in a state of bliss.  If we engage in something that is truly  joyful to us and we sustain that state of being...the body will do its healing work, undeterred by emotional obstacles.

And to help us stay continually in that beautiful place of bliss we can allow Higher Self to take over the  Heavy Lifting.  

We do not need to know or understand what is needed for our greatest good.  All that we have to do is express that intention with the knowingness that  the Divine Universe will guide us to the most perfect way to achieve our goal.

If we find ourselves experiencing the lower energies of fear, anger, judgment or self-doubt, we can respond by acknowledging their presence, thanking  them for visiting and informing them that  they will NOT be having tea with us today
so they either have to transform themselves to a higher vibration or leave the premises.

Remember, this is our territory and WE get to decide which vibrations visit and which get to stay.

We need to do whatever it takes to place and keep ourselves in the   

listen to enchanting music, 
read beautiful words,
drink in nature's glorious offerings

...do whatever produces this bliss for us 
and we will present our body with the perfect state for healing and rejuvenation.

What a Beautiful Opportunity to direct our energy flow for the purpose of achieving radiant health!

image from conceptart.org
originally printed October 29, 2011

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Glorious State of Grace

Light Blue Butterfly
The beautiful and powerful Oprah Winfrey bid goodbye last year to the faithful fans who followed her afternoon production for twenty-five years.

In her last broadcast she talked with the audience about the most important things she had learned from her guests during her show’s tenure.

One of the most significant, she said, was this:

ALL LIFE IS ENERGY. Every rock, every butterfly, every blade of grass…the sky, the clouds, your body, your thoughts, everything you see and feel…is energy.

We are responsible for the energy we create for ourselves.
We are also responsible for the energy that we bring to others.

A very commanding thought.

If…WE are responsible for the energy, then WE are the originators, the creators…with all of the powers inherent in that title.

Dictionary.com says to create means to be the home of.

If  WE are the home… then WE are the resting place where peace and nurturing are needed and the launching pad for vitality and action. Quite a responsibility. And privilege.

To do this well certain things seem important.

Seeing the soul view behind appearances 
Telling ourselves the truth 
Being aware of the consequences of our choices 
Trusting in the Divine 
Connecting with our Higher Self 
Being open to learning our life lessons 
Honoring our path and the paths of others 
Loving ourselves and others 
Feeling gratitude for the gifts of life 
Experiencing JOY in the Present Moment.

When our world is filled with the presence of this goodness the energy we create for ourselves and the energy we bring to others will be life enhancing. We will be creating a glorious expansion of our own bliss.

Can we dream for a moment to a future where every person cultivates the most beautiful HOME for his energy?

What would the world look like if we each felt this Glorious State of Grace and sent out this wondrous gift to each other! 

originally printed June 15, 2011

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Gift of Light

To heal others with light start by drawing in as much light as you can imagine and putting it all around you. Then imagine yourself as clear as a crystal, so that you are a pure transmitter of light. Send the other person an image of light.

Imagine light going out from your hands, your heart, or the top of your head as if you are sending a stream of light from you to him or her.

That is all that is necessary; your Higher Self will handle all the details. You need only to have the intent to send healing energy as you transmit light, and you will.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
Sanaya Roman

As we connect with our Higher Selves we become aware of new and powerful ways to experience our beauty. One of these is by the transmitting of our love and concern and compassion to others and especially when those others are enduring suffering and pain.

Light transmits energy and we are energetic beings. We can share our energy with others by focusing on this gift and sending it with love to those we wish to help heal.

(Incidentally, we can also send it to our bodies…to any place where we are experiencing pain or discomfort.)

Light is one of the most glorious ways we have to reach one another.

We are all vibrating Beings of Light and this kind of communication is natural to our Higher Selves.

May you know the force is with you.

adaptation from
Star Wars

originally printed February 28, 2011

Friday, December 21, 2012

Spiritual Warriors

 Earth School is not for the faint of heart.

Everyone who has chosen this path has, on some level, accepted a huge challenge: experiencing the density and duality of the third dimension including navigating the many obstacles placed in the path of learning our soul lessons.

Yes, we are - all of us - Spiritual Warriors.

Now for the good news. We are not being left alone in the dark.

We have all been gifted with a spiritual compass which helps us find our true north. That compass is the deep, abiding joy we feel when we act in alignment with our Higher Self.

Another way of saying this is we have chosen to respond from the perspective of Love.

Even if we do not reach the full expression of love...if we can clearly identify the behavior to which we aspire, we are poised to move with great power in that direction.

When we are out of sorts, or irritable or impatient this is an indicator to us that we are not in that spiritual alignment.

But when we choose to act from a place of peace and acceptance and compassion...it doesn't matter how difficult the circumstances are for we transcend the darkness and difficulty by introducing the Light of Love.   In this way we need not fear what challenges we find in our path for our only concern is the energy we choose to bring to the occasion.

Spiritual Warriors need only the desire and commitment to follow the promptings of their soul and they will surely be shown whatever they need to know.

originally published June 14, 2011

Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Territory

Whenever we decide (and I mean REALLY decide, ready-to-roll decide) to step up into a new and grander version of ourselves, we usually encounter the rumblings and grumblings of our old default behavior which is not going to take being passed by..stepped over...demoted!!!  in a light and casual manner.

Our default behavior has been with us for many moons...maybe even eons in the larger scheme of things and it's firmly entrenched in our psyche.  When our buttons get pressed, our emotions get T-R-I-G-G-E-R-E-D and we're off and running...running wild, that is. 

And, when we finally DECIDE to step up into a change, the battle lines are drawn (our Higher Self draws them with a firm assist from our growing intention and persistent tenacity) and, to describe the situation in contemporary language, let us just say, "It's ON!"

And, as frustrating as all of this is...it's EXCITING, too,  because we are about to become newer, stronger, more beautiful, more filled with the Light of Grace.

And it is the PROMISE of that TRANSFORMATION that provides the anchoring for the choice.  

We are going to be happier.  

We are going to be more satisfied.  

We are going to AH - PROVE of ourselves even more. 

The "AH" in the previous sentence is there to represent the peaceful place we are moving into and, oh yes, it's quite beautiful...but, just as any explorer encountering unfamiliar territory, we are going to have to face the lions and tigers, the sand traps and swamps

But remember WE put them there and WE can take them out.

We put them there because we are awesome and creative dreamers who envision a mighty and exciting battle for ourselves as we march forward in our quest to triumph over defeatist, limiting behavior.  

And, just like Indiana Jones, who ALWAYS prevails over the troublesome adventures that "befall" him, we, too, are the Stars of our Story and are already equipped with the  courage, conviction and wisdom to march into that NEW TERRITORY and claim it as the work of our Soul!

image from behance.net.   
HEROS on Behance

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Everything is a Miracle!


There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle. 
The other is as though 
                 Albert Einstein

The magnificent legacy of Albert Einstein is much greater than his famous theory of relativity.  

In my estimation, the most powerful contribution made by Einstein is his view of the Divine Universe as the Seat and Source of Miracles! 

And I feel that Einstein's perception of Life holds the key to everything that challenges, intrigues and causes us pain.  

Einstein says we must come to a conclusion regarding what we see in the universe.  

We must ask ourselves whether we are subject to random forces that act upon us, sometimes moving things in our favor, sometimes crashing them down upon us with no perceivable order...just the chaotic outpouring of events...

we must consider whether we live in a universe of Miracles...where a Divine Intelligence is the Source of all unfolding.

As I consider Einstein's invitation, 

a number of
PROFOUND EXAMPLES of life in this universe immediately come to mind.

The human body which has the mysterious, profound capability of harboring an embryo and nurturing it on a heavenly timetable so that a fully developed infant is born with all of the chemistry and growth patterns intact to help it become a mature adult.

The cycle of life which expresses itself through the seasons as our environment wakes from its wintry hiatus to produce new evidence of growth, nurtures it through to its flowering,  and, after its primal presence, withdraws energy from it so that the sleeping cycle can begin again.

The heart feeling of joy and peace which we feel when we choose to  be purely, authentically ourselves even through the pressure of opposing perceptions.

It seems to me there is an Intelligence that cannot be denied that is authoring this awesome process and that Intelligence seems completely filled with caring and compassion and LOVE...so much so and so fiercely so that I cannot help but draw the conclusion that LOVE is DIRECTING the voyage of our lives.  


LOVE is giving us the gifts of a magnificent planet filled with life sustaining resources. 

LOVE is guiding and supporting us on our journey as we set out to experience earth school and all that this encompasses. 

LOVE is providing us with the experiences we require to learn the lessons we have chosen.  

And that LOVE is ever unfolding.  

It is unfolding through our hardships and difficulties because they are leading us to find new strength.  

It is unfolding through our discomfort and pain because these conditions  express the blocks we are experiencing  on our journey and inspire us to find new and better ways of growing into ourselves and finally returning to the MAGNIFICENCE of our glorious, eternal Spirit.


And that is why our difficulties...our challenges...our pain...are Miracles.

They are the Miracles of our evolution which is being richly nurtured and guided so that we can achieve dimensions of growth we have perhaps not yet imagined for ourselves.

The Divine Universe knows us and loves us.  The Divine Universe knows what we are capable of and helps us grow through our sojourn on earth into our beautiful Spirit Self.

And that is why EVERYTHING is a MIRACLE!

image from nmsmith.deviantart.com


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Shake Yourself Loose

    Here's a simple but very interesting phrase I've often used to move me off dead center and into a new direction:

                                 If you keep doing what you always do, 
                        you're going to get what you always get.

You really have to smile at its simplicity but it's filled with THE STARK REALITY of the results we get from continuing on a path that has NOT brought us peace or happiness.  

Recently, I decided to take out this little gem, dust it off and give it a whirl.  And the place I chose to use it was the very human preoccupation of JUDGING MYSELF.

I have oftentimes read and heard about the folly of going down this path...but the practice is so EASY to slip into.  It feels as if someone has to punish us when we feel we have screwed up and somehow we elect ourselves for the job.  And so there have usually been years of practice creating and reinforcing this type of default behavior.

I was definitely clear about how demoralizing it felt  to beat myself up about a choice I have made.  This I knew from having experienced it often but what I didn't know was HOW MUCH ENERGY this behavior was draining from me.

I finally realized  that my spirit was weeping from all of this judgment...it was GIVING UP VITALITY FROM ITS LIFE FORCE...and for what?  No good was coming from subjecting myself to criticism and condemnation.

But it was VERY, VERY difficult to give up this practice. 

Finally, I was able to give it a try because I considered it an EXPERIMENT.  On some level, I still wanted to say "bad girl" and punish myself, but I chose to override the Impulse and this was the beginning of the transformation.  I consciously chose a better path even though it felt so difficult.

And, when I put this new resolution into practice, I was astounded to see HOW MUCH ENERGY I WAS FREEING UP...

Strong, Powerful, Vital Energy...energy my Higher Self began to take and use in my best interest, helping me actually do things I had aspired to but had not yet been able to accomplish.

And, best of all, (to my surprise) this made change...transformation...easy, almost effortless.

So what have I learned from this process?

I learned that compassion (in this case for myself) is what is needed to help us navigate life...NOT criticism.

I learned that I can override old default behavior by conscious choice.  I do not have to be a victim of my old experiences.  And, as Ilanya Vanzant, spiritual life counselor,  says, "Every new choice we make overrides every other choice we have already made.

I also learned the fun (and unimagined success) of experimenting with doing something in a new (if unfamiliar) way.

And so my message to you is to SHAKE YOURSELF LOOSE from old behavior that you feel is not serving you well

Try an EXPERIMENT...even if you have to drag yourself kicking and screaming to the starting line.  

Your Higher Self will be elated at your commitment and tenacity and will use the freed up energy to move you forward in your evolution.  

You are sure to be surprised at how your life will naturally transform itself and happiness will follow!

image from vivianinjapan.blogspot.com

Friday, December 7, 2012

Proof Positive

Earth Life is such an interesting combination of the fascinating and the mundane.

And, often, we place our consciousness on those everyday tasks and responsibilities…cleaning, cooking, earning a paycheck, paying our bills (and our taxes), keeping up with the news and the neighbors.

What we often take for granted is the fascinating, the miraculous, the wondrous phenomena that surrounds us and quietly anchors our everyday life.

I am talking about the bodythat same body that can get tired and feel aches and get a cold. We can become so caught up with these body sensations that we miss the message right in front of us.

And that message is:

The body is a work of art...a masterpiece.

This wonderful body that can process emotions…sadness, for example, that permeates our every cell and take that sadness and change it into chemicals that move through the body and release themselves through the shedding of tears.

This wonderful body that can harbor an embryo and nurture it so carefully on a beautiful heavenly timetable so that a fully developed infant is born with all of the chemistry and growth patterns intact to help it become a mature adult.

This wonderful body that can produce super-human strength through its resource of adrenalin, aiding a grief-stricken mother to lift machinery that weighs many times her weight to save the life of her child.

This wonderful body that can do all of this and much, more more has the capacity to heal itself...IF we don’t get in the way.

But it’s so easy to do that…and so human to get lost in the duality of our life and the problems we have taken on.

It is our work to see beyond the mundane and our suffering and to trust in the sacredness, the gift of life.

It is our work to keep our hearts and emotions clear by acknowledging our feelings, accepting them, valuing and not judging them and speaking them in a loving way to ourselves and to others.

It is our work to clear the way for the body to do what it has been designed for…to provide radiant health.

It is so very clear. There is
Proof Positive that our body has the capacity to do this if we look at the miracles that already happen.

All that we have to do is get out of our own way,
enter into the flow of life
and connect with the
LOVE that governs the universe!

originally printed May 28,  2011

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Best Christmas List of All

It's December and time for our Christmas to-do lists. 

Some especially ambitious individuals have started on their lists many moons ago.  But for those of us who kick into high gear after Thanksgiving...it's time to get down.

And I bet you have LOADS OF ITEMS on your list: 
 buy a Christmas tree (and decorate it), 
 shop for presents,
 plan a holiday party, 
 balance that budget so finances will work smoothly,
 try some new holiday recipes...

oh, and clean the house (including those jobs you've left undone but now have to do because out-of-towners will be staying with you).

I'm guessing you might be exhausted just thinking about these tasks and that's nothing compared to the EXHAUSTION you feel when you start trying to complete the tasks and keep on trying...even when you are
and tired...and in need of sleep and relaxation and nourishment

In other words, when the concept of BALANCE has gone completely out of your life.

Just yesterday I got   a wonderful idea  about this whole conundrum of how do you get the work done and avoid feeling STRESSED to the max.

And here it is.

This is probably going to sound radical to you, but after some reflection I am convinced it's the answer to this problem.

The first premise of this idea is:  Christmas (and all of the preparations that go into the holiday) should be fun. 

Easy enough to say.  But, you may wonder, how can we have fun doing the Christmas to-do list when we are bone-tired...weary...dragging ourselves around?

The answer is not to do it.  DO NOT make yourself do the things on that list when you are not  IN YOUR POWER and have good energy, a  positive disposition and are ready to be in-the-flow.  

Just  DO NOT do that list of tasks when your chin is on the floor.

Instead (and here comes the next premise) do WHATEVER IT TAKES  to get you  back to your place of power.  This might mean taking a nap, relaxing, having a lovely conversation, enjoying  nourishing food for your tired body (and eating it slowly and tasting and enjoying every bite).  WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Then... when you have reclaimed your power (whenever that is)...do something on the Christmas prep list.

You are probably thinking THIS WILL NEVER
WORK.  There won't be enough time.

But here's my thought:

If you've ever pushed yourself to do things when you DID NOT have the energy (physical, mental or emotional) to do them, then I am sure you know there is a HEFTY price tag on that delightful maneuver. 

And I bet this is when you develop that cold or catch that flu or get so totally out-of-sorts that nobody wants to be around you. 

Then...what good did it do to have the things on your list completed and you can't even appreciate what you have accomplished?

I know...I know...this concept will take some reframing of the way we usually tackle our tasks but consider this:  

How wonderful would it be to actually enjoy all of the holiday preparations...to be in such a lovely space that it felt like you were constantly accessing the joy of Christmas and what it represents? 

How lovely also for all of those around you to engage with the happy, positive person you know you can be!

Wouldn't it be worth taking the leap to give this a try and then see how everything plays out?  

And, by the way, this isn't  just a wonderful plan for Christmas...I think it's the best way to engage life all year round.

So start making that special list of all of the wonderful things that will rejuvenate you and move you back into that  DELIGHTFUL place of joy and power and make that one THE LIST you always remember!

image from vickiblackwell.com

originally printed 12/5/11